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5th June 2021

Crystal Magic – My day with crystals


As a psychic spiritual medium it’s important to keep my energy clear and balanced. I meditate everyday and use crystals for chakra clearings and alignment. Here’s a few tips on a  typical day.

Each morning upon waking I take a moment to greet the day. I sit on the side of my bed, visualising sending roots from my feet down to the ground, to bring me back into my physical body, as we may leave our bodies at night when we sleep to go off to other realms.

I hold two quartz point crystals in my hands to clear my energy for the day ahead, with the affirmation “I am enough, I give and receive love, I am filled with vitality, abundance and prosperity flows to me, I am a channel for spirit, all is well in my world.”


Purification is part of the crystal cleansing ritual and there are many ways to do this, whilst holding the intention that all negative energy be transmuted into positive light and then attune the crystal so it will be re-energised with all its beautiful qualities coming to the fore to be used for your desires and highest good.

New crystals need to be cleansed as they may have absorbed negative imprints from mining to customers handling them in a shop.

The easiest way I cleanse my crystals is holding them under a tap of cold running water, allow to dry naturally in the sun but only for a little while as the sun can fade the colour of some crystals, as I found out to my dismay one sunny day, when I washed down with a hose a giant Amethyst Geode crystal that I had just bought, it weighed a ton it was the size of a large cushion, I went out for the day, leaving it to soak off in the garden and to receive the sun’s energy. I returned only to find it was no longer a deep, rich, vibrant purple but a much lighter pastel purple, hey ho! we live and learn.

Other ways to cleanse crystals are…

Under the moon to purify and charge them up to harness the moon’s powerful, potent energy.

Smudging – hold the crystal in smoke from a sage, cedar or a palo santo stick, make sure not to let pieces alight drop so always hold a dish underneath.

Incense resins like dragon’s blood, frankincense and myrrh are good for purification too.

A dish filled with salt will absorb negative energy, I think that’s why in days gone by people would throw a pinch of salt over their left shoulder to ward off bad luck.

Put the crystal on a large quartz cluster for a few hours, the energy emitted by the quartz will purify the crystal.

Chimes, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks and bells, the sound vibration breaks down the negative energy in the crystals bringing in an attunement to that sound.

There are many space clearing atomizer oil sprays, spray over the crystal to clear its energy.


It’s been my practice for years to lay in my crystals in the evening after a long day for healing and a simple chakra meditation is the easiest. Use the colour of the crystal that correlates with the chakras, red, orange, yellow, green or pink, blue, purple and clear quartz, it doesn’t matter if the crystals are large pieces or small tumble stones, always nice with some soothing meditative music.

Some evenings I like to have a bath, light some candles, put on some relaxing music and put crystals around the bath with a few drops of space and aura cleanser oils in the water or Himalayan salts.

Then do the crystal healing. You can visualise or place a crystal on each of the chakra’s in the body (not in hot water of your bath) which are energy vortexes in a line down the centre of the body from base of spine all the way up to the centre of the forehead known as the third eye and up to the crown of the head.


The base chakra is red so any red crystals like Red Jasper, Ruby or Garnet will work in the base area for grounding your energy so you feel stable and secure, manifesting courage.


The sacral is coloured orange so Carnelian, Orange Calcite, or Topaz recharges, assists creativity and life purpose.


The solar plexus is yellow. Good crystals for this area are Citrine, Yellow Calcite, Amber and Tigers Eye for protection, accomplishing goals, self-healing, self-confidence and joy.


The heart chakra is associated with green and pink so either of these coloured crystals will work. Rose quartz for love and nurturing, soothing emotions, Kunzite loving thoughts, universal love and peace. Jade for enhancing loving relationships and serenity, Malachite draws out deep feelings to be released and out moded patterns of behaviour.


The throat chakra is blue. One of my favorites is Aqua Marine which unblocks lack of communication to speak one’s truth. Turquoise is protective and assists with meditation.


Third eye is indigo, Amethyst for clairvoyance and to alleviate headaches, Blue Lace Agate gentle, cool and soothing lifting to spiritual inspirations.


Crown chakra white Clear Quartz to connect to the universal light force energy of spirit and other realms, aligning the mental, emotional and physical body. Danburite connecting with angles as too does Angelite for healing.


Put the intention out for your crystals to work their magic, calling in healing guides and angels to assist. Lay in these crystals for thirty minutes. I promise you will feel like a huge transformation has taken place and you will feel lighter and calm. Thank your guides and crystal kingdom for their healing.

Crystal healing sessions available


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