Getting the Best out of a Psychic Reading

10th December 2021

Psychic, Medium or Both?

If you are thinking about going to see a psychic then the first thing you have to ask yourself is what sort of message do you want? Do you want to hear from someone that’s passed over? Or do you want to know if you are going to meet that tall dark handsome stranger that you have been dreaming of? Basically, do you want spirit contact or to know about the future? This is an important thing to ask yourself as there are three types of psychic out there!


A Psychic

A psychic is someone who has the ability to blend their energies with yours and connect with your soul.  They can also project your life path and evidence your past and present. Some of them may work with tarot cards, runes, crystals or physical objects, read your palm or they may just want to hold your hand. So, if you worried about health, wealth, your love life and want to know about your future, see a psychic.  There are some stunning psychics out there, but ask them about a loved one in spirit, they wouldn’t have a clue. Hence, not all psychics are mediums.


Spirit Mediums

Mediums have the natural ability to connect to a different layer of consciousness where basically our loved ones hang out in the spirit world. They have the ability to raise their consciousness to a higher vibration (alpha/sleep state) and blend with spirit energies. They also have the ability to blend with deeper states of consciousness and channel through their guides from the higher realms and spirit communicators in trance. Mediums use different senses to receive information from the spirit communicator.

Seeing – Clairvoyant

Hearing – Clairaudient

Tasting – Clairgustance

Smelling – Clairalience

Feeling – Clairsentience

Knowing – Claircognance

Some mediums use just one of these senses and some use all of them. A good medium will be able to describe your loved one, their relationship to you, the way they passed, evidence memories you shared, possibly state relevant names including the communicator’s, perhaps addresses and things that should convince you who you are talking to. They should be able to give irrefutable proof of life after physical death. They will also be able to bring messages from your loved ones that will generally be relevant to you and what’s going on in your life.


Psychic Medium

Psychic Mediums will not only connect with spirit people, they also sense your earth energies, and anything they believe that is relevant to help you on your earth path.  They have the ability to get messages from the source as well as come down and blend with your energies to see what is going on with your life. So here you get both, future advice and spirit contact.


Alarm Bells

Here is a typical example of what to avoid and what to listen for:

You have found your psychic and they say, “I have a female link here and she says that you are feeling down and wants to give you a bunch of roses.”  It’s safe to say don’t listen to the rest of the message, stab in the dark comes to mind.

However if the medium says, “ I feel I have your mum here, she passed in her sixties with a heart attack, I hear the name Joan connecting to her ( and it’s her name or your name or a person close to her) and she passed at 3 o’clock in the Royal hospital in London and wants to give you your favourite, yellow roses, because your birthday is coming up and her passing anniversary is also.”  Sit up and listen.

If they ask you more questions than give you statements, walk away. You should be just confirming what they have already said or making sense of an unusual vision the medium has seen.


Key Points for a Psychic Consultation

  • Firstly, ask your friends and family, a good medium is usually found through word of mouth or reputation
  • Go to a respected site for mediums. is a great directory to find reputable psychics. There are lots of mediums listed on there, but be aware, anyone can advertise, so if you see a name ask other people what they know about that person.
  • Go to your local Spiritualist church and watch the mediums work, if you see one you fancy then get their details or ask the congregation who they would recommend.
  • You can go to psychic fairs as well, but again ask people for feedback after they have seen a medium you feel drawn to.
  • See if the medium is regulated by the Spiritual Workers Association or is insured for what they are offering.
  • You will never be given bad news, so if they start talking about impending death and horror, get up and leave.
  • Do NOT pay a medium if you feel they have got nothing right. Let them know as soon as possible it is not making sense. They should be able to gauge if you simply cannot remember the information or the reading just isn’t working.
  • Wait to grieve a loved one properly before you seek out a medium.

  • If they start the reading by asking you more questions or let you answer with long explanations, get up and walk out.
  • If you immediately don’t like the energy of the medium excuse yourself and leave, the reading won’t work.
  • Do not go to a private house unless you are with a friend. Safety first. Most good mediums will have suitable premises to work from or have such a high profile/recommendation it won’t be a problem to visit their homes, but if in doubt, go with someone else.
  • Don’t seek medium after medium out if you are having a tough time. If you get a clear guided reading go with the flow and let the angels and your loved ones help you rather than wasting your money.
  • Do not leave with anything you don’t understand. If the medium has stated something that you don’t understand get it clarified, or you will worry.
  • If you are ill or under the weather, postpone the reading, the energies won’t flow as well.
  • Remember don’t just wish for and want one person, be open to anyone who wants to contact you and help.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or eat heavily before a reading.
  • If you are a sceptic that’s fine, but you must be open minded and respect what the medium is trying to do.
  • Most of all enjoy the reading, enjoy the love brought to you and LISTEN to the advice and do something about it if you need to make change. Psychics can only guide you, not change how you live your life.

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