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17th November 2021

Psychic Gifts vs Psychic Skills


I have met so many clients who share psychic moments with me during their personal readings.  It’s always a joy to see the excitement spread across their faces, when I assure them that they are most certainly utilising a long lost skill.  Psychic ‘gifts’ are as much a part of us, as our physical bodies.  I was born with it, and so were you.

We turn to psychic intuitives and mediums, when we wish to explore and connect with both the spiritual and esoteric realms.  But what if we considered these spiritual coaches and guru’s not to be ‘gifted’, but rather skilled?  They are not the chosen ones.  There is no mysticism.  Much as there is no mystery around how you learned to speak and walk and tie your shoes  – you tried and tried until you got it.

Yet the majority of us will live our entire life, never accessing these wonderful extensions of our senses.  Why do some of us stay tuned in, while others don’t acknowledge their abilities, or even the possibility of them?  Some things to consider –

Do you have memories of talking to nobody, when you played as a child?  We see kids do this all the time, don’t we?  It’s cute, innocent and endearing.  So what is the appropriate age to start drumming that behaviour out of a youngster?  When is it deemed inappropriate and unacceptable?  How tall should they be allowed to get, before they should stop being silly?  And how old were you when you first felt shame or embarrassment, and so your ego started to grow?  When talking to nobody, ground to a halt.

Most of us have a story or two, of profoundly spooky experiences.  Of course, almost immediately written of as coincidental or fluke.  Predictions, Déjà vu… things slowing down right before a life changing event.  Poignant messages on the radio.  All strange indeed.  And yet, so forgettable.  You’d perhaps be less inclined to forget, if it happened to you every day.  Now that would be synchronicity.

A minority of people made it through childhood without succumbing to the societal expectation that we behave and communicate in particular ways.  This minority stayed tuned in.  Some of us rediscover our skills later in life.  Most likely after a rock-bottom, or even a near death experience.  When withdrawal and looking inward becomes mandatory for recuperation.  A large majority of people are swept up in it all.  Society.  Always being productive.  Never doing nothing.  Because doing nothing but be alone with your thoughts is somehow massively insulting to the rest of the world…

But ask any psychic, and they are likely to tell you that they ‘do nothing’ out of necessity.  They meditate and spend time in nature regularly, to align their energy, clear the mind and pay attention.   This is how they observe.  This how they receive.  And it is how the psychic juices keep flowing.         If you are keen to exercise your own skills, this is certainly a great place to start.  If you’re reading this and you’re inclined to think it’s all nonsense, I’d bet money on you spending too much time in artificial lighting!


It starts small and ever so subtle, when it begins to flow.  Look out for animals behaving differently around you, repeating numbers – anything that is noticeable, counts.  The secret is to pay attention and find the meaning.  Explore it.  For example, a while back I noticed a robin sitting on my garden fence.  He was doing a funny little dance.  Chaotic little thing.  So I watched him carefully and I knew, telepathically, that he was sending me a warning.  I looked into the symbolism of robins and red breasted birds – the message was to avoid conflict and drama.  Well that evening, lets just say it was eventful.  But my little robin friend had prepared me somehow.  I’d known it was coming.

When these little psychic breakthroughs occur, it is important to show gratitude.  Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, be thankful and emit the frequency of gratitude for the guidance, wherever you feel it stems from.  If that is a deity, your spirit guides and ancestors, mother nature, ‘source’ or your higher self.  Acknowledge and reciprocate with appreciation.  This is how the channel stays open, and more and more synchronicities will present themselves to you.  With patience and practice, you will find yourself shifting into a new reality.  Where the Universe speaks to you through nature and circumstances.  Where there is comfort in the small things.  And a knowing of what was once unknown.

Write it all down.  Keeping a diary of your experiences will allow you to get clarity on the meaning in the moments as they come to you.  So as you evolve on your psychic journey, things will flow in a language you already understand.  Less researching and more time for fun!  And I assure you, being able to predict the future and receive direct guidance from spirit is a LOT of fun!  I’ve never heard of anyone trying to go back to how it was ‘before’.

A final word on how to discover and explore your own skills.  Belief is crucial.  When you start to dismiss what the Universe is offering to you, you won’t be rewarded with more.  The Universe takes things literally.  When you disregard something, the message you are giving is that this is unimportant to you, or ‘wrong’.  Not meant for your reality.  So believe that you are always connected.  That combination of belief and gratitude keeps the vibrations high – the perfect environment for you to receive your blessings.

Protect your energy.  When you open yourself up to the energy shifts, which are all part of this wonderful parcel, you are vulnerable to being energetically drained.  A trip to the supermarket can seem overwhelming, as your developing senses are bombarded by the world around you.  It’s important to ground and centre yourself in whatever way works for you.  You do not need to buy crystals, sound bowls and incense – it’s all within you.  It can be as simple as breathing and affirming you are safe and protected.  And learn to call back your energy when it’s been depleted.  The spoken word is my favourite way to do this.  “I call my energy back into my physical body.  My mind and soul are replenished.  All negative attachments are released to the cosmos, with gratitude.”


I’d be so happy to speak on this in more depth with you – simply book your personal reading with me, and we can dive right in!

You do have the gift.  And you can remember if you want to.  Pay attention.  Believe.  Be Thankful.

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