Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups Tarot Card

The Knight of Cups Tarot CardGeneral Meaning of the Knight of Cups Tarot Card

You are wanting to create magnificence at the moment and it all comes from the heart! You want everyone to appreciate your actions whether it be a romantic gesture to a loved one, a kind gesture to an acquaintance or putting a creative idea into reality. You are on a mission! Your heart says go for it, so listen to that and not your head. If you have a hobby or passion and want to turn it into your career this is the optimum time to start plans and make it a reality. Everything is rosy in your garden of harmony. You also want to send peace and tranquillity out to those around you so they can share in your euphoria. Oh, be still my beating heart!

Reversed Meaning of the Knight of Cups Tarot Card