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A major change or ending has taken place, it may have left you reeling but it had to happen. This door has closed so that a new door of freshness, opportunity, excitement and growth can open. It is time to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you from the past. Old behavioural patterns and thought processes need to be eradicated in order for you to enjoy new and fresh opportunities. If you hang on to the past or resist the ending you will only create further pain for yourself. Let go and see this change as a bright new way to enhance your life and your happiness. Cut out the unhealthy people, situations and memories of your life that do not bring you contentment. See this ending as a gift and not a curse. Stay strong, look forward and leave the past where it belongs. New beginnings are scary, but you will see with hindsight that this was the best thing that could have happened.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

A major transformation has taken place in your life which has either brought you fear or relief or a bit of both! Sometimes in our lives a huge change has to take place in order for us to move on and alter our paths. People and situations from our past need to be left behind as we walk forwards exposing ourselves to new opportunities, relationships and exciting adventures.  We could also be faced with these endings to help us grow spiritually and emotionally. It is not worth hanging on to an old chapter in our lives as it does not serve our ultimate happiness and contentment. Grit your teeth, take a breath and march forwards knowing that this ending is a gift from the divine which will serve you greatly. Be brave, change can never take place without change.

The biggest fear that most of us have in life is major change. We tend to hold onto the familiar and feel safe in our bubble where we know everything is in its place. But when an event takes place and forces us to face an ending or major life change some of us can recoil and hold on for dear life to stop the change. In your heart of hearts you will possibly know that this transition really did need to take place to help you grow and have a more colourful life. It still doesn’t take the fear away though. To master this situation you have to banish the fear and be prepared to let go of the past and the situation or the people in it. Failing to do this will just leave you in a discontented limbo. It is your choice. You could also be wanting to experience a rebirth and are working on yourself to make changes from old habits or ways of thinking. You could be going through a spiritual transformation for a better existence. If you are, keep going, as this transition will lead to abundance and more happiness then you could ever imagine.

You are desperately wanting to let go of old habits, people, situations or a way of life. There are lots of things in your life that you have outgrown and now you are wanting to move on from them and let them go. Rebirth is on your mind and a want to transform your way of life into a more abundant and contented existence is strong. Thoughts and ideas are starting to enter your mind on how to improve your life and make those changes. There is excitement and fear in the mix as you know there will be lots of goodbyes during this process. You know that you want this new life though and nothing is going to stop you from doing it. All you have to do is keep focused and know that you are doing the right thing.

It is there talking to you in its insistent quiet voice. That little voice is telling you that it is time to move on and put a close to this chapter in your life. You can hear its incessant chatter but really don’t want to face the fact that you have to make some major changes in your life. Change has never worked well for you as you do like everything to be familiar and safe but this little voice is your intuition telling you that you will achieve nothing by staying in your safe little bubble. It is time to move on and say goodbye to certain people and situations. You know it and so does your intuition. It is your choice, stay in limbo and ignore your calling or muster the courage to make the change and live an abundant and more contented life.

There have been some pretty tough situations and relationships in your past that have forced you to say goodbye. They have left you high and dry, possibly alone and exceptionally lost. Because of this your resistance to change is strong. By being in familiar territory you feel safe and secure. Part of our human experience down on the earth is to learn lessons, grow in experience and push ourselves through adversity. There has to be the end of a chapter to start a fresh one in the book of life. Do not let your past hinder your future. Learn to embrace change and endings as they will only lead to new opportunities and exciting new beginnings. Sometimes we need to transition in our life as we stay too stuck with no passion or excitement in our daily existence. Embrace this rebirth and learn to look forward to life’s endings and beginnings.

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You are about to face an ending in your life. It may be unpleasant and bring sadness initially but believe me, this is going to be the best thing that ever happened to you. This major change or end of a chapter in your life is making way for a new you and a new way of living. This new beginning will bring more happiness and abundance as currently you have been in a limbo with no real passions or aspirations. Say goodbye to whoever and whatever doesn’t serve you. You could even be changing yourself by letting go of old habits and thought patterns. This transformation that you are about to undergo will bring so much happiness that you won’t look back. Be brave, embrace this new breath of air into your life path and enjoy all of the new experiences that are going to be brought to you!

You have been looking inside yourself for quite a while now. You have been looking at what makes you happy, what makes you sad and what needs to change to make your life more interesting. Usually you are pretty happy just jogging along in your life knowing that there is no real earth shattering moments but it’s safe and familiar. However you are starting to see that you deserve more in your life than just a safe and predictable future. Listen to your inner voice telling you that you do indeed have the courage to change your life and leave behind certain people and situations. You also may want to make some spiritual and emotional changes on the way so that you can transform your life, who you are and what you want in your future. Embrace these new ideas of yourself and make them a reality. The changes in your new life will astound you!

You may be surrounded by people that are happy to stay in their safe little lives with no upheavals or major changes. They are happy to potter around day after day as they fear rocking their little boats. You may also have a job or way of life which is far too routine and is not exactly challenging you. These people and situations are happening around you to make you realise that it is now time to make change. It is time for you to change your story and leave behind people or things that are not stretching you to your full potential. Look at these ‘safe’ people, do you want to become one of them for the rest of your life? No, didn’t think so. It is time for you to transform your life and how you live it, go for it!

You are finding yourself in a routine which is boring you a little. You are hoping that change and new beginnings will come into your life to give it a bit of a boost. You are hoping that new doors will open to give you fresh opportunities and new challenges. It is time for you to re-invent yourself and create new beginnings. You are scared though. You fear that making these changes or saying goodbye to familiar people or situations is going to be a mistake and you are going to lose everything that you are used to. You fear going out of your comfort zone will make you worse off. This is just the fear that is creating these false thoughts of failure. It is your defence mechanism kicking in as its going to require a few major changes to fulfil your dreams. It’s your choice, but I personally would rather feel the fear and get my happy ever after rather than stay stuck and remain disillusioned. You deserve to feel abundant and contented in your everyday life, if you are not feeling that, then endings need to take place.

You are possibly entering into a phase of your life where this is a big change or dramatic ending coming. Don’t panic though, this ending is a gift from the Universe to help you move towards what you deserve. You have been in a way of life that hasn’t served you for quite a while now, so something had to change. Yes it may be hard to say goodbye to certain people and situations, but it really will open up doors of opportunity and growth for you. Embrace these changes as they come as you could possibly be having a new home, exciting opportunities, loving relationships, fulfilled careers and all sorts of magnificence! You could also be entering into a more spiritual way of living where you want to purge old habits, patterns of thinking and ways of acting. Either way, the future is certainly bright if you ride on the waves of change!

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