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You have reached a crossroads in your life where major life changes may have to be made. The beauty of this situation is you have learned from past experience and have let go of the negative aspects of your old self. The final piece of the puzzle has created the bigger picture enabling you to see clearly and move on from the past. You are now being called to connect to your higher self, more than you ever have. Make change using your intellect and intuition going forward. You have mastered your demons and have completed an important lesson which will allow you to make major decisions with more clarity and conviction. This new heightened energy will bring you confidence in taking on any new challenges. You may even feel attracted to joining support groups or forums to share your journey with like-minded people.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

You have reached a most magnificent time in your life where all of your ‘self’ work has paid off. You are ready to make life changing decisions without any fear or attachment from past traumas and experiences. Your intuition has never been stronger as you boldly step forward into new territory knowing that you can handle anything that gets thrown at you. This is not only huge change but life affirming spiritual awakening that has you at the strongest levels of understanding that you have ever had. You have redeemed yourself in every way possible and have reached absolution. There is nothing for you to do now but make change for your greatest good knowing it shall be done with wisdom and strength. Do not be surprised if you continually see the numbers 1111 as a sign of your spiritual awakening.

You have had to travel a tough road and perhaps an uglier version of you manifested itself during the more brutal times. If there have been times like these, you must take a step back and work on your inner self through quiet reflection or meditation to find absolution. You have to start adopting self-love and forgiveness to help carve a way forward. To release all negativity of what you feel about yourself and others is imperative. You may also be in a situation that requires huge strength and a need to make drastic change. Do not ignore the inevitable, the Universe is calling you to step up to the plate. You must not allow self-criticism to overwhelm your movement in life. Being kind to yourself and letting go of any regrets will serve you well. Acknowledge what your inner critic wishes to say, process the content and then release it from your energy as it will do nothing to help you move forward in life.

You have worked so hard on yourself that you are now inspired to make life changing decisions that are borne from your intuition and instinct rather than being forced to make the change and reel from the upheaval afterwards. You are looking forward to that golden time of release, control and being completely in charge of your destiny. You want to be able to move forwards with no critical eye in sight for yourself or others that may have impeded you in the past. It’s all about being in a haze of peace and harmony as you take on life’s challenges and make important decisions for yourself. You are aiming to do nothing unless you check with yourself that you benefit before anyone else does. This isn’t being selfish, this is finally grasping the concept of self-love and honouring your happiness. Your end game is so close now you can almost feel it, so keep focused and continue to work on your spiritual growth and personal power.

There is something inherent in you that brings around criticism at the sign of any effort you make in your life. You either think that you will fail before you even start or tell yourself that you could have done better on any completion of a project or accomplishment. There must be a reason why you jump to self-criticism so quickly and blame yourself so really you should start working on your ‘self’ you find out the root cause of all of this negativity. Your inner voice is trying to tell you to release all of this false self-belief system but you are tending to ignore it as feeling bad about yourself seems more familiar. Enough is enough, it is time to let go of any regrets, dig out the root of all of this self-inflicted pain and come to a peaceful existence. Step back take some quiet time or meditate or even think of seeking a counsellor if you are struggling to change negative facets of yourself.

You have endured so much criticism in the past that you may have even adopted it as one of your defence mechanisms when dealing with difficult people or situations. Do not blame yourself as there have been so many let downs in your life over the years you have managed to build quite an effective armour around yourself. Ugly people may have brought out the ugly side of you but now is the time to absolve yourself from anything that tainted you in the past. It does not serve you to carry this burden of self-criticism or self-loathing any longer. Step back and assess the landmarks in your life that brought nothing but negativity and unhappiness in your life. See them for what they were and forgive the people involved or yourself if there were regretful things said or done. It is time for redemption and for you to release anything that ties you to the past. For it is only when we lighten this burden that we can move forward with strength in peace and harmony.

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You could be entering into a phase where you wish to end a cycle of negative thought processes or behaviour. Whether it was you at fault in the past with conflict or others hurt you, everything must be cleared from your consciousness so that you can move forward with clarity. You have been working on this, so do not be surprised when very soon you will feel an inherent strength and clarity that gives you the freedom to make life altering decisions without any fear or self-criticism. You have found a certain peace within yourself and have grown spiritually. The next phase of your life will reflect this. People will look on with wonder at this new you, ready to embrace change and adopt a ‘self-love’ approach on all aspects of your life. You may even discover a passion in sharing your secrets through teaching on how to find freedom from pain.

You know that you have put a lot of work in to better yourself, this could be spiritual classes, meditation or just having quality quiet time with yourself to let go of past trauma. Whatever you did, it worked as you have gone through a huge change when it comes to self-belief and self-love. You have released yourself from past conflicts that have affected you and have forgiven the people that have hurt you in the past. By doing this you have set yourself free. You have also given yourself the strength to make life changing decisions as well as to put yourself first in every instance. There is still a tiny little bit of resistance and a temptation to criticise yourself, so be mindful of this as you move forward. Keep the mind-set that you have redeemed yourself of any past mistakes and can move on now burden free.

There are people that surround you who will not let you move on and forget the past. Whether they verbally remind you or their behaviour reflects their judgement on you, it really is time to put a stop to all of this. You can either walk away from them in order to heal yourself or makes changes to the self without sharing your personal journey with them. Either way it is time to start letting go of the ties that bind you to the past. Whether you know it or not you are attached to these past upsets and conflicts and they must be released. If you have acted inappropriately you must forgive yourself then proceed to forgive others of their past deeds. It is only when we truly delve back into situations, analyse them, acknowledge them and then let them go with no further thought that we can truly start healing and awakening our spiritual understanding. These people around you may not be able to let go, but you can, allowing yourself to move on with or without them.

You desperately long for all of this hard work that you have done on yourself to pay off in dividends. The mindfulness, meditations and self-analyses have really helped you to release old habits, negative patterns and self-sabotage. You finally feel free from anything that could hold you back. You fear that the first challenge or major decision that you have to make in life will send you reeling back to the self-critical, negative person that you once were. By fearing this you are only attracting it back into your ego, so do not allow these thoughts to continue if they pop up in your head. Positivity, strength and clarity are the only energies that you should be concentrating on now. You have got this, continually reinforce the fact that you have let go of past negative influences and are nothing but self-love and light as you move forward.

You are entering into a time of clarity where all of your work to release negativity and to spark spiritual understanding has paid off. You have rid yourself of past influences that made you feel bad about yourself and sprinkled forgiveness on all conflicts whether they were your doing or the actions of others. You have adopted self-love into your daily regime and will walk forward in life with strength and clarity knowing that whatever comes at you, you will handle with grace, fairness and dignity. This phase is soon going to bring you to a possible crossroads as you are attracting change and life altering decisions. But what is the problem here? This is what you have been gearing up for, so march forwards and embrace the changes, you have got this.

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