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They say that the truth will set you free. You are in a space where you have to ask if you have acted fairly on behalf of yourself and others. If your actions have been for the greater good and well -intended then balance will be restored to a situation. If you have acted from ego or a lower intention you will have to reap the repercussions. Balance and fairness are called to light, so if you are involved in any legal proceedings, judgement will come soon with a positive outcome. You must accept the conclusion and move on. You are also being asked to delve deep into your shadow self to find your truth. Self-analysis and facing your deep emotive intentions is encouraged, especially if you are contemplating change that has long term implications.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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Whether this is judgement in your personal life or you are involved in any legal proceedings, take a breath as there is a high possibility of a favourable outcome. As long as you have acted for the greater good and done the best that you can then there really should be no problems with you ending up the victor. There is also balance and harmony being brought to your life right now where at last you can see the way forward without fear or any shaky beginnings. Be mindful to examine all of your actions right now and if anything needs re-adjusting to bring further harmony get right on it.

We all make mistakes, its part of the human process. However when we have done something wrong the real energy that judges us is if we own up to our mistakes or try to hide them. We could even exploit innocent people to cover our tracks. If you find yourself in this situation, assess if you really want to dig yourself into a deeper hole. The truth ordinarily does come out, so best to own up now and show a heartfelt honesty rather than being exposed later on down the line. Alternatively you could be giving yourself a real hard time for making a mistake. You need to assess the situation, learn from it and aim to not have a repeat performance. Look upon yourself with kindness and compassion, harsh self-criticism will get you nowhere. If there are legal proceedings taking place around you, be prepared for a miscarriage of justice or the case being impeded in some way.

You are longing for balance in your life at the moment. Everything seems dishevelled and out of synch and it is driving you crazy. You could even be awaiting the results of a court case or some sort of legal proceeding where you are hoping you will have a favourable outcome. There is nothing you can do at the moment but focus on a harmonious and balanced life, as what we focus on comes back to us a hundred fold. By keeping your eyes on the prize and staying positive, you are creating an outcome where the odds are more in your favour.

There is nothing worse in this world than when the bad person wins in a situation. The person with ill intent who gets away with everything can keep us bitter and resentful if we don’t monitor our feelings and deal with them. You have been a victim of someone’s wrong doings in the past and there is an underlying belief system that you will be exposed to unjust people and situations in your future. Don’t allow the past to mar your future. By doing everything for the greater good with purity in your heart you will not attract these types of people or situations. Keeping your conscience clear will lead to you always winning in every situation and enjoying the favourable outcomes.

In the past you have been the victim of unfairness and injustice. This could be in a professional situation or even in a personal relationship. It appears the perpetrator got away scot free whilst you were left reeling. You have a very strong sense of justice and when injustice takes place you find it very hard to swallow because of what has happened to you in the past. The karmic effect of the other’s actions will come round, you have to have faith in the power of the Universe to deal with them. In the meantime try and keep your own life in balance and try to attract nothing but harmony. You are the better person. You will reap the most magnificent harvest because of your honesty, compassion and integrity. Have faith and trust the process.

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You are heading towards a chapter in your life which is harmonious and in balance. If you have been fighting any legal or court proceedings know that you will experience a favourable outcome. Justice will be served in all different ways for you now as you have acted with goodness in your heart and have dealt with this situation with dignity and finesse. It is imperative that you keep focused now and stay in your truth. By doing this you are on the right track to winning this situation which will enrich your life and fill you with confidence and a sense of completion.

You like to think that you are honest and that your approach to things in life is always for the greater good. Whatever situation you are in at the moment, take time to ponder your intentions to see if you really are being fair with all parties concerned. You know that you are, but it’s nice to check now and then to see if you are doing things with good intent and acting in the best way that you can. Because of your good heart, you do believe that any challenge that comes your way should always end up with you being the victor. In most cases this proves to be true. Sometimes however, we do take a loss, but if we shrug our shoulders accept the defeat and move on, we have won anyway by not letting it beat us.

You could be involved in a legal battle at the moment and there are people around you who are not acting in the best way towards you. They could be lying or acting selfishly when you have done nothing wrong. This could refer to divorce proceedings, criminal proceedings or private legal issues. Whatever the case, keep your heart true to yourself and know that good will eventually be the victor over the bad. This card refers to a favourable outcome so do not let others around you break your spirit. Stay strong, stay focused and know that no matter what the outcome you remained dignified and honourable throughout.  Karma will then judge each person’s role in this situation. Alternatively you could be being treated unfairly in a work or personal environment. Have faith, keep your head down and let them do what they need to do, you will end up the winner and triumphing over their negative energy.

You are hoping that the situation you are asking about ends in you being triumphant. There is nothing worse in this world than negative people winning in situations where there has been unfairness and unjust behaviour. It is not so much who is going to win, it’s about how you conduct yourself during the process. Keep calm, confident and loving and your hopes will be realised. Your fears are that you will be a victim of an unjust situation whether this be a legal or personal battle. By fearing losing out you are attracting this outcome. Stay positive, have faith and see yourself celebrating victory.

You are entering into a phase of balance and harmony. It is long deserved as you have been fighting for peace for quite a while. This could relate to legal battles or even personal ones. Whatever the situation, your outcome is favourable, justice will be served. You will be able to sit back, sigh a breath of relief and know that you remained honest and full of integrity throughout the whole process. Triumph is yours, so lay back and rest after this challenging situation. There could be some compromise in this win, but karma has your back, so don’t get too hooked up on the minor details. Good and honest hearts will always win the war against negativity.

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