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You could be reeling at the moment from a hurtful situation. You could also be feeling stressed and burnt out. Normally we want to kick out and show our rage and hurt but now is not the time to do this. Honing your raw emotion and drawing upon your inner reserves will serve you far greater. You are stronger than you think you are. Dig deep and find calmness, compassion and an inner will to deal with this situation maturely for the greater good. By harnessing your personal strength to endure this setback you will find that you will come out of this on higher ground. If you are struggling, perhaps think of seeking the help of a therapist. Alternatively you could be the pillar of strength for others. There could be a situation where you feel the need to support or help someone close through a crisis. Either way, control your human urges and be the better person.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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Things have come to a huge climax where you may be reeling and wanting to lash out at certain people or situations. Yes this would feel great at the moment, but what could possibly go right if you are reacting from anger? This is the time to turn that anger and bitterness inwards and create a strength from this energy rather than giving away your power from saying the wrong thing in the heat of the moment. Inner strength is a power that when kept in balance can keep you driving through any problem with grace and dignity. Drawing on this reserve will always keep you on higher ground. Alternatively you may be struggling and cannot find the strength to go on in a certain situation. Seek out professionals who can assist you or the counsel of a trusted, wise friend. You can do this!

Wow you seem to be raging at the moment or are finding it hard to supress your feelings over an unfair situation or difficult person. This is the time however to step back, take a breath and allow your emotions to calm down a little. Yes there is a setback, but just step out of it for a while and let things settle. See the situation from a broader perspective and take all of that anger and resentment and see it turning into a bundle of golden energy which represents your inner strength. Inner strength fuels our solar plexus and keeps us marching through any obstacle or challenge. You have the capability to hold these reserves within your energy and power through. You may be feeling depleted of energy and your self-confidence may have taken a knock with recent setbacks. You are stronger than you realise, hold firm and see this through after a well-earned rest.

Sometimes you just want to blow and lash out at the people and situations that drive you crazy. You can see the bigger picture but some people are just not getting it and it’s driving you to distraction. All of these pent up emotions however are not what you want to be experiencing. You see yourself ideally wanting to deal with work and personal challenges with grace and dignity, being the strength for everyone else. You want to be successful in your projects and not lose any self-confidence when any setbacks occur. An easy path with no negative thought processes or feelings is what you are aiming for right now. You are capable of attaining this. Be kind to yourself, harness your inner strength and do not let challenges or obstacles get you down.

You can be a cute little kitten but when someone riles you up, watch that lion roar! Yes you do have some patience but when you are taken to the highest level of your tolerance you have a tendency to lash out and in the heat of the moment may say things that you regret later. This is always hovering around in your mind when you are taking on new projects, working with new people or just trying to maintain balance in your friendships and family life. The trick is to communicate your needs and views as they come about to save negative emotions being pent up until they explode. Keep your communication open and calm. This should hopefully make things smother if setbacks occur.

In the past your quick temper has caused a few awkward moments when your explosion of pent up anger hits its target with precision! You may have lashed out at someone in frustration over a setback or obstacle in a work or personal situation. This may have burned bridges or at last your truth has been heard! Either way, you have learned from the past that it does not serve you to get frustrated and resentful when things go wrong. You have a strong will to survive and thrive fuelled by an inner strength that has been worked on through life experience. Your past even though difficult at the time, has served you well. You are stronger, you are more capable and can be an impressive force to be reckoned with.

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You have been experiencing setbacks and things haven’t manifested in the time that you wanted them to. This has left you impatient, frustrated and damn right angry! Why do you keep having to deal with one hit after another? These setbacks however have served you well. You have endured all obstacles and have come out fighting on the other side. You have manifested within you a remarkable inner strength which is about to shine in your soul. You are coming into a very busy phase where your inner strength will help you guide people, successfully manage projects and generally leave you feeling far more capable. You will shine with inner confidence and in your radiance you will attract positive outcomes in all facets of your life.

You have a canny ability to know what is wrong and right in a situation. You have great intuition when it comes to people’s intentions. So when they treat you unfairly or you have a huge setback in a work or personal situation you feel cheated and frustrated. You have trusted the process and yet things haven’t gone according to plan. Don’t forget to tune back into that excellent perception that you have. Take a breath and see the bigger picture before you go into a huge rant. You know better than to lose your personal power to anger and frustration. Controlled inner strength will place you on higher ground especially with people who have let you down. Feel that lion strength within you and proceed with dignity and grace as you unravel this recent setback.

Sometimes the people around you drive you totally crazy! In a work environment people tend to put pressure on you or ask far too much of you. You do the best you can but they don’t show appreciation. This is when the pent up anger and resentment starts to grow within you. Don’t let it win! Take a breath, step out of the situation and turn all of that negative energy into measured strength. Deal with the situation or person calmly, exuding power and controlled emotion. It will serve you so much better than ranting and screaming! Likewise for personal situations, be the better person, bite your tongue and breathe all of that frustration in. Turn it into an infallible inner strength where people will be in awe rather than cover their ears from your wrath! You may be faced with some challenges right now, but you are stronger than you realise. Take it on, take it easy and ride through this with the endurance that you know that you have in spades.

You are hoping to become a stronger person in the future when having to deal with life’s setbacks. Sometimes because of your sensitivity, people and situations have knocked your self-esteem and confidence and you have had to spend time rebuilding your courage and strength. You hope that you have done enough now so that when the next new challenge arises, you will shine and sail through it. You fear that people again may knock you back down or your self-doubt will kick in when that final decision or action needs to be made. Look at how you have dealt with things in the past. These have served as lessons and building blocks to create a huge wall of strength within your soul. Try not to doubt yourself, you are stronger than you realise.

You may be entering into a phase where you are going to be tested. This can be a work or personal situation where people may drive you to distraction. You have faced so many challenges in your past that this really won’t be as daunting as you think. Each past setback has just added more resolve and inner strength as you have experienced it. You are so much stronger than you think! Dig deep when you want to rage at someone as regretting what you say later is not a great energy to be in. You have become a master of endurance and have the battle scars to prove it! Don’t forget what you have achieved and succeeded in. Yes there may be some setbacks on the way but your inner strength creates respect with your peers and boosts your self-esteem at the same time. You’ve got this, you are stronger than ever and will be realising this quality in yourself very soon!

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