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Patience is one of the hardest things to master when we want things to happen! You are being called to be patient and allow the flow of life to do its thing. Now is not the time to make a stand or stir things up. Take a deep breath, absorb the situation and deal with it using calm, measured and Zen like methods. You are normally great in a crisis, so apply this to your life. Don’t tire yourself kicking against the current, let go and allow the tide to take you. Now is also the time to use your skills to bring people together on a work project, personal issue or a family situation. By blending all of this diversity, you will create a cocktail that serves you and others well. Stay calm, keep your emotions in check and wait for the flow of the Universe to deliver.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

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When we slow down and allow the universe to let things flow naturally we find that our lives are a lot less stressful. You are being called to be mindful of this right now and let things pan out in their own time. Balance is the order of the day here. Everything has to be on an even keel for this project or aim in your life to come into fruition. Be patient and know that by slowly watching things come together, it is far better than doing something in haste and not having the best outcome. This is also a good time to establish peace and harmony with family, friends and co-workers. If everyone is singing from the same song sheet, everything flows so much smoother and will inevitably lead to a satisfying ending.

Your self-indulgence may be out of whack at the moment and you could be sensing that you have overdone it. This could be over eating, drinking, socialising or literally over working. It is time to stop this repeated behaviour and take some time out to restore balance to your life and emotional wellbeing. Inner healing may need to take place for you to feel back to your old self. You may also be feeling that things aren’t quite right with your life or an ongoing project. It is time to listen to that nagging voice that is confirming this. If you ignore it, it will only get louder. Try and nip this in the bud and change the root of the problem. You may need to re-evaluate relationships, living or work situations and make necessary change for your own happiness and peace of mind.

All you really want right now is peace and harmony in your life. You want everyone to agree on a certain subject or project where everything flows with ease and all those concerned are happy. You like to think that you are a patient person, so you are exercising restraint in not saying or doing anything that may rock the boat. Whether you are working towards a personal or work project, you know that by taking it slowly and being meticulous, this will afford you the best outcome. Keeping balance in this situation is what you are aiming for, ensuring that everyone involved is on your wavelength. By keeping this natural flow in mind, you really are approaching this situation with your best foot forward. Keep doing what you are doing for the best outcome.

When we have an inner voice that keeps telling us the same thing over and over again, there is going to be some point in our lives where we have to really stop and listen. This is now your time to do this, just stop and see where things aren’t going quite right. Our inner compass will always sound off when something isn’t flowing in the right direction. Stop and re-assess this situation, ensuring that you are not rushing anything out of ego. Take a breath, be patient and let this manifest in its own time as that is when you will get the best results. You have a tendency to be impatient, but this will not serve you well in the long run. Keep a healthy balance, make sure everyone involved is happy and play the long game. Yes deep inside you want this to be going along a lot quicker, all you want is an end result. Don’t rush this, when the end to this situation finally comes, you will see why it had to flow the way it did.

The past will serve you well for the current predicament that you find yourself in. Looking back you have learned that by being patient and waiting for the universe to deliver has been far more beneficial than you wading in out of impatience and potentially ruining the outcome. We all want things far too quickly these days and when something hasn’t come into fruition under the expected time limit we become impatient. This energy then leads to us making mistakes and throwing our inner energy off balance. Learn from the past. Look at all of the projects and important changes in your life that needed patience and mutual communication with others. By taking a breath, slowing down and waiting for this situation to come to a natural conclusion, you will serve yourself far better than rushing in and upsetting the apple cart.

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You are coming into a phase where your patience and understanding is going to be needed. Allow this time in your life to sit back and give yourself a breather. Whether this is an anticipated work project or a personal situation, you are not going to see quicker results by trying to push the proceedings. This time calls for balance and harmony amongst others involved or just by you sitting back and letting the universe do its thing. While you are waiting for this all to come to its natural conclusion take some personal time to heal and restore your energy. Divine timing in this situation is needed for the best outcome. So be patient, allow everything to skip along at its own pace and watch as you receive the ending that you desire. Don’t ruin this by your ego demanding a quicker ending as it really will end in tears. 

You know that you really should be holding your tongue in this situation. You also know that by standing back and letting the universe do its thing will serve you far better than pushing this situation out of impatience and ego. You see yourself as a well-balanced person who can understand everyone’s point of view so why are you letting this get to you? Tapping your fingers and watching the clock is the wrong energy to be in right now. You must slow down, sit back and remove yourself from this situation immediately. Allow the natural flow of the universe to bring this project or situation to its natural conclusion. You know you have the patience for this so chill out and wait for the final outcome which you know will be favourable if you have abstained from trying to rush it through.

You may find yourself involved in a group project at work or in a family environment where lots of people want to put their two pennies’ worth in. The problem is all of these differing opinions are bringing discord to the proceedings. It is time for you to work your magic and bring everybody together in unison so that this situation can flow to its successful conclusion. It is going to take every ounce of patience and tact, but you have this in droves. Don’t allow the worries or immediate needs of others to impact on your strategy with this situation. Restore balance and bring them into order. Let them see that by slowly watching things unfold as they should wins the race. Patience is the only way forward at the moment. Rushing into this will only bring further discord. Stay strong, stay resilient and do not let their impatience be your downfall.

You desperately hope that there will be a successful conclusion to this situation that you are in at the moment. You have been waiting patiently and are hoping that the natural cycle of life will deliver what you want. You have had faith in the proceedings and have trusted the universe, so surely you will have a favourable outcome. Well you think that is what you deserve but there is a tiny voice within you doubting your faith and trust in the universe. You fear that by not fully trusting yourself or the process this is all going to unravel before your eyes. Whether this is a work project that you have devoted lots of time to or a personal situation that you want to get sorted, deep down you know that trust, patience and faith will deliver the conclusion that you desire and deserve. Be patient, as your happy ending is near.

You are coming into a cycle of life where you are going to be asked to be patient and trust in the universe. The natural flow and order of this situation has to take place for you to receive your desired outcome. You have been waiting for a project or personal issue to finally come to a desirable ending but it still hasn’t happened. This time that you are entering into really is the last leg of this journey, only you can interrupt the flow from impatience and ego. Sit back, take some time to relax and let this unravel and conclude with divine timing. You really will receive and get what you deserve by watching this unfold naturally rather than trying to hurry it along. As they say, all good things come to those who wait. Keep this in your mind as an affirmation as you really will get what you deserve if you trust the process and allow the universe to deliver. Yes it is frustrating, but oh it will so be worth the wait!

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