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Your will power and tenacity is what is being called for right now. To keep your project or personal goal on a successful path you must stay dedicated and committed to seeing this through to the end. You may face hardships, difficulty and challenges but keep going! Your true grit will see you through this journey. You could be being pulled in two directions. Do not allow others to put you down or try to sway you from your ultimate outcome, now is not the time to lose confidence or you will fail. Keep focused, stay strong and picture nothing but where you want to end up and what is best for you. You could also be feeling the travel bug. If you feel like getting away from it all to regroup, treat yourself, everything will be exactly where it was when you get back.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

It is time to grit your teeth, come what may and keep going. You are in an energy that has got you powering along at the moment so don’t stop. This may be a work project, personal goal or achievement that has kept you focused for a while, you just need that last bolt of power to surge you through towards the finish line. There may be a few problems to come or even adversity that can nearly stop you in your tracks, but you remain undaunted, keeping your head on top of the game and targeted on the end chapter. It’s all about keeping focused and not allowing yourself to be swayed by others ideas and opinions. You may even be getting the travelling bug. Get it out of your system as new projects will see you very busy!

Wow, what has happened here? You are feeling a complete loss of control or feel defeated on a project or goal that you were trying to achieve. It all seemed really exciting on the outset but it appears it has lost its shine due to it just not flowing properly or there have been too many obstacles in the way. This is the time to re-evaluate your situation. Whatever you are wanting to achieve must have been important at the beginning. Take a step back and see what has gone wrong and why? Has it been down to your own issues of lack of belief or commitment or has there been things that have taken place out of your control? The trick here is to focus on your intuition and see what you really want as your end goal. If you still have the fire to continue then grip hold of those reins tighten your grip and keep pushing. If there are events and things out of your control, relax, allow them to pass and move ahead when it feels right. Or the other option is, if you really feel that this project or path isn’t worth following and you have lost self-discipline, it is for a reason, you may need to re-course, ask for help or change your approach.

You have been focusing on this project for a long time. You have implemented all of the plan to a tee and kept it running on full speed. Your goal is to achieve ultimate success in what you have worked so hard towards. This could be a personal goal, moving house, losing weight or a new exercise regime. It could be something as big as a winning a huge contract or starting your own business. Whatever you have been focused on over a long amount of time is what you want to succeed in. You know that you are perfectly capable of smashing this one, so keep focused and recover from any obstacles that come your way. One of your greatest attributes is not only planning but dusting yourself down after any problem and forging ahead. Keep going, your goals will be realised!

Don’t allow any failures in your past to interfere with your current project. You have changed so much and now have wisdom and a bit more ‘know how’ on reaching your goals successfully. There may be little demons in your head telling you to give up as it just seems too hard now and then. You may also get the lazy imp telling you that it’s all too much effort. These are all little voices born of previous misgivings and do not reflect the truth of your situation now. You have come up with a brilliant plan. You have thought of everything and are now driving your intentions and perceived outcome at full speed ahead. Remain undaunted and do not allow any minor setbacks to discourage you.  You are on a winning formula, do not allow the naughty little imps of your mind to project potential downfalls and disasters. You know deep down that you are going to succeed. Concentrate on that feeling and forge forwards undaunted.

In the past you have successfully completed projects and left yourself and everyone else satisfied. This could be in a work environment or a personal goal, either way, you thought of the project, drove it along with tenacity and strength and watched it succeed. You are being pulled into that direction again. Perhaps you are wanting to start up your own business, or complete a creative project. Whatever you have racing through your mind, it is time to nurture the growth of this idea. You may feel a little daunted by the project as you have done so much in the past and fear you may not do as good a job as you have done before. Get this nonsense out of your head. Your past experience and wisdom gives you the advantage on running this next project. You are totally capable and should not be put off by any past failures. You know that no matter what hit you in the past, you took it on board, dealt with it and continued pushing on. You can do this standing on your head, go for it!

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You will soon be entering into a phase where a new opportunity will be placed right onto your lap. It has either been born from your own ideas or has been brought to you as you are the right person to make this project succeed. Whether this is a personal project, work goal or a new business, you will be grabbing hold of the reins and driving this project forward with guns blazing. |This new ignited spark will make you feel invincible as you forge ahead dealing with any obstacles that come your way. Even if there are hiccups, you will take them in your stride focusing on nothing but the end goal. This is an exciting time coming up, which will see you shine and come into your own. There may be a few people who want to sway you in two directions but you know that you are strong enough to stand your ground and do it your way. Grab this opportunity and go with it, there will be nothing but a successful outcome following your commitment and determination.

If there is any time to look into your intuition, the time is now. You may be working on a project and everyone is looking to you to drive it forwards to a successful outcome. You know that you are totally capable of dealing with this project or goal but sometimes you allow the ‘monkeys’ to interfere with what your intuition is trying to tell you. You may be managing a work project or a personal one where things may have hit a bumpy road or people may have stuck their oar in. Take some time out, absorb the situation and listen to your inner voice and not your ‘monkey mind’. Have these problems arisen because of the people involved? Or is it the fact that there is nothing you can do at this moment but be patient? Perhaps you are feeling that this project isn’t right or needs to be looked at from a different perspective? By taking that quiet time, your intuition and perception will sharpen and the ‘noise’ of the situation will quieten. It is then that you will see the path to drive this project along to its end goal.

You have been jogging along quite nicely with this new project or goal that you want to achieve. So far you have dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s. Then BAM! A big problem hits that may delay your project. There may be big setbacks, unnecessary delays, people that let you down and leave you stuck in your tracks. This is when you have to look at the whole situation with clearer eyes. Should you carry on working on this project? Is it the right thing for you at the present moment? Is this just typical stuff that comes along on most work or personal projects? It’s all about keeping grounded and seeing the situation for what it really is. If it feels right deep down inside, then do not allow any persons ideas or attitudes sway you. Likewise if you know that you have what it takes to succeed and keep pushing with the project, then keep going. See these bumps in the road as minor setbacks that you can handle with patience and tenacity. Do not see them as a sign to give up.

You desperately hope that all the work you have put into this project will reflect the outcome. Absolute success and a flourishing new beginning is what you are concentrating on right now. This new project, whether personal or professional is like your little baby. You regularly envision it being completely successful and you doing nothing but smile as you reap the rewards of your hard labour. You fear though that you may not have put enough hard work in or that it may break down at the last minute. You may even project problems that haven’t even arisen yet. Don’t do it to yourself! You have nurtured something from an idea into something tangible, do not let unnecessary thoughts and ego based reactions ruin your plan. You can do this and achieve success. That is all you have to keep drumming into your mind every time you hit a bump. This will be successful, do not allow your shadow self to spoil the outcome.

You are heading towards a fantastic outcome at speed and nothing appears to be stopping you. You have either implemented a professional or personal project into fruition and are now going full speed ahead! Your focus, tenacity and sheer will power has kept this project running along despite sometimes hitting obstacles and problems. You have kept your mind on the end game and a successful outcome. Expect to reap the rewards of your hard work. You have not allowed people or negative situations to sway you. Your resilience and commitment is soon to pay off, bringing you a sense of achievement, happiness and abundance. Well done you! Alternatively you may be planning plenty of travel. This is to possibly promote your project or just simply to take a breather, either way, a change is as good as a rest!

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