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You could be in a situation where your ‘shadow’ self has overwhelmed the real you. This could refer to addictions, repeated detrimental behaviour, negative thoughts, dependencies and problem relationships. We all crave the rush of life, but sometimes this comes with consequences in the long run. If you are stuck in a toxic relationship you CAN leave but your shadow self doesn’t want you to. Finding the strength from within and the willingness to change these habits and repeated situations will set you free. Write out in a journal all of the pros and cons of your situation. Be truthful with yourself. What are you doing that is harming you and others? It is time to dip into your dark self and rip out the root problem that keeps causing these predicaments. Seek professional help if you need to. Alternatively you could be entering into a new passionate romance but only invest in what you are happy with and make sure your boundaries are intact from the get-go.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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Have you noticed that the same bad things seem to repeat themselves with you? Do you find yourself in a negative situation and don’t seem to learn from it? You are allowing yourself to remain in a toxic cycle where your boundaries need to be changed. Your behaviour is looking for instant gratification and you can’t seem to break free from temptation and impulsive decisions. This could either be an unhealthy and co-dependent relationship or the type of person you end up with betrays you every time. You could be in a pattern of behaviour born through addiction or compulsive tendencies. Whatever the toxic circle is, a new approach has to be made to break this cycle of darkness. Your shadow self is running the show and this is not great for your long term future. Seek counselling or support groups that will help you if this is something you cannot solve. Do everything you can to free yourself from this toxic situation. Alternatively you could be entering into a new relationship where you must watch your boundaries and respect yourself first.

An epiphany has taken place within you, wanting you to make drastic change to your life. This could be changing compulsive behaviour or ending things that are not healthy for you. You are in a place of wanting to cut the binds that hold you to negativity. You could be wanting to deal with an addiction, a toxic relationship or anything that you know that is harming you. You have to be brave and dig deep as your shadow self will not want to change easily. If you are hiding addiction issues or other self-harming secrets, perhaps it’s time to get professional help. You have reached a point of no return now as you know it is time to break free. Start bond cutting visualisations in your mind and seek every material and holistic tool you can to enable you to break free from this darkness. Bravely go forward and start the baby steps towards your freedom, everyone deserves happiness and light in their lives.

You daydream about being free from the situations and people that zap your energy. You may be in a relationship, job or situation that you long to escape from. To be in a state of complete calm and happiness is what you are aiming for. You envisage yourself being a strong force to be reckoned with as you let go of all of this negativity that has seemed to have seeped into your life. You want to stop the choking and breathe freely, being responsible to no one other than yourself. You aspire to be independent, successful and healthy. You want to move away from people with addictions or compulsive tendencies. You may even be wanting to fight your own addiction. Whatever the case may be you crave freedom, happiness and light. You deserve this right now so hold on to your goals and ideals and make them happen.

There is an inherent weakness in you when it comes to resisting temptation! You have always wanted to have the ‘quick fix’ in a situation or relationship. This may have brought immediate pleasure but you are starting to learn that the long term implications really do not serve you well. You just can’t seem to shift this willingness to go forward with things when you know they are not going to turn out well for you. You could be having the addiction demon whispering in your ear or it could be a need to be loved. By needing to be loved we end up people pleasing and unhappy in co- dependent relationships. Your subconscious is starting to bring red flags to your conscious mind. These tiny nagging thoughts are telling you that you need to break away from this toxic thought process and behaviour. It is nagging you for a reason. If you fail to listen you will find yourself in a never ending cycle of heartbreak, sadness and chaos.

You are nothing but a true survivor. In your past that could even go back to childhood, you have been exposed to toxic relationships, unhappiness and possible addiction. You really didn’t have much of a chance to thrive, but you have done a lot of shadow work and looked into the darker side of your soul. This has shown you the reality of your negative thought processes and the need to find a natural high in any way you can. In the past you have made many mistakes and entered into many unhealthy relationships, almost knowing that you will end up the loser. It seems from all of this pain you have grown. You have either dealt with addictions, improved your health, broken from a toxic relationship or any other situation that had you bound to darkness. You now have strong principles and a healthy boundary set in place. Well done you! Be grateful for your past trauma as it will bring you nothing but strength and wisdom for any future relationships and events.

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If you don’t stop and have a look at this situation and how you are acting you are going to head for a lot of disappointment. You are currently or will be entering into a situation where you are allowing yourself to be in an unhealthy environment. You will be letting your shadow self rule your life rather than you having full control. This could be a downfall through temptation, an addiction or entering into a toxic relationship. Do not allow yourself to be involved in all of this negativity. It will take courage but you need to change this cycle of self sabotage and toxicity. It will become apparent that whatever you are allowing to happen in your life is no longer serving you. Hopefully this will give you the drive to address the problem and start taking positive action towards banishing it for good. If you do nothing, you will remain endlessly connected to negativity and unhappiness.

You may be kidding yourself when it comes to you own self-analysis. You may be in an unhealthy relationship that you know is toxic but cannot find the strength to break free from. You could also be battling addiction or the addiction is taking place around you. For some reason you are making excuses and telling yourself this is ok when it really isn’t. You are trying to convince yourself that all is well out of fearing change. If you go deeper into your shadow self and listen to the voices that lie within this part of your soul they will tell you the same story. They are saying that this dis-ease is ok and that you deserve to be in all of this mire. You can see the truth when you look into your shadows. It never is pretty but at least you know what is wrong and what you need to get rid of. Happiness is not acquired through a quick fix, people pleasing or hoping everything will turn out ok. Happiness is a birth rite and something that we need to aspire to throughout our lives. Contentment should be the first emotion we feel as soon as we wake up in the morning. You know this is not your first emotion, so it is now time to rectify this situation.

You could be surrounded by people who you love that are either toxic or have addictions. It is not your destiny to endure this negativity and help the person that you are with or have in your life. It is for them to sort their own issues out rather than rely on you to save them. It is time for you to wake up and look at your situation with clarity and truth. Are you happy? Are you in a co-dependent relationship? Are you just going along with this situation because it is the easier route? If you are nodding your head then it really is time to change this. Yes it will take a lot of courage to break free, but if you allow yourself to be surrounded by toxicity you will only experience future heart break and disappointment. Make the right choice. Your past experiences have diminished a lot of your self-worth and self-belief. Know this, you deserve to be happy and feel free to do whatever you want whenever you want in the pursuit of happiness. If something or someone is blocking you from your freedom it is time to unchain yourself from their burdens and fly free.

You always dream of being free, strong and able to navigate your way along life’s interesting paths making the right choices for yourself. You want to enjoy the fruits of life and have nothing but happiness, love and lightness in your life. You know however that you have a tendency from past experiences to want to be loved. This normally results in you being in co-dependent or toxic relationships. It certainly isn’t your fault but if you feel you don’t deserve any better than all you will get is the predator. You could even be fearing that your compulsive behaviour is out of control or you are finding yourself addicted to a certain behaviour or substance. Fears sometimes are an internal message flagging us to a reality that something needs to change. You know deep down if you have a problem. The first thing is to admit you are in a bad space. The second thing is to do something about it. Analyse your fears and see if they are telling you that you have lost control. If not, listen to your hopes and keep the fear factor at bay if it hasn’t even come into a reality.

If you do not stop this behaviour or way of life you could be heading for a lot of heartache and disappointment. You may be in a toxic relationship or thinking of getting involved with someone. There could be red flags already that are telling you that this person isn’t for you. Try not to look for the easy options and settle for second best. Likewise do not look for a quick fix or instant gratification as it really will not serve long term happiness. You could even be aware that your compulsive behaviour has got too much or you find yourself in an addiction situation. It isn’t all bad news, this is just a moment in time where the universe is telling you enough is enough. Dig deep into your shadow self and try to discover why you may self-sabotage or enter into unhealthy relationships or situations. The alarm has gone off for you to wake up and start cutting the cords that bind you to toxicity and darkness. Don’t hit the snooze button, it is time to act and make change for your own health and happiness.

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