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You are in the element of pure power at the moment and want to lead and protect others at the same time. You could be adopting a ‘fatherly’ role within your family unit whether you are a male or female. You are striving to be the rock for your family supporting them financially, emotionally and defending them to the hilt. Alternatively you are confident in your ability to lead with a firm but fair grip. You inspire others to work for you with loyalty and respect. Your life experiences have taken you to a level of imparting wisdom and direction with ease. You could be a life coach, teacher, mentor or business owner as this reflects your personal power and willingness to guide people along their path. Alternatively, you could be dealing with a problem that needs to be broken up into tiny strategic pieces so that you can plan a successful solution. Do not back down on anything, your calm, controlled power is all you need at this time.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

You are sitting in a strong and focused energy at the moment. Everything that you need to achieve has been put in place and is carefully and calmly being brought into fruition. You are demonstrating excellent leadership skills whether in a work or family environment. You are balancing home and work life chores, knowing that strategic planning and time management is key. Everyone is admiring your strength and prowess as you take projects to task and watch them grow. You are inspiring others and may even be a teacher, mentor or coach imparting your much valued wisdom. Being highly thought of, you are leading from the front with ease and cannot stop imparting wisdom along the way!

You may be feeling overwhelmed by a person who is making you feel unworthy or under-valued. This could be a domineering boss who is giving you a tough time and it is just getting too much. You may even be in a personal relationship where your partner is acting possessively or bullying you in a way that is taking your power. They are ruling over you with an iron fist making your life miserable. Alternatively you could be the person using your power over a vulnerable person. Are you being too pushy in what you want achieved? Of course it could be that you are doing anything someone asks out of a sense of people pleasing as you have lost your own personal power. Whatever the circumstances are, an imbalance of power is taking place here. You may be under pressure to lead in a work environment but do not want the spotlight. Don’t want to lead? Then train people and nurture them to succeed. Don’t want to be under the iron thumb of an overpowering partner or boss? Make calm assertive steps in removing yourself away from the situation and break free.

Oh how delicious would it be to have control of everything in your life. All of those projects that have been on your mind to complete are closer than you think. This can be done. By recognising your personal power and ability to work out a solid plan for whatever you want to achieve there really is no stopping you. In a work environment you are wanting to be that successful leader as you know you have what it takes to lead a team to victory. You may even be putting together a long term goal of wanting to branch out on your own using your natural skills and talents. You know that you have strength in teaching, mentoring, guiding and helping people on their path and can see yourself in your therapy room being that tower of strength. All of these goals are achievable even if it is just wanting to establish balance and control over your family life. Whatever the case you have this in the bag!

You are wanting to make the changes that have been niggling you for a while now. Whether it is leading a team at work, starting your own business or establishing a strong routine in daily and family life you know it is time to get going. You have always been the domineering type since a young age and sometimes have been observed to be a bit bossy! You may have concerns that you could push people too far when you have that tunnel vision of the goals you want to achieve. This could be holding you back from success if you are too worried about being overbearing with certain people. In a work environment, be mindful if you are a supervisor to lead by example. Encourage your team rather than lay down hard and fast rules. You are a natural born leader and know deep down that whatever you want to achieve you really can do it with the respect and support of those around you. Don’t be afraid to be assertive and guide people along as your inner thoughts make you fear a discernment in the ranks. People can sometimes feel overshadowed by your personal power and focus, it is their problem, not yours!

In the past you have shown to be a tough cookie! Whatever has been thrown at you, you have dusted yourself down, re-assessed the situation and driven yourself forward with even more determination. This could have been born from someone that was overbearing or possessive towards you. Well done you. You may have achieved a position of leadership in a work environment which is serving you well now. You may have even overcome a family disaster or have been exploited by the people you love. This has not fazed you, you have learned from all of these situations and now are full of inner strength and personal power. Everything in the past that has created this new, more powerful you must be blessed for what it was even if it brought temporary pain. You are far more focused and are in a stronger mind set now to achieve whatever you wish. Don’t be daunted by any challenge, know that you have the skills now to succeed in anything you put your mind to.

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Because of everything that you have endured and survived you are coming into a phase of personal power and a need to get things done and dusted! You will be called to lead a team at work as you have been identified as the ‘go to’ for solving issues in the work place as well as being a fantastic leader earning respect and awe from your colleagues. You could also be mastering the dynamics of self-employment and will be working towards your dream job where your natural talents and abilities will be used to help other people. You are going to feel stronger than you have ever felt for a long time so use this ignited spark for the greater good, whether its sorting out the family, working through personal projects or excelling in a work environment you really will have what it takes!

Deep inside you know that you are capable of achieving pretty much anything. You have the strength to endure any adversity and have a fantastic ability in leading others towards a mutual goal. You have always had the intuition to see the end game and know how to get there. Sometimes though the people around you aren’t as strong and could let you down on the way. The trick here is not to allow other people’s opinions and attitudes diminish your strength and personal power. They are only doing it because they wish they had your drive, confidence and leadership skills. You know that you have what it takes to achieve anything, so nurture the weak and embrace the brave. You are a born leader, never forget it!

The situation around you now calls for you to dig your heels in and exude that personal power from within. You have never suffered fools gladly, now is not the time to back down on this. Your leadership qualities and personal power can intimidate some people in your life. This can then lead to awkward situations where you feel that you’re not being supported. This could not be further from the truth, these people are secretly wanting what you have. You have Power, confidence, focus and the ability to take any project whether personal or professional to a successful conclusion. Try and acknowledge the negative people as needing guidance rather than feeling that they are against you. Be firm but fair with your team or family. You have the ability to make change, it is in their best interests to follow your vision. If they don’t, it’s their loss.

Success and achieving your goals is what you are hoping for now. The fact is you are a natural born leader and really do have what it takes to bring yourself whatever you desire or lead a team to a final goal. You have never hidden in the shadows and sometimes by speaking your mind you have been met with adversity. So you may be fearing upsetting people by your zealous approach and need to drive people forward. You have learned along the way however a healthy balance of nurturing people as well as taking control when you need to so what is stopping you? Yes there may be some people that don’t like being told what to do but that is their problem. You lead by example, so whatever goal you want to achieve, personal or professional, let your strength shine and embrace your superb leadership skills.

Factors have come about in your life where you really need to grab the wheel and take control. By exuding your personal power, guiding people along and standing your ground, you really will achieve anything that you set out to do. You are going to achieve success in business and work environments because you can lead a team with a firm and fair grip. All of your people skills are needed right now as new opportunities fall into your lap. Dig deep, grit your teeth and start that new project, start your own business or just get order amongst the ranks. People will be looking up to you for guidance, so take them and yourself forwards knowing that with your determination and ability to lead there will be no negative outcome.

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