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You are in ‘Mother Nature’ energy right now and feel like you have it all. You are in a frequency that pulses with the planet encouraging you to get out in nature. Whether it’s your local park, the seaside or a retreat in the mountains, the elements are calling you. Everything that the sacred feminine represents is coursing through your body. Self-gratitude for the life around you is important as the more you luxuriate in your beautiful life, the more you will attract further beauty and riches from the Universe. Compassion, caring for your loved ones and enjoying your children are all possible at this time. The birth of new creative ideas are flooding through you. Take some quiet time and see what hobbies, interests and passions you want to embark upon. This could also be a time of fertility, pregnancy and new life coming into the world!

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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Sometimes we don’t stop and smell the roses in our lives. You currently have it all at the moment. You are surrounded by a loving family who support you and bathe you in love. Don’t forget to stop and really absorb what wonderful surroundings you find yourself in. You are the epitome of female strength, so use it to your advantage. You may be a contented mother enjoying the bliss of having children or you may be working towards having your first child. Some of you may even be pregnant and are simply thrilled with what is to come. Fertility in this card can also refer to giving birth to new ideas and projects that have been on the back burner until now. You are in a strong purposeful energy, so anything that you wish to start will bear fruit especially if it’s using your creativity.

You have given away your power to someone by mothering them or being co-dependent. You have spent so much time worrying and fussing over someone else’s life that you have completely forgotten about the most important thing, YOU. You must start adopting self-love now and falling back in love with all aspects of yourself. Take yourself to a spa or treat yourself to a walk by the beach. Do anything that makes you feel good and is only about pleasing you. You could be critical of how you look or your body image, you need to love yourself and embrace every lump and bump! You could also be having a creative block at the moment with projects or work flow. Don’t worry about what others think, let your imagination and creativity flow in the peace of your own home just to ignite that passion to go forward again. The more love you shine upon yourself, the more successful the way forward will be.

You are focused on wanting to have complete harmony in your life especially on feminine aspects. Even if you are a man, finding happiness in the love of your children and embracing your feminine side is what is needed right now. You may also wish to have your creative ideas come to the fore and have this as a successful career path. Wanting to give birth to change and new ideas is what you aspire to. It is within reach but you must find harmony by loving yourself and who you are as this will attract the things that you are wishing for. You may also be looking forward to being a mum. Again by keeping yourself on a high and positive frequency, you will achieve this far easier than worrying and thinking that it is not going to happen. Nature is key here to you finding yourself again. As you spend time with yourself you can attain clarity and peace of mind in a calm and nurturing environment.

Sometimes when things are good we wait for the bubble to burst and ruin it all by living in permanent fight or flight mode. You may have a great family unit and are enjoying being a busy mum and everything that comes with it. You then worry and think if you are being the best mum you can and if you could do it better. Stop over analysing your family situation. By remaining happy, positive and calm and just enjoying family life the flow will continue on a high vibration. It is when we start to project our own fears, perhaps from past memories or experiences that we could upset the apple cart. You may also be doubting your ability to start a new project or work idea through your own self-doubt. You again must look at these doubts and see if they are a reality or a belief system created from past negative situations. I would expect most of your thought processes are not a reality and are reflecting on the past when you got burnt. You can do this, you can shine and succeed, change your mind set and your energy to ‘I can’ and watch how everything starts to flow and move along at pace.

I see you in the past as the proverbial Snow White! Everything in your garden was rosy and beautiful. There were butterflies flying around you, birds singing in the trees and the sun shining on you creating a magnificent golden haze. This portrayal reflects your inner you, feeling abundant, happy and full of fresh ideas and creativity. You could have been a mum for the first time or were truly enjoying loving and caring for your children. You may have kept this energy going which is wonderful. This could have led to new opportunities and a heightened view of yourself bringing even more happiness than you could have imagined. Or you started to fear how happy you were, let the little imps of doubt in and have found yourself at a crossroads or at a creative block. Whatever way the past has served you, it is in the past and remains there. We must be present in our lives and appreciate every day and look to the future with excitement and positivity.

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You are coming into such an abundant and beautiful space! All of your good intentions and positive thoughts are leading you to a harmonised existence as either a mother, a project leader or successful business owner. The sacred feminine represents strength, beauty, clarity, fertility and abundance and that is exactly where you are heading! If you are wanting to become a mum, then chances are this is likely to happen. As a man or woman, you could also be wanting to give birth to a new project, idea or hobby that will be successful. Everything in your garden will soon be very rosy. Don’t forget to take time to smell the roses in your garden and appreciate how far you have come. By keeping this heightened awareness of being happy and at peace, you will manifest it into a reality where you will have to pinch yourself!  Family life will also settle into a balanced existence where you will enjoy being a mum and wife, but don’t forget to love yourself as well as your family members. Self-love will help maintain this happy and bountiful existence.

You are feeling serene and energised at the moment and are simply enjoying the gift of life and what it can bring. Things are harmonious in your family life and you know through your positive energy that you have helped achieve this. Your selfless acts and nurturing nature have made you feel good and currently you find yourself loving your strength and determination. Your views on any obstacles in life are not immediate surrender but working out how to overcome them. You are seeing yourself as wise, strong, abundant and fresh with ideas. These ideas could be inspiring you to take on new projects or start new ways forward in your life knowing that they will succeed and make you even happier. You are finding joy in the tiniest of things and are seeing the world through fresh eyes that portray nothing but beauty and magnificence. Keep this fantastic energy going as it will continue to serve you fortune and happy abundance.

You are in a strong feminine energy at the moment where everything is bountiful and abundant. This can sometimes draw jealousy or criticism from those around you who haven’t mastered this self-love and positive approach. You are an empath and could possibly be drawn in to putting others thoughts and feelings first. If you do this, you will lose sight of your aspirations and could stop your momentum in its tracks. Don’t give this beautiful power away. Politely distance yourself from these negative people or talk it out with them to try and establish why and where they are coming from. By maintaining a fresh and positive outlook to your life, you will attract nothing but fortuitous opportunity and new growth, so keep it going as nothing can stop you when you are in this strong, fertile energy.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up smiling and knowing that your life feels complete, filled with love, abundance and excitement? This is what you are thinking and this is what your soul is aiming for you to attain. You want to love yourself and be proud of yourself and understand that self -love is the key to being in this beautiful space. You want happiness and harmony in your family life or want to start a family or long term commitment with that special someone. Alternatively you may want to perfect a project or work environment where your new ideas and creativity will make it succeed. All of this can be attainable if you believe in yourself and adopt that self -love approach. Your fears are that you cannot follow through on a creative project as you simply have come across a complete block. You may also be struggling with mother / child connections or in a love relationship. You are fearing that you are not good enough or have failed in some way along your path the people that you love and care for. If your fears are overwhelming your hopes then you have to establish balance. It’s time to take an inventory of your positive and negative thought processes and start working on banishing the fears.

You can look forward to a bit of peace and quiet now! Everything will become clear and finally you have worked towards living your daily life feeling happy, strong and full of fresh ideas. It has taken a bit of time to get there but oh how glad you are that you put the work in. All of that self-love and doing wants best for you has re-ignited your passion to start new projects and even write that book, start photography, paint those pictures or create an exciting new work venture. You could be an adoring mum loving the sheer presence of your children or an expectant mum waiting for the wonder of life to bring your child into the world. Either way, you have found yourself basking in the sun and smelling the roses in your bountiful garden. It’s all about fertility in life, so reap the beautiful harvest that you worked so hard to sow. Enjoy!

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