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It is time to take that leap of faith! You should be grasping new beginnings with both hands and simply going for it, come what may. Accept the change with excitement and vigor. Be spontaneous and change the routine of your daily life whether it be a new job, house move, or even a new relationship. Take on new projects with the knowledge that you will succeed no matter how daunting the prospect. It is time is to make life changes knowing that you will succeed. Trust the process. Do not worry about where you will land, just know that as soon as your intention is made, the change whether it be in business, love, or relationships will be rewarding!

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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You are currently in a situation where you keep asking yourself should I stay or should I go? The prospect of changing your life whether it is a work, relationship or personal issue is ever present in the back of your mind. Sometimes you can see clearly and know that you must make change. Other times you feel the fear and stay in a situation that is comfortable as it is in your safety zone. The ultimate question that you have to ask yourself is ‘Am I happy in this current situation?’ If the answer is no, you need to create a plan of action. Only YOU can make the change as only YOU live your life, no one else.

Fear is what is keeping you stuck in this situation. You desperately want to make change in a work, personal or relationship environment but worry that it could back fire. Without change, you are staying stuck with no way forward. The people and / or the environment that you are in are controlling your thoughts and possibly hindering your decision to make change and to make the right choice.  You are stronger than you think you are. Allowing other people to interfere with your plans will delay the inevitable. Don’t let your ego stop you from reaching your goals and true heart’s desires.

You are thinking more about making change in your life and wish that you could be stronger to make the change without fear of reprisals. The fact is, that you know that you have it in you to reach your goals and desires. You want to have perfect harmony in your home life perhaps even make that jump to starting a new relationship. You may want to make your passion a dream job or turn your natural talents into a new career. You could even be thinking of finding your new forever home. Whatever you are wanting to create, the spark is within you to aim for your dreams. Just a little push and that spark will explode into a fiery desire to make change and to achieve your ambitions.

Hidden self-belief patterns from your past may be stopping you from getting what you really want in life. Perhaps you were told in earlier years that you weren’t up for the challenge or that you simply wasn’t good enough or strong enough to make change in your life. Success and striving for your dreams can sometimes feel like fantasy rather than reality as your subconscious tells you that you will fail before you even start. Don’t let the demons of your past influence your present. Spend some quiet time with yourself, or even start writing a diary to see if your subconscious belief system is what is holding you back. Let your inner child flow with excitement for the future and adopt an overwhelming passion for change and challenges.

You have made dramatic change in the past that has had an impact on your life. This could have been a positive outcome at the time that boosted the quality of your life or would have fallen a little flat giving you a ‘lesson learned’ moment. Either way, you had the strength to endure this change making you all the better for it. This dramatic change, whether it was personal, career or in a love relationship has given you the impetus to face change in whatever form it comes in. Look upon this past situation as a valuable piece of the puzzle that will no doubt fit into a full picture as you continue to embrace change and life’s challenges.

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You are about to enter an exciting phase of new revelations and making change in your personal life! Whether it is just one decision or many, you can expect change in your work, relationships or situation if you just focus on what you want and jump in with no fear. Know that however hard the decisions are to be made, you will land safely on the other side. Trust in the Universe, it may not all be plain sailing but this change is exactly what you need to fulfil your life and destiny. Don’t sit on the fence, go for it! Once you have made the decisions necessary for your happiness, you will never look back.

You are your own worst enemy sometimes. You know what path to take, you know which way you should go in a situation but your own self-worth and lack of inner strength sometimes stops you from getting what you really want. You keep telling yourself that you couldn’t possibly make the change that you are so desperately wanting to do. Your mind is a powerful catalyst to how your behaviour and decisions manifest. Self-doubt needs to be eradicated at this time as you aim for all of your goals and dreams in life. Become an ‘I can do this’ person and see how everything changes for the better. Trust yourself, your soul is a strong contender for change and obtaining the happiness you so richly deserve.

You are being influenced by negative people who do not like to see you grow or make dramatic change in your life. The best thing that you can do is distance yourself from their criticism or their cynical views on the plans you have shared with them. If these people are very close to you, communication and speaking your truth to them will see you as a far stronger person who will make change despite their grievances. It is their own belief systems that they are projecting on you and are not a clear and true judgement of who you are as a person. Don’t allow their energy to affect your decision making if you wish to make change. If you have a difficult boss, a judgemental friend or a relationship that does not serve your happiness, make efforts to end the situation or change it to your benefit.

You’re desperately hoping that the situation that you are in will change and the outcome will be in your best interests. You are willing for that new job, new relationship or new home to come into fruition where you can find yourself happy and complete. Whatever the situation, you are striving for happiness and peace, but you must make some possible difficult decisions. Your fear is that you will make the wrong choice or upset people around you. Don’t allow outside influences to cloud your judgement. Fear will keep you locked in this unsatisfactory predicament. Courage and the determination to make change will set you free.

By making a list of the things that you wish to change in your life and seeing them through, you will create abundance, love and happiness in all facets of your life. Changes to difficult circumstances and people will dissipate as you strive towards dealing with them individually or moving away from their grasp. Change in work, relationships, love, home life and health are favourable at this time with a few changes that you know need to be made. By focusing on what you want, a positive outcome will naturally be delivered by the Universe. Strength, focus, determination and courage through change will reap a wonderful harvest.

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