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Ritual and tradition are what are called for right now. Understanding the principles of a religion or spirituality will enhance your understanding of life. By studying or carrying out routine practices of a spiritual nature will serve you well. This could be meditating each day, prayer time or a daily walk in nature. It’s all about setting tradition and scheduling spiritual practices into your daily routine. You may even seek the counsel of a spiritual mentor or teacher. Alternatively you could be the teacher, sharing your knowledge and practices in order to guide others. Think about becoming a member of your local church or spiritual centre. Be part of an institution that helps you pursue a more spiritual way of being.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

You may be feeling the need to introduce a more spiritual way of life into your daily routine. Whether this is setting a regular time for meditation or attending a local spiritualist church or centre, there is something calling you to bring spiritual awareness around you. You may even wish to attend your chosen religion’s church services a bit more as you are feeling too grounded and not connected to your God. Taking spiritual classes or incorporating spiritual study into your life will benefit you right now. You may even want to share your spiritual knowledge through teaching or mentoring. Whatever your circumstance, it is now time for you to respond to this calling.

We sometimes get so busy with the material side of our lives that we forget that we are actually spirit beings living a human experience. When we do this, life’s challenges seem a lot harder and we feel almost as if we are doing everything alone even if we are surrounded by people. You are allowing your human life to overwhelm the spiritual side of you. You are not taking time to meditate or check in with your inner child to make sure everything is ok. When you do check in, you might find that you have been following other people’s expectations rather than your own. The ‘This is what we do around here’ may not resonate with you any longer. You may want to kick out against this regime and find your own way in the world. By moving away from the herd, arguments may arise from your people who are resisting this new you. Stand your ground, find what you want in life and stick to a system that serves you and not others.

You are wanting to see life in a lateral way. Every situation, person and event that takes place, you wish to see it with a clearer vision and see the bigger picture. This can only be achieved if you take time to sit in your personal power and listen to your intuition. Our higher self is just waiting to tell us how we can attain love, peace and harmony. You want to feel that balance so much, so what is stopping you? By taking time to meditate, walk in nature, attend a spiritual class or a workshop you will start a new spiritual awareness that you have wanted to nurture for some time. You may want to join a development course or find a circle to help develop your healing or psychic abilities. You have always wanted to do this, so make the change and create these whims into a reality. Your soul is calling you to do this.

You may have been brought up in a very strict religious home where a certain religion was the order of the day, every day. As you have got older you may have drifted away from this spiritual routine because it wasn’t for you or you have just lost faith. Find a spiritual practice that makes your heart sing. Find a way of incorporating spiritual practices into your life such as meditation, spiritual workshops, mindfulness exercises or seeking a spiritual mentor. It may even be that the religion you grew up with is not the one that you wish to follow. Find a way of sitting in your personal power and listening to your inner voice as it is long overdue. Seek out a centre, church or place of study that makes your soul sigh and smile as you finally tune in to the universe.

You may have been brought up in a strict regime where religion was almost a chore rather than a beautiful faith. On the other hand you may have been brought up with certain religious beliefs that you still adopt in your daily life. Either way, however religion or spiritual beliefs have served you, they all took place for a reason. In the recent past you have been thinking about wanting to bring more spirituality into your daily life. It appears though this still hasn’t come into fruition. Be mindful to add this to your ‘to do’ list. Find a church or spiritualist centre that feels like home and reacquaint yourself with the source, the ultimate higher power that brings you faith and guidance. You will find happiness and harmony once you take that step to allowing your inner soul to speak loud and clear.

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You are coming into an energy where you are being mindful to practice more spirituality or to bring more religious traditions into your life. You have felt spiritually alone or now have a need to incorporate a higher power into your life. By allowing yourself more time to listen to your inner voice through meditation or spiritual practices, you will find the path of life so much smoother. You will feel the need to attend a local spiritual workshop or class as your inner child is wanting for you to sit in the peaceful and powerful energy of the universe. Alternatively you may be thinking about practising a new religion or even going through the age old tradition of marriage with your partner. Either way, you are entering into a spiritual phase where you are going to feel so much better and more enlightened.

You may have made some mistakes in your life that have caused you to feel a bit of a failure. Perhaps you have had yet another catastrophic relationship. You may have had problems with family members or with friendships. Work or career prospects may have taken a dive. Because you are holding onto things that you may have misjudged or not dealt with properly, you are stopping yourself from moving on and adopting a kinder approach to yourself. Spiritual input is what is needed right now so that you have an underlying faith in a higher power. This faith will also give you the courage to move on and embrace change. To move ahead in this new energy, you must stop over analysing yourself and making everything your fault. You soul wants to express itself through spiritual practices and traditions, but at the moment your self-belief and ego is stopping this from happening. Time to make change!

Everyone has their opinions and their own set of belief systems and religious views. If you are thinking about practising a certain religion or embarking on a new spiritual adventure, do not be swayed by the people around you if they do not share the same passion. You are walking your path, no one else, so stand your ground and adopt whatever spiritual practices you yearn for to improve your human experience. You may also be putting your material life ahead of your spiritual needs. You are never too busy to take ten minutes out to meditate, or devote an evening to a spiritual class or church attendance. How long does a prayer take? Whatever your circumstances are, your inner child wants to be heard and attended to. Make the time as it will serve you well.

You are hoping to live a life that is healthily balanced with your ego and intuition in perfect synchronicity. You wish to successfully navigate through life’s challenges where people or situations slow your progress. You also wish to go through the same challenges where faith in yourself and a higher power will see you succeed with less stress. To regularly practice spiritual techniques is very attractive to you right now, so what is stopping you? The fear that you do not have any psychic ability? The fact that you don’t think you are any good at meditating? That you may not fit in at the local spiritualist centre? Your fears are overwhelming your hopes here. You are being called to embrace spirituality into your daily routine. Lose the fear and start to dedicate some precious time to yourself in order that you hear your inner voice clearly. Nothing beats being guided by a higher power!

By making the decision to invest some time in working on your inner child will reap dividends. You are entering into a beautiful phase where finally, you want to explore your inner wisdom through religious or spiritual traditions. By taking time to attend church services or alternatively spiritual centres, workshops and courses, you will find an inner peace that you never thought you had. This is the time to answer that call that has been niggling away at you for a long time. You may find that you have exceptional healing abilities or a keen psychic gift that will enable you to help others. Whatever you discover, your life will be greatly improved as you walk along this smoother path of faith and spiritual strength.

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