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Your intuition needs to be nurtured at this present time. Thoughts and feelings need to take a back seat as you are being urged to go deep within and let your instinct and inner wisdom guide you. The sacred feminine side of you needs to emerge in order for you to work your empathy, compassion, understanding and psychic insight into situations and people around you. Now is the time to pursue further psychic and spiritual development through meditation, classes, workshops and circles. The power of intuition and blending with your subconscious energy will bring you clarity in your life as well as allow you to see everything around you with precision and truth. Let your inner voice be your guide, let it flow through you with strength and abundance.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

Circumstances and synchronicities are encouraging you to work on your inner senses. Thought processes are not adequate in making decisions with this current energy pulsing through you at the moment. You are being guided to go deep within and listen to your intuition. You are having psychic episodes or are feeling a need to develop your sixth sense. Attend a spiritual class or workshop. Start taking steps to listen to your soul and let your instinct be your compass. The world, people and situations become so much clearer if you see them through your intuition and ‘inner knowing’. ‘Feel’ these situations with your solar plexus, that small whispering voice that remains constant when you do or say something. It will either be telling you deep down this is the wrong approach or yes, go for it this is right. Find regular quiet times and listen to what your soul has to say.

I call what you are going through now as the Monkey Brain! All of your thoughts and emotions are clouding your judgement and decision making. You know that you have to take a certain stance but then stumble because of ego and racing thoughts. You are also concerned about how this will reflect on others if you make choices that they don’t like. The ultimate way to navigate life’s challenges and obstacles is to feel your way through with your inner voice being your compass. The problems come when you ignore that small inner voice. You go with an emotion that overrules what you know is the right way but are too scared to listen and act on it. Stop procrastinating on developing your sixth sense. Connecting with your soul voice will bring you strength, focus and the courage to make change. Others may also be gossiping about you or coming from a lower frequency. By finding your inner voice you will avoid paranoia and see the truth for what it is.

You yearn to be able to deal with people and situations where you come out on top with strength and grace. You want to have ‘witchy’ senses where every decision you make is spot on and takes you on a new more successful path. This can be achieved through connecting with your inner voice. You want to understand if the coincidences you keep experiencing are psychic insights or just literally coincidence. You are wanting to see the world with more focus and have your intuition serve you well. To have connections to other sources such as the spirit world and the angel realms is becoming more tempting each day. You want to experience a more spiritual existence where your ‘inner knowing’ helps you achieve what you want out of life.

Why is it that you let your emotions and ego interfere with the process? That’s what you keep asking yourself. You go with something but deep down in your gut you know it is the wrong way to proceed. When it fails you could kick yourself as you knew that you were right all along. Do not let your past mistakes be a guide to your future. They were lessons that have got you where you are now, a stronger wiser you. Let these feelings of self-doubt go and focus on being a sage, wise soul that is steered by intuition. You know that you have psychic abilities and a spiritual insight into situations and people, so why doubt and block it? You deserve to shine and have the gift of psychic insight and intuition in abundance.

You have always felt different since you were a child. Perhaps you have encountered spirit people or have had many times when you knew something was going to happen and it did. In the past you have repeated cycles where you have ignored your intuition and the situation has backfired. You have allowed your emotions to overwhelm the situation and therefore the outcome has not been in your favour. You have tried to work on your inner voice, perhaps through meditating or attending spiritual workshops but for some reason have come away from it all. That inner voice is still there, whispering away trying to guide you and serve you in every waking life situation. Now is not the time to reflect on the past and what you think has failed. It is time to awaken your intuitive feelings and develop your natural psychic ability.

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There is a feeling deep down that you really should be listening to your gut instinct more because thinking about others and allowing your thought processes into situations has led to nothing but disappointment. You are coming into an energy of wisdom and trusting your intuition. You are allowing your inner voice to guide you even though it can be scary at times! You will be thinking of enhancing your psychic abilities or attending spiritual classes to widen your awareness. You will be answering the call from your inner voice to use your intuition on a daily basis. Knowledge is power as they say, you are coming into your power and will not step a foot wrong once you have listened to what your instinct has to say.

You have been through a lot and have sometimes encountered disappointment by people or situations around you. You fear that your empathic approach makes you too vulnerable and therefore opens you to making further mistakes. It is time to stop listening to your negative self-imposed views of yourself. These views sit in the ego and emotional part of your make-up and do not serve you well. You need to dig deep and feel your instinct as it rises up in reaction to your life predicaments. You know that you have a sixth sense, you know that there is something beyond this world, so do not fear plugging into it. It is there to serve you, allow it to be your guide and compass. Tune in to your inner voice and don’t let self-doubt block the transmission. Move forward envisioning yourself as nothing but a wiser and stronger power house, undaunted by whether the outcome is successful or not.

You are being shown signs from the divine and have to act upon it. You are seeing repeated number patterns, synchronicities and happenings that can no longer be ignored. You are being asked to develop your psychic ability and become at one with your instinct and inner child. These things have happened for a reason, you are in the right energy now to answer your calling. Whether this is psychic development, healing or mastering meditation. Everything that is happening is not out of coincidence it is divinely timed synchronicity. You may be surrounded by people that do not share your spiritual thirst, but they must be blessed and politely put to one side as you embark on this exciting venture. Make an effort to surround yourself with likeminded people. Find a local spiritualist centre or somewhere that when you walk in it feels like home. Life has stolen some time to do this in the past, but you have more options available to you now and your priority must be working on your intuition and spiritual awareness.

You are hoping that you will learn to see the world and the people in it with clear perception and spiritual truth. You want to be able to cut through all of the muck and see the reality in every situation. You want to finally be able to act, riding on your strong instinct rather than be stuck and not know which way to go in any given situation. To walk through life with strong intuition and know exactly where you stand is what you are aiming for. Your fear is that you will make a mistake and listen to your emotion rather than your instinct. It is very hard to decipher the two it has to be said, but by keeping your focus on your gut feelings will always lead to a successful outcome. Don’t doubt your psychic ability, we are all spirit people having a human experience. Our soul voice is there just waiting for us to turn up the volume and listen.

This is the time to start looking within and learning about your inner soul and what it wants to communicate to you. By taking walks in nature, meditation, joining spiritual classes and spending time with just yourself you will find a whole new world opening up for you. You will be able to discern people’s energy, what feels right or wrong in any situation and know that you are never alone on your path. To live knowing there is a divine power fuelling your decisions and plans through your intuition brings you freedom and strength. You will quieten the doubts and indecisions with clarity and drive. You will walk through any challenge with your head held high knowing that you are doing these things for you and what feels right. Wisdom is surrounding you, all you have to do is tap into its divine energy and the world is your oyster.

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