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A true, honest and harmonious connection with a loved one is powerful right now. This could be a lover, a friend or a family member. Whoever they are, you have a sacred bond where there is nothing hidden between the two of you and it is delicious! You are on the same frequency which brings both your souls into alignment. This can represent a soul mate or twin flame connection. Raw honesty and authentic communication will bring about ultimate peace in love relationships. Alternatively you could be adopting self-love and expressing your truth to others. Don’t be afraid to voice your innermost thoughts and opinions. You could be facing a moral dilemma where you need to make decisions. Make them with love for yourself and others in mind. Don’t allow ego, fear, doubt or guilt to be your guiding force. Love will conquer all.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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Love could be in the air right now as you stare into the face of the person you love and know that they are your soul mate. The harmony, understanding and respect you have for each other is second to none. Enjoy this beautiful love that you have and know that it is reciprocated. You have found each other and nothing is going to come between that. Alternatively you could be appreciating the love and support of a close friend or family member. Sometimes, The Lovers also represents a vital time for you to start creating self-love rituals. You may have been abandoning your own energy and needs, as you’re too busy serving others. It is time to start looking after yourself and putting yourself first. This isn’t selfish at all, it is selfless as we cannot form any strong relationships if we don’t love ourselves first.

There could be discord occurring at the moment with your close loved ones. There could be lack of harmony around you partner, family or close friends. If you are experiencing repeated patterns of arguments and lack of respect in a love relationship, it may be time to seriously look at what is happening. If you really do love this person then take steps to bring back the balance of mutual love and understanding. If there is any doubt in this relationship, you are being urged to make difficult decisions that could mean ending the relationship. Yes it may be a difficult decision, but you know deep down that it is the right one. There may be a lot of conflict going on inside you at the moment. You could be trying to find ways to get out of this situation by shortcuts, but these will not serve you well. The best option is to look at your relationship, spend some time in self-analysis and then make the right decision for you and the greater good. Communication is key here, with your loved one and with your inner voice.

If you are single you are longing to have that soul mate who you can share your life with. The one who can finish your sentences, will be here for you in every way and truly adore you. If you are in a relationship you may be wanting it to have more sparkle or have it jump to the next level of commitment. Either way true love is what is on your mind at the moment and wow, wouldn’t it be good to walk hand in hand into the sunset with your ideal partner? You are finding yourself admiring other people’s traits and relationships. The fact is, what you admire about these people is definitely within you and just needs to be teased out. If you are single, work on your self-love and practice techniques that will strengthen your love vibration. By doing this you will attract the love of your life who will be intoxicated by the frequency you are resonating on.

You may be going over old ground to see what went wrong in past relationships and analysing them to death. You must make sure that you are not blaming yourself for the breakdown of these connections. This doesn’t just have to be a love relationships it could also refer to family members, friends or even co-workers. Because you have been burned in the past there may still be some residual defensive energy going on here that may put potential suitors and friends off. You need to be creating self-love rituals and affirmations in your daily routine to bring your frequency up into a more welcoming and positive vibration. Don’t let past relationships shape future ones. You have so much love and support to give that special someone. You deserve complete happiness and love around you, so stop thinking you don’t deserve it!

If you are single you are certainly wondering why you still are! You have been loyal, loving, caring and a fantastic partner in the past but have been seriously let down by some momentous acts of betrayal, lack of respect and outright unfairness. So why have you been on the end of this behaviour? Why do you not get the partner that you deserve? The past has sealed a little fate on your present where you are over analysing past relationships. Instead of wondering why and how it all happened, draw a line under it and concentrate on the present and the future. Your past relationships may be holding you back and casting a ring of defence that others are seeing and backing away from. If you are in a relationship know that you have a loyal, loving partner who has made up for times they let you down in the past. You are reminded that they have your back and although sometimes frustrate you to distraction, they will always put you first without any question.

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If you are single then wow, you are very soon going to be meeting your soul mate or twin flame. The universe is preparing the both of you to come together in an energy of passion, mutual respect, deep love and everything else that goes with a strong committed relationship. Lucky you! If you are just coming out of a love relationship, you may be entering into a phase of working on your self-love. Heartbreak can lead us to feeling a lack of confidence and we end up questioning ourselves on whether we truly are lovable. Of course you are! If this is your scenario then acts of self-love and affirmation work will serve you well and get you back on track to a road of happiness and contentment. If you are already in a relationship expect heightened love, further commitment or a transition between yourselves that brings even more deep and meaningful love into this perfect union.

I am liking this self-love thing that is going on with you at the moment. Certain relationships, whether they were love, friends or work have caused you to look inside and see if there is anything missing when they have broken down. No, it’s not your fault and you are finally seeing that you just needed to move on from these people. You are mastering self-love and self-worth at this time and are seeing that you really do deserve the best in whatever relationships you’re looking for. Keep this strong sense of self going as it really will attract you to the perfect love match and the best friends that you could ask for. Alternatively you could be harbouring ill will upon yourself because of the way you were treated in a past relationship. This was their behaviour and their shortfalls that led to them treating you as they did. You’re full of love, loyalty, empathy and passion, don’t forget that. These people from the past served as a lesson for you to never underestimate your worth. Love yourself and you will attract the same loving people who will blow you away with happiness.

You can be a very sensitive soul which is a blessing when you are helping people and looking out for your loved ones but can be a curse when you have been hurt by the people you love. Relationships in your past have definitely made you wake up and re-evaluate who you are as a person and how others perceive you. Some of you may have been strengthened by these lessons and others of you may have felt defeated by them. You must not allow people around you or from your past to shape who you are as a person. Love, respect and commitment must be mutual in any relationship. Whether this is a working relationship, love partner, friend or family member if you are not getting love or respect being reciprocated then you really have to distance yourself from these people. You must learn to love yourself and create your own boundaries so no matter what people you come across they can never change your self-belief and self-worth. Other people can be your saviour or your downfall, be cautious in who you open your heart to, don’t let anyone bring you down.

When you sit and daydream your ultimate vision is walking along the sand and holding hands with your perfect soul mate, laughing and staring into each other’s eyes without a care in the world. You are longing for that soul mate connection so you can finally hang up your party shoes and settle down into comfy slippers and endless cuddles. If you aren’t single, you envision a long and loving relationship where you feel safe and will be loved forever. You fear that as a single person you may never found the right person. You see other people who are happy and wonder why you cannot find the person of your dreams. You may be over analysing your situation. Stop criticising yourself, everything happens in divine timing, be patient love yourself, keep a kind and positive vibration within you, as soon your soul mate will show up. Non singles, stop waiting for the bubble to burst, don’t over question the reason for them being late, don’t wait for them to go in the shower so you can dive onto their phone! Yes you have been hurt in the past but you worrying about this current relationship and allowing mistrust to poke its ugly head in, will only create problems, let it go and trust that your partner is in this for the long haul.

If you have remained positive and are looking to the future with excitement for a new relationship then your fantastic outlook will very soon be rewarded! That pulse racing, hear stopping love is on its way and there is nothing you can do to stop it! Union, respect, passion and complete infatuation with each other is literally what’s on the cards here, so prepare yourself, love is coming to brighten your life and bring true happiness. For those in a long term relationship, expect deeper love, further commitment and beautiful surprises that will add a sparkle to your connection. Everything is about love and successful relationships in all aspects of your life, so smile my darlings, it’s all about to be an explosion of hearts and roses!

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