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Many of us affect our lives adversely through projecting our own fears. Trauma from the past can come back to haunt us and interfere with our present and future. Allowing misguided conceptions and fear based approaches to our lives will only bring confusion and unhappiness. This is a time to let go of things that have affected you in your past. You may need to seek a counsellor, spiritual mentor or a professional to help unfurl the layers of hurt that you have held in for so long. Your anxieties can create illusions in your life that aren’t there, now is not the time to make any decisions in your life. The Moon can bring uncertainty and further illusion so you must act on your intuition and not on your thoughts. Look at all the information before making a move. Try a spiritual approach to eradicate these falsehoods and deceptions through meditation or prayer. The full moon may also be a great way for you to release all the trauma that you no longer want to carry. Surrender to its light and write out or say what you want to be free of.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

There seems to be illusions all around you at the moment whether these are of your own thought processes or others providing you with untruths, you are feeling uneasy. If you are projecting fears that haven’t even taken place yet, then you could be responsible for your own feelings of insecurity. These fears could be borne from past traumas and negative experiences. If this is the case then consider seeking professional or spiritual advice to help you release what no longer serves you. Now is not the time to make any life altering changes. Just take a step back and see the reality of any given situation without any of your own thoughts wandering in or the ill intent of others. Meditation and mind focus would also help you now to clear your mind of false beliefs and ill truths. Try and feel things with your intuition rather than let your head rule the situation. Clarity is the only way you are going to get the truth from this situation and the intentions of others.

You are going through a transformation at the moment within yourself. Fears and anxieties are starting to wane as you come to grips with them and start seeing the reality of your situation and the people that surround you. This is an amazing jump forward as you were allowing your anxieties to interfere with life decisions and challenges. Alternatively, negative thoughts and feelings could be surfacing from your shadow side and you really don’t want to face them. You may try to bury these thoughts and feelings deep down as they are dark places from your past that you really don’t want to revisit. You are only putting a temporary plaster on this, as soon your wounds will bleed through and demand attention. Don’t be intimidated by past traumas that resurface. Face them with courage and have the strength to let them go so that you can live a lighter and focused existence. This is a time where you may be getting psychic messages through dream state or through synchronicity. Keep a journal at hand to record your experiences. It’s all about listening to your inner voice now as it is louder than it has been for a while wanting to guide you out of the darkness into the light.

Sometimes we tend to worry over things that haven’t even happened yet! We tend to draw on past experiences and send a projected, false view of how something is going to pan out. You are aware of your demons and so work towards keeping positive and achieving your goals as you set them. You want to face life without any niggling worries and be able to make life changing decisions without falling into a heap of anxiety after you have made them! Keep working towards mind focus and positivity in your life as the more you work it the better it works! To be in control and have no fear with each challenge and experience that comes along is exactly what you are aspiring to right now. Go ahead, be confident and keep those unnecessary fears at bay.

Is there was ever a time that your inner voice was louder than your thoughts it is now! You are either being faced with illusions through fear or you are being lied to by someone around you. You inner voice is seeing this situation and shouting at you to get out of your head and listen to that tiny voice deep down in your gut that is telling you something is wrong. By taking some quiet time out or meditating, you will be allowing this voice to talk to you clearly and show you the reality of this situation. You will then be able to decipher if you are projecting unnecessary fear and anxiety on a given situation, or it really isn’t good to pursue this any further. The little voice will not stop until you take action and listen to it. Deep in your gut you know that perhaps things aren’t as they should be, so why not take a step back and look at this relationship, person or situation for what it really is before making any more decisions or committing yourself. Your subconscious will also be voicing its concerns in your dreams. Have a note book at the side of the bed to record them and decipher what they are trying to tell you.

You have been let down in the past by people or negative situations that have programmed you to see the negative before the positive. You may be allowing your thought process to project fear and worry into any given situation when really there is no problem at all. You could be looking at illusions all of the time or are really being exposed to people who are holding back the truth. The problem is you really can’t tell the difference. The one good thing from these past experiences however, is that you are slowly learning to listen to your inner voice and instinct that starts raising the alarm when things feel off. If you feel you have benefitted from your past traumas and upsets this is a great thing which will serve you well to sniff out any further ill truths in your future. If you are full of anxiety and fear however when anything major is placed in front of you, you go into a meltdown as you cannot gauge what is right and what is wrong for you.  Perhaps it’s time to get some help to erase all of these unnecessary thought processes either through your own spiritual work or through a professional.

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You are entering into a time where you may have to make some decisions or decide whether to trust someone important in your life. You may feel anxiety and fear as you are faced with this situation or person. You must get some clarity as you are unsure if you are creating your own illusions or there really are untrustworthy people around you. Working on listening to your inner voice will help. Dealing with any situation or person with your intuition will see you succeed in any challenge that you are faced with. You will be needing to seek the truth as you will not be able to see what is right for you if you are full of negative thought processes and fears. Are you projecting your own anxiety onto this situation from past experience or is your gut telling you what you are entering into isn’t right? This is one that you will have to work out for yourself. Don’t make any major decisions. You will want to step back and have a look at this situation or person to see if they really are good for you. Take your time, you have to get this right.

It must be something from your childhood or earlier years that has you in such a tizzy when you have to make important decisions or trust people. For some reason you tend to look a gift horse in the mouth and analyse everything that comes to you. You fear change and get anxious when your boat is rocked. You may have a valid point if you have experienced disappointment and betrayal in the past but there has to be some give here. When you have a major decision to make, don’t go into automatic fear of failure, see what your inner voice says, what does your gut feel like when you think of the situation? Likewise if you are being told things from a person and it doesn’t feel right, delve further into your own self to see if it is a reaction of great intuition or fear from a past trauma. It is time to banish this familiar negative feeling and get answers to discover truths through either meditation, spiritual counsel or even therapy. In short, your inner voice needs to communicate to you louder than your fear based ego.

You are surrounded by uncertain energy at the moment and you know it. Your gut is telling you that the situation you find yourself in just doesn’t feel right. The trick here is to establish if your gut is steering you well or your fears are giving you a false sense of what’s right and what’s wrong. This could also refer to a person in your life that you feel is not giving you the full truth. The only way to get clarity on what surrounds you is to go into yourself and gauge the difference between what your intuition is telling you and your anxious, suspicious mind. Try and get answers through meditation or seek spiritual counsel. Stepping back from this situation or person will serve you well at this time so you can have some space to work out if you are creating illusions or your inner voice has delivered the truth.

You desperately hope this time around that the current job, relationship or situation you find yourself in is going to be amazing and add to your happiness and personal contentment. You want everything to be sunny in your life and to not fear any changes that come along. Your fears are that your anxiety and past experiences of betrayal are going to interfere with future plans and commitments. It is time to start a spiritual journey within yourself in order to dispel all of these fear driven worries that can mar your relationships and the way you approach situations in your life. Ideally you want to live on instinct and intuition rather than allowing your ego to create illusions and untruths. Work towards letting go of your inner demons so that your intuition becomes unclouded, allowing you to succeed in any project or relationship. Your intuition will uncover falsehoods and betrayal far quicker than an over busy mind.

You could be entering into a situation where your intuition is going to be tested. This could be trusting a person on an important matter or taking on a project that seems too good to be true. You are going to face this situation head on but are you going to allow fears that have come about from past negative experiences ruin this? If you rid yourself of this anxiety and go with your gut, the truth of the situation will be revealed. If you allow your mind to race you could potentially start to create illusions and falsehoods that aren’t even there. You must take time out when this situation hits and work out how to listen to your inner voice as you start to make a commitment. Meditation and taking time out in nature could help you to tune into your inner voice easier. It is prudent sometimes to be defensive, but be careful that you are not creating a drama here when there really isn’t one.

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