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All that spiritual work has paid off! You are completely aligned to the pulse of the universe and have found your true meaning in life. You literally can reach for the stars and realise your dreams and goals. You have learned by living a positive life that you can fulfil your wishes at any time. You feel complete and are ready to continue this fabulous journey of personal growth and development. You may be taking on new projects and learning new things to enhance this bubble of love and light that you’re in. You have endured a lot of pain in the past which has brought you strength and a resilience that can’t be broken. The Stars have brought light into a place that was full of darkness. You are now full of hope and positivity. You may also wish to share your abundance with others through sharing your knowledge or sharing your finances to a good cause.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

Wow, have you been through it! If there was ever a time to pat yourself on the back this is so the time! You have reached completion for this phase of your human life where your spiritual and emotional growth is at an all-time high. This means that you will now manifest and attract the most abundant and fortuitous events and opportunities. You literally can reach for the stars and fulfil all of your wishes. You are in a huge healing bubble at the moment where you will not allow anything or anyone to get you down. It took some work, but finally you are there seeing the positive elements of your life and excited about your future. You will want to pursue new projects and may even want to share the secret of your success with others. Let the spiritual part of you shine as you hop from one amazing opportunity to another.

Why is it that you have been thrown one curve ball after another? Quite frankly you have had enough and have lost faith in yourself, the universe and anything else that could help you right now. The hits have just kept on coming leaving you disillusioned and empty. You feel listless and any projects that you have started have now been pretty much abandoned because you simply couldn’t care less. Your energy is depleted, you feel that you have no drive and are stuck in a boring routine with no motivation. Yes you have been through it but you must look into these events and see what the deeper meaning surrounding them meant. What lessons did you glean form the experiences? Everything that is brought to us helps us to grow and move forward. Rest and recuperation are the order of the day right now. You need to pamper yourself, take some time out and go deep within. Being in or near water will help your cleansing and healing process. Be kind to yourself, have a good rest and look to the future with fresh eyes after you have replenished.

You are aiming for the stars at the moment, bless your heart. You have worked so hard spiritually, emotionally and physically towards your ultimate dreams, now you want to see the results of all of your hard work! You want to be in that new home or land that perfect job or enjoy being with the love of your life. Whatever your goals may be, you are closer than you think in achieving them. You aspire to leading your life in a light and Zen like energy no matter what is thrown at you. You wish to have contentment as soon as your eyes open every day. You have been through a lot of trauma and challenges so you rightly feel that you now deserve nothing but happiness and harmony in your work and personal life. Smile my darling as you are just about to land into the life that you have worked so hard for.

Your inner voice has never been so persistent than it has been in recent times. You have had to cope with a lot of challenge in your life, but slowly and surely your intuition and inner voice has brought you out the other side. You may have been somewhat bruised emotionally but you have seen why these things had to happen. The small voices that guided you were your guardian angels and guides gently bringing you to a place of contentment, healing and happiness. You can feel the excitement inside grow each day as you travel towards your dreams and desires. They are closer than you think so start aspiring to what you want out of life because you literally are entering into a wish fulfilment energy. Reach for the stars is all your inner voice is telling you. Don’t let your ego tell you that you don’t deserve it, because you do.

Your inner voice has navigated you through some troubling times in the past. You have had to endure a lot and felt that you were battling it all alone. Oh how wrong you were! The silent voice within you gave you inspiration and hope that kept you strong and determined during the worst episodes. These were whispers from the divine and your guardian angels, helping you to step through all of the challenges as they came at you. Now you have come out the other side, you have had the benefit of hindsight. You have seen why certain things had to happen and you know that this was divinely driven. You are in a stronger and happier position now to realise your dreams which are now closer to you than ever before. The past served you well even though it was hell at the time. Know that your way forward will now be full of abundance and happiness as you have learned to endure and triumph through any adversity.

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After all of that hard work finally you can see the wood for the trees. You are entering into a fantastic phase of your life where your wishes are fulfilled and you start to experience the fruits of your labour. Whether these desires were personal or work based, know that triumph is yours and you can enjoy this bountiful time. There is also a whisper of healing surrounding you right now as you can feel yourself relax into this contented energy. You are feeling that you can now literally reach for the stars and that’s exactly what you will be doing. Think carefully on what you want to attain moving on as you really will attract what you put out to the universe. Focusing on your outcome has paid off and you will have to pinch yourself as everything falls in to line and delivers itself right into your lap.

You might be thinking now that you need a result for all of this hard work that you have put into a project, job or relationship. It seems to have been one sided as far as you are concerned, as for every effort you have put in there seems to have been a step taken backward. Don’t allow your disdain to stop what is being created and what will soon be delivered to you from the divine. You think that perhaps you don’t deserve everything to go right in your life because of what has happened, but you are wrong. Everything that you have dared to wish for will slowly start to come towards you right now. So change that self-belief into an ‘I deserve this’ as you really are going to be reaping the rewards of your tenacity and self-discipline. Just watch and wait, everything you have dreamed of achieving is coming very soon.

We all have our dreams and we all have our fantasies of how we want our lives to end up like. Why should these thoughts be fantasies though? Why can’t they be our reality? It would be prudent to take some time out and look at who or what is making you feel that you cannot achieve your goals and dreams right now. You have the strength and the focus to achieve anything so why are you letting other people tell you otherwise? If it’s not other people then there is a firm little shadow sitting in your soul that tells you that you can’t achieve what you want. This could be some form of mind-set sustained from a past trauma. It needs to be cleared to allow you to know that you deserve the best in life. The stars are there to be reached all you have to do is stretch your arms up knowing that you deserve their light and sparkle.

Whatever you are striving towards whether it’s a personal goal, creative project or a work based target, you hope to be successful and reap the amazing rewards that you have worked so hard for. You hope that you no longer have to stress over life’s worries as you would have achieved success and abundance. You long to have richness in both love and in material things. You want to bathe in the sparkling pool of your oasis having everything you need and want within arm’s reach. You fear that all of your hard work will fall flat on its face. You worry that you may not have the strength and determination to see this through as you hit challenges. You need to stop projecting what could potentially go wrong as this is a false environment to be in. Only deal with challenges as they come, don’t fear them as you will attract them into your life. By doing this, your hopes raise high above you fears and that is where you will attract your fairy tale ending.

You are about to enter a phase of your life where your dreams, goals and aspirations are materialising. Everything you have worked towards has paid off. You could be getting that promotion, new romance, new home, whatever it is that you have yearned for, relax as it is finally here! You have worked on your soul as well so feel healed and ready to face any adversity and challenge that life can bring. You literally will be reaching for the stars and cherishing the beauty and abundance that they bring. Well done you! You are walking into your own personal oasis where the water is sparkling, the food is sublime and the love that surrounds you is unmeasured. Accept this bountiful time and keep your mind sharp with positivity and light. You have made it and all is well in your world!

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