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This card is the most positive card in the pack and you have picked this today to tell you that everything you could wish for is almost here. Good health, happiness, positivity, success and abundance are surrounding you imminently, it may have arrived already. The power of the sun resonates with your solar plexus making you feel confident and full of fiery energy. You literally can face anything right now knowing that you will succeed! You will shine your beautiful light on others around you who will bask in the radiance of your energy. Be happy and know that everything you are aiming for has nothing but positivity written all over it. By exuding this brilliant energy you will attract fantastic opportunities and the right people who will do nothing but make your life magnificent!

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

If there was ever a time to sit back and smell the roses it is now! You are literally beaming from ear to ear as everything is balanced and settled in your life. You are like the sun, radiating rays of abundance, happiness and success. People around you will want to bathe in it and so this leads to you attracting the right people to help you along your path. Improvement in health is also a possibility here making you want to look after yourself even more with a boost in energy and vitality. If you are planning any projects, creative enterprises or a new career, know that they will succeed as these new beginnings are tinged with your effervescence and new found energy. Literally everything you touch will turn to gold! Well done you!

There are times in our life when we really have to dig deep and bring out our inner child. At the moment the world has become far too much of a burden as an adult. You are being called to look at your life and everything in it through a child’s eyes. Focus on trying to be a bit lighter in your approach to your daily tasks and challenges. Have fun and find the humour in this situation rather than allowing yourself to spiral down into a depressive state. The Sun is always temporary in its energy, so know that this issue will soon pass so why not see the brighter side rather than revel in the negativity? Alternatively you could be aiming too high through ego in a certain situation and putting yourself under immense pressure. Ask a trusted friend or family member if what you are trying to achieve is realistic. We are always inspired to aim for the stars, but sometimes we need a reality check just in case we are exhausting ourselves with something that really isn’t going to transpire.

You are aiming for the very best that you can achieve as a person right now. You want to maintain vitality in your life as you push for projects and goals that you want to achieve. Ideally you want to bask in the success of a job well done. This is certainly on the horizon as it seems that everything that you touch turns to gold. You are also wanting to look after yourself through fitness regimes and a healthy diet. You are hoping that you can maintain this but with this zest for life running through you at the moment you really can achieve anything you want. To be able to experience success and complete contentment is all you can see in your future right now. Stay focused and keep this high vibration going as it will make it easier for you to realise your dreams and desires.

Your inner voice is telling you that you are near the finishing line! The project, job, personal achievement or relationship you have been working on is now on the home straight and close to a fantastic conclusion. This is why you keep feeling the drive to carry on in this situation. Your inner voice is pushing you forward as it knows you are going to succeed. You really will be able to sit back and enjoy what you have worked towards very soon. That little voice, however, is telling you to get up and continue forging ahead with your plans and strategy. So go with it as you are being guided to a brilliant phase in your life.  You feel boosted with this new energy that seems to be pushing you along, firing up your excitement and a need for a happy ending. Just remember, nothing is too good to be true, so don’t let doubt override that small voice that is encouraging you to keep going. You’ve got this in the bag.

It might seem that the fantastic energy that you have recently been in is starting to fade. You had either achieved something magnificent in a personal project or in your career. You felt boosted, energetic and most of all contented in the success you had created. You have achieved so much and really should be so proud of yourself. With this amazing place you were in a little while ago you are feeling a little drop in the happy stakes. There seems to be a bit of a quieter period now where the sunshine and glitter of your happiness is somewhat waning. It is only because you are now relaxed and feel more like you with nothing to drive you forwards. So for the time being bask in the glow of this great experience you have just had. With more relaxation comes inspiration and new ideas that will have you fired up for your next life achievement. Don’t let this lull put you into a false sense of lack lustre, you are just enjoying the fruits of your labour. Soon new concepts and goals will come to light which will have you focused and ready to accomplish.

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You are entering into the most contented phase of your life that you haven’t experienced for a while. You are going to enjoy improved energy levels and a sense of vitality that has been missing. Everything that you have worked towards on a personal or professional level will succeed and create such abundance and happiness you really will have to pinch yourself. You will be surrounded by lucky coincidences and you will notice that you really do have the Midas touch. So hang on in there, health, happiness, abundance and all things that have you singing from the rooftops is soon to be delivered. You are getting everything you deserve, so just wait with excited anticipation, your utopia is coming!

Why is it that when opportunities arrive you feel excited but then very soon after this the little demons start whispering into your ear stating that it is either too good to be true or it is something you cannot achieve? If things start going amazingly well in your life you wait for the bubble to burst. It is almost like you feel you don’t deserve your ultimate dreams to come true. Time to stop that silly thinking now! You really do deserve the best things in life and the happiness to go with it. Any project whether personal or professional can and will be achieved if you just let the demons in your mind stop their useless chatter. You are deserving of so much and have a right to success, abundance, good health and complete contentment. Affirm every day what you want to achieve and what goals and dreams you want to aspire to. The more you do this, the more the demons will struggle to tell you it’s not going to work.

You see yourself surrounded by happy and positive people and wonder how you could be so lucky to be loved and supported in everything you do. Have you not realised yet that you have created and attracted these people in your life because you are just as magnificent as them? Through your hard work, graciousness and benevolence you have attracted great people, great opportunities and a successful vibration that just keeps coming back and rewarding you in so many different ways. So yes, claim this as your own doing because you really do get back in life what you put out to the universe. Continue to be energised by the people and situations around you. Ride on top of the waves and direct your boat in any direction you want as there is no more treading water gasping for breath, You are sailing along attracting new opportunities, financial abundance, true love and bucket loads of happiness. It was all down to little old you, who knew?

You are hoping for the end game to come into fruition right now. The end game being you feeling completely contented and exceptionally proud of yourself for achieving your personal or professional goals. To be able to sit back and enjoy abundance, success and happiness is all you can think of on a daily basis. Your fear is that perhaps you have aimed too high or what you are trying to achieve is unrealistic. Well if that was the case you never would have started this in the first place. Stop the silly monkeys in your head that are trying to dissuade you from achieving your dreams. You are closer than you think as you have remained dedicated and focused. Create a vision in your mind of where you want to end up with this situation and keep it there when the fear and the doubt starts creeping in. You really have got this and will realise your dreams unless you let the monkeys in who will delay or ruin what you are working so hard towards. You really do have the Midas touch, know and affirm this every time you have a little wobble.

You have worked so hard towards this end goal and because of your determination you are coming into a magnificent time of your life. With a newly boosted energy you really are going to bathe in the success of your accomplishments where everything you have wished for really does come true. If your health has been an issue know that this is coming to an end. You are going to be experiencing abundance, security, success and joy because you have earned it. You literally will be shining with happiness and will attract positive people and situations going forward. You will have the Midas touch so anything you wish to achieve has to be acted upon as you really can’t go wrong. Do not wait for the bubble to burst, celebrate this fantastic time that is coming and know that you deserve every single bit of it!

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