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You have literally been hit by a tornado. This storm has brought chaos and destruction into your life. This could be a job loss, a relationship ending, death, losing your home and anything that sends you into blind panic and complete devastation. KNOW THIS: it happened for a reason, it happened so that you could see the truth behind the situation as it was never stable in the first place. Through this change you could discover betrayal, lies, bad intentions and the cruel reality of what other people have created. Look at this event as a way to start new foundations and a fresh solid future for yourself. You will see in time after healing why it had to happen and know that this change was inevitable to help you find a happier and contented life. If you are more spiritual than most, you might have seen the cracks before the crash came and made the hard changes before they created chaos. Well done you! Either way, strength through change and accepting it is what is needed here.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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You never know when it’s going to hit but when a life changing event takes place it can literally leave you reeling and feeling ripped apart. The aim is not to go into blind panic or lose control. The Universe has identified that a chapter in your life must come to an end as it was no longer serving you. With this in mind you must see this huge change as a blessing and not a punishment. Yes you will no doubt be in shock or need to grieve this ending but know that you are strong and will be able to endure this downfall. You may even see clarity in a situation or person, truths may come about that you were totally unaware of. No matter what the life event is, death, divorce, job loss, bad health, embrace it, honour it and take steps to ride the waves rather than struggle to keep afloat. This was meant to happen. Do not look at this as a disaster, look at it as an unexpected opportunity for a new life and a fresh start. Your intuition may have sensed this coming, so you may be more prepared than you realise.

Something within you is pushing for dramatic change in your thought process and views on life. You may be transforming yourself within by taking a new path in spirituality. You are feeling an intense need to grow spiritually and mentally. Allow this process to flow and find places and tools that will aid your new found thirst for spiritual discovery and inner fulfilment. You have listened to your soul and are now ready to take yourself on a new and exciting journey of self-discovery. Alternatively you could be keeping yourself in an unhealthy situation, where your old habits and patterns of behaviour are keeping you stuck. You know that this part of your life should end and that you should walk away but fear is stopping you. The universe and your inner voice however, will not allow you to hide form this inevitable change. They will grow louder in their need to push you to this new start. The longer you resist the longer you will find yourself in a miserable existence. Be brave, make this ending happen so you can lavish in the rewards of new beginnings.

You are currently in a situation at the moment that feels stagnant. You are wanting to nurture the courage to make change and move from this situation or person so that you can grow and enjoy a new experience in life. You yearn for the freedom to make whatever choices you need to make for your own happiness. You can see that by making life altering decisions you will end up in complete contentment. Your intuition is serving you well, pushing you gently towards making these brave changes so that you can truly embrace the full experience of a happy and balanced life. You have identified that you have put yourself in familiar circumstances through old behavioural patterns that no longer serve your greater good. This is why your inner voice is nagging you to end what no longer feels right in your life. You know it, the universe knows it, so go for gold.

Why do we sometimes stay stuck in a relationship or environment that does not make us happy? It is quite a clear answer when we think about it, we fear change and what will happen when we step out of our comfort zone. You are totally aware that what is happening in your life is not really what you want. Your fear however is taking over your logic and telling you to stay put! So inside you have a battle of the mind and soul. Your mind is telling you to stay with what is familiar. The tiny insistent voice of your subconscious is repeatedly telling you that this isn’t right and you have to end this situation. Go with the tiny voice as this is your soul compass. That compass will successfully lead you to the next chapter of your life. This new beginning will bring you so much more happiness and contentment, and deep down inside you know it. Your choice, stay stuck and miserable or grab this moment, trust the universe and end this situation for a bright and amazing future.

A life altering event took place in your past that sent you reeling and into full panic mode. This loss whether it was a person or material situation took you to your limits as you watched everything around you crumble and fall. As you moved through the grief of this event and started to find the strength to focus on your future, you realised that this event was a blessing. Truths were brought to your attention that lead you to have more clarity than you have ever had before. This event taught you wisdom and boundaries that were not in place before. You have seen this situation as a blessing although it really did create pain and heartbreak at the time. Always remember that you kept your dignity and stayed strong throughout the whole process. This strength will now serve you for any future challenges. Your intuition has been sharpened and you now know that you are a force to be reckoned with after triumphing through such mayhem. Not only that, you have learned that if it’s not working, you need to move on rather than stay stuck in a futile situation.

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You may be moving towards an unsettling time where an unexpected event takes place that could shake your very foundations. You may be facing a loss of some kind whether it be a person, material thing or health. If your intuition has whispered to you that a situation needs to end then start taking action now to prevent further hurt as this end is coming whether you like it or not. Unexpected life altering change is very stressful and can take all of our personal power. We must stay focused, not be a victim and honour this change as it comes towards us. The Universe has sent this shocking event as a gift not a punishment. You are not in the right space and this person or situation was no longer serving you. You will find clarity and wisdom as events start to unfold. You may find many truths that you were not aware of. Do not fear this change as it will only lead to you prolonging your discomfort. March forward, head held high and welcome the change, it will lead to amazing new beginnings.

You are in a situation that you know is really not making you happy. This could be work, a relationship or family environment where you feel stuck and unable to see a way forward. You know however deep down that there is indeed a way forward but it involves you instigating change and that scares you silly. To move out of your comfort zone to you is petrifying. You feel that you will end up alone, out in the cold and back to square one. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You need to start seeing this situation in a more lateral way and see it for what is really is, unhealthy. It is imperative that you make a herculean effort to change your mind set, you are far more capable than you think. You have forgotten how strong you really are as you bathe in the safe familiar life that you have created. It is time to bring some new reality into this current life that you have put yourself in. You are strong enough to end this situation or relationship and move on to pastures new, fresh and certainly abundant. Stop putting off what you deserve!

None of us like to be forced into making life changing decisions or ending things. However the Universe sees when we need to move on and will shower a life changing event upon us whether we like it or not! This is what has happened to you. Circumstances have now lead to a full on downfall of everything you found familiar and safe. Things have come to a shocking conclusion whether this is a loss of a person, relationship or material thing. This has occurred to help influence you to go with this event and make the changes necessary for your own happiness. They have happened for a reason. Don’t look upon it as bad luck or a punishment. It really is a karmic cycle that has taken place to bring you into a new way of life where you will discover that you will be so much happier. Alternatively you could be watching an event, job or person unfold showing their true colours. You don’t like the shades they are showing you and your intuition is pushing you to move away and start again. If you are the intuitive, act now on your instinct as this situation will explode whether you like it or not. Best to be prepared and half way to your new life than wait for the inevitable to happen with no movement on your side.

You wish for the day that you can end this staleness that is taking place in your life. It seems that you are starting to feel discontent on a daily basis. You daydream of feeling free and completely contented as you wake up and grab a new day with vitality and excitement. You know that you could have this in your life but there is one thing stopping you attaining true happiness and abundance, FEAR. The biggest curse we have in our ego for dealing with life change and pursuing our dreams. You fear that if you make these changes whether it is ending a job, relationship or friendship to name a few, you will end up alone, out in the cold or worse off. How could you be any worse off when you are miserable anyway? The trick here is to manifest what you can achieve from bravely changing your life rather than staying stuck in fear and misery. What do you want, the desert or the oasis? Your choice.

You are heading for what could be a life changing event or ending. It isn’t going to be pleasant but it is needed for you to move forward to a happier and more abundant life. It is unexpected and shocking as it hits but you will know deep down that this really was inevitable. This could be a divorce, death, job loss, health problem or anything we generally fear happening in our lives. This ending has come about in order to furnish you with a brand new beginning which really will bring you happiness and contentment. You just have to focus on a positive final outcome whilst you grieve this ending. With hindsight after this moment has hit, you will see clarity and the truth of the situation. You will realise that it was not sustainable and will recognise this as a blessing rather than a curse. If you are in a situation that you know is no good for you, don’t resist the change that has to take place. Your strong intuition will tell you that this situation has to end. Act on this powerful inner voice as if you don’t the explosion will come anyway, so best be prepared and ready to face the ending.

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