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The circle of life continues to turn bringing both positive and challenging aspects to your life in a blink of an eye. The trick is to allow these changes to come and deal with them head on trusting that they will pass as quickly as they came. The laws of karma ride on this cycle so what you put out you get back. Be mindful to send love, happiness and positivity out into the Universe as you will sure enough receive this back tenfold. As our lives change so quickly, you are reminded to make the most of every minute of every day. You could also be facing a massive turning point in your life. This is when embracing angel and spirit power will serve you. Try and connect to them and the force of the Universe through meditation, prayer and spiritual practices. Look at the changes as a great opportunity to end one cycle to begin another, allowing your intuition to guide you for the best outcome.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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The wheels of life keep turning bringing us fortuitous events and sometimes chaos. The trick is to deal with each life cycle as it comes with strength, balance and the knowledge that it is only temporary and will pass. It is how we cope at the time which affects us not the situation itself. You may also be facing a complete change or turning point in your life. Don’t avoid this change, grit your teeth, take a breath and face it head on. Call on your faith to help you through the difficult times and embrace the good times making the most of them. Karmic events may come back for you to deal with from the past that weren’t quite dealt with properly at the time. If you are coming to an end of a cycle, be happy as it will only bring fresh new opportunities and exciting new beginnings into your life.

My, you can be a stubborn little thing! Are you resisting change at the moment? Whether it has been forced upon you or deep down inside you know it really is the only way forward, you just have to take action. You could be having one run of bad luck after the other. That is the Universe telling you that this is really not right for you and you have to create a positive strategy of change. Burying your head in the sand is really not going to fix this. Accept the change or the end of an era whilst seeing what you could have done to make it work smoother. What lessons have you learned? Be mindful to incorporate these into your future self when dealing with life’s cycles. You could on a more positive note be ending a negative chapter and moving into calmer waters! Well done you. A lot of us fear change and the ending of something, but it does bring clean, fresh energy and exciting new beginnings.

You are wanting to have the strength to embrace change whenever it hits you. This could be situations in life, relationships or even personal objectives. Oh, to be able to face everything with strength and balance would be amazing! So why tell yourself any different? Life will always be throwing us happy cycles in life and sometimes not so great ones. Either way you want to make the best of the happy times and have the strength to endure and adapt on the more difficult ones. Good on you, aspiring to this personal strength and having the courage to accept endings and make change will serve you so much abundance and happiness for the future you!

Don’t do it to yourself! Don’t fear the ending of a cycle in your life, don’t bury your head in the sand or hold onto it for dear life. You will only burn out spiritually and emotionally. This could be a failing relationship, a frustrating job or a situation that you have found yourself in that you are not really enjoying. It is time for you to stop allowing those little thoughts of defeat and denial to worm their way into your consciousness. You can overcome everything and you know it as you have done it countless times before. Heads up, change is a coming! It’s up to you whether you deal with it head on or allow your fears from deep inside to keep you stuck in this intolerable situation. If it gets too hard, use your faith in a higher power as a backup so you don’t feel that you are doing it all alone.

There is one thing that your past has served you and that is the ability to deal with whatever comes and at you and learn from the experience. Yes it was tough whilst you dealt with it but you came out a better and stronger person. The past has served you in that you know that you deserve better and when you put your mind to it you really can manifest your dreams and desires. By focusing on what you want and knowing that embracing any endings is a healthy thing, you will always come out the winner. Keep this strength in mind as life will always send us cycles of good and bad. You have got this, face all of your triumphs with gratitude and all of the tough times with respect and courage.

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You are entering into a phase where something is coming to an end. It really didn’t turn out as you expected it to. Don’t fight this, let it flow and let it go no matter how sad or tough it may be. You must have a mind-set that this ending will bring nothing but great change and exciting opportunities. If you have acted in the best way that you can the karmic cycle of life will reward you. If you have resisted the flow however or refused to deal with a certain problem this shift may be harder for you. Remain resilient, have faith in a higher power, accept the blows with the triumphs as this will pass with the natural flow of life. You will enter into a phase of new possibilities and exciting new challenges, embrace this thought rather than look back at the end of this era with sadness and nostalgia. It will only prolong the agony, let it go and face your new cycle of life with lustre and great expectancy.

You know deep down inside that you can pretty much deal with any catastrophe in your life. You have watched yourself dust yourself down and move forwards no matter how hard the hit in life has been. You have had the courage to change and when you resisted it, you saw that it only prolonged the agony. With all of these life lessons, some amazing, some pretty hard to swallow, you have discovered that you  are pretty good at this circle of life stuff. So have this in your heart when you face your next challenge. If things are coming to an end or you know you need to change something, go with it fearlessly as you have been here before and know that you can survive anything.

There are too many synchronicities now for you to ignore the fact that you have to let this situation or person go. Nothing is flowing and you are feeling more negative vibes from this situation over positive. This is the Universe telling you know that you have to make some pretty big decisions. They may involve ending a relationship or situation that isn’t working or allowing a certain time of your life to come to a natural end. Whatever the challenge or change in your life, all of these things around you that have been happening are not your fault. They are simply coming at you to make you realise enough is enough and you have to let them go. There are greener pastures out there, so as soon as you realise you have to let the old go, the new will come in bold and beautiful.

You are hoping at the moment that you get a good run in life for the foreseeable future as things have been a bit rocky. You feel that you can’t deal with another challenge and are hoping that the flow of life serves you some real happy times and fortuitous events. You are fearing that the bad luck that you have encountered is going to come back around and bring you more worry. You cannot be in a mind-set that all good things that happen in life is like a bubble that will soon burst. By keeping a positive outlook on the natural cycles of change in your life you will manifest abundance and happy changes. If you fear what life has in store you could attract negative situations. Be careful, if you think too negatively for too long you will create the reality that you really didn’t want.

You are coming to the end of a phase in your life which could either serve as a relief or may bring some sadness. Perhaps things haven’t worked out as you expected. It has been necessary for this to happen as you need to move onto pastures new for the sake of your happiness and wellbeing. Be careful to not sit in the rose tinted garden of nostalgia for too long if this is a change that you didn’t want to happen. The universe has created this ending so that you can begin having new experiences of abundance and opportunity. As they say all good things come to an end, but who’s to say you will not encounter amazing and good new beginnings? Let this chapter of your life go and embrace your future with positivity and an expectancy of abundance, it is what you deserve after all.

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