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It looks like things haven’t turned out the way you wanted them to. Whether this be a relationship, career path, friendship, job or project you are not happy and need to admit it is time to walk away and say goodbye. We spend far too much time pretending we are happy when we are not. We try to reason with ourselves as we may have spent too much time investing in that project or relationship. Deep down when you are not being fulfilled you know that it is time to make a huge choice despite it being a sad one. Try not to isolate your feelings as they are real and will keep arising until you pay attention and make that change. As we all know, closing down one door leads to new ones opening.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

The time has come my dear friend to cut your losses and walk away. Whether this is a relationship, career path, job, creative project or goal you know deep down that you are not happy and are thoroughly disappointed with your current situation. People may question you as on the outside everything looks rosy, but you feel totally empty and bereft of any passion. You could even be repressing emotional issues or psychological problems and are pretending to be ok. Have the courage to walk away from what no longer serves you and deal with why you are so unhappy. You may have manifested something that you thought you wanted but realise now it isn’t. Go deep and see what it is you really want that will align with your values and true happiness.

You are in an energy of pure indecision at the moment, ‘Should I stay or should I go?’ You could be in a relationship or in a situation where you are unhappy but just want to give it one more go to see if it will work this time. Are you delaying the inevitable through fear? How many times do you want to keep trying to make this work? Only you can be the judge of this but sometimes we really do need to see what makes us happy and have the courage to make the change and walk away if it isn’t right. You could also be flitting from one commitment to another not really settling as you think the grass is greener. Stop and have a word with yourself, find out what truly makes you happy so you can stop all of this lonely wandering.

If you are totally honest with yourself this situation has come to a natural ending and you know that you need to walk away. You have had it in your mind for a while now that you are very disappointed with what has transpired and now just want out. You want to be happy again and feel passion running through your veins for someone or something. You want to be able to wake up in the morning and feel nothing but excitement and happiness with your life and what is in it. You must make change to experience the change you want. By having the courage to leave all of this behind and start afresh, it will complete you. So get your walking shoes on and make the break.

The reason that you are feeling so disappointed and disillusioned is because you are plain and simply not happy! The situation or relationship you are in really has run its course and that is why you are having such negative thoughts and a feeling of unhappiness. It is time for you to walk away so that you can lighten the load and feel contented again. Why do you think you keep seeing everything as half empty? You really aren’t living the life you desire so the only solution is to leave it all behind and start afresh with all of your wants and needs a priority. Yes it will most probably bring sadness but that will be temporary as you go towards what you really need to fulfil your life.

In the past you had the courage to walk away from something that no longer served you. You knew that you weren’t happy and needed to make the change. It did bring a lot of sadness at the time but now with hindsight you can see that it was the best thing you could have done for all parties concerned. By acknowledging what you truly deserved it gave you the strength to make this break and change your life. The courage it took to make this change still stays with you now so if anything ever is wrong in your heart again, you know what you need to do. You have lost the fear to change what isn’t right, keep this with you as a vital life tool.

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You could be entering into a phase where you will walk away from a situation or person in your life. You have been feeling that things aren’t quite right for a while now and are disappointed with everything that has taken place. This may give you the impetus soon to make the move and break away from this as you really aren’t happy. You have tried to make it work but you may see yourself physically moving on in the near future. Whilst you may be creating a little sadness for yourself, this will be temporary as you find your true happiness further along the line.

If you step back and take a look at yourself right now and be honest with yourself, you will see that things aren’t that rosy in your garden. A situation or person has not worked out how you wanted it to and you now find yourself unhappy and disappointed. You know that you have the courage to walk away and start afresh but it is just doing it that is the problem! You know things aren’t right and by not making a move you really are just delaying the inevitable. So get your big pants on and make a decision for the better and leave all of this behind. You know you have to so that you can move towards what you truly desire, happiness and contentment.

There is a situation or a person around you that has brought nothing but disappointment and unhappiness your way. If this is a relationship then you know that it is time to call it a day and move on. Yes it will bring some sadness for both of you but it really will serve you well for the future. You can both pursue what it truly is that you want and find that happiness you so richly deserve. If this is a project or career path that is taking you nowhere and you have lost the passion to see it through, then walk away and start afresh as you really are just wasting time through fear of change. Think hard on what will make you happy and realign your path to work towards what your true heart’s desire really is.

Why are you staying in this situation if it makes you feel unhappy and unfulfilled? You are hoping that if you make more effort you can change the person or the situation so that you can feel more contented and not have to make a move. You may fear making the change because of being alone or having to start again so you are staying put. Well this is a fine mess and there’s no mistaking it! No matter how many times you try to make this work you are really only delaying the inevitable. You have to walk away and start working towards your true heart’s desire. Yes it will be scary, yes it will be sad, but staying in this painful environment is just going to delay all parties involved their ultimate happiness. Lose the fear and make the change!

If you are brutally honest with yourself you really are unhappy deep inside. You are either in a relationship that has run its course or are in a situation that really is taking you no further forward. You have been floating along for a while now hoping everything will change, but it isn’t going to unless you start making a move to pull away. If you do make the move you will find after the initial sadness a feeling of freedom and excitement. You could end up taking a path that will have you fulfil your true hearts desires and passions. If you don’t make the move however, you could be in a disappointing and unfulfilled state for as long as you allow it to be. This is your choice, only you can shape your future in this instance.

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