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Wow! You are really feeling sorry for yourself! A past situation or person has made you feel nothing but bitterness, disappointment and regret. You are allowing yourself to be shaped by the past! It is time to stop feeling self-pity and to forgive yourself and others involved in this predicament. Find the positives in what happened and embrace the power of hindsight. All past mistakes and let downs hold valuable lessons for the future. By concentrating on the past, you are missing out on new opportunities. So pull yourself together, let go of the hurt and start opening yourself up to the treasures that the future can bring.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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Things haven’t turned out the way you wanted them to and wow are you wallowing in the pool of self-pity! Yes it was tough, yes it has brought major disappointment and even hurt, but it has happened and is now in the past. Give yourself some time to process what happened but then stop the regrets and the ‘could have been’s as it is just a waste of energy. Make sure you forgive yourself and anyone around you as this will open the door to you moving on and starting new opportunities and possibilities. Discover the vital lessons that were learned in this situation and take them with you to an exciting new future where perhaps you won’t make the same mistakes again. Our human life is all about transition after landmark events, this is just one of them in a grand tapestry of many.

There has been a major setback in your life which has been borne from a situation or from a person that has created it. It may have left you ashamed, weak or even broken as you felt that you didn’t deal with it very well. You may be harbouring negative emotions which really need to be shared now with your nearest and dearest. It is time to rid yourself of this burden that no longer serves you as this all belongs in the past. You may even be at a stage now where you have acknowledged what went wrong and are ready to forgive yourself and others. You may have embraced what you have learned from this experience and now look to the future with gratitude as you have been armed with more wisdom and depth of understanding. The glass half full is what you are aiming for now as you move on from this chapter.

You are trying very hard at the moment to move on from a situation or person that brought you major disappointment and upset. It has been hard as this was an integral part of your life and stings every time you think of it. Yes it was hard and yes you feel let down but it really is time to move on and this is what you are wanting to do right now. Ideally you want to see this experience as a valuable lesson, one that shall not be repeated. You want to start afresh, not feel sorry for yourself and move on to a new phase in your life. You may also be wanting to forgive yourself and others involved as this really will help you live a brighter and lighter life. If you keep focused on this then you really will open yourself up to positive change.

You can’t stop the resentment building at the moment as you think of this situation or person that has brought you disappointment in the past. You have had a major upset and are allowing the events to continuously play out in your mind. You know this isn’t healthy but you can’t let go of what has happened. You are feeling bitter and want to get closure but you just can’t. Be aware that by staying in this energy and possibly feeling sorry for yourself may lead to actions and behaviour that will do no good. Try to change your mind set to a more positive outlook. Look at ways to let this situation or person go as it really isn’t serving you well holding onto it. Stop the thoughts around this experience as soon as you think of them and replace them with good thoughts and positivity for the future. If you don’t, your underlying thoughts will thwart any attempts at fortuitous change and movement.

You have experienced in the past a situation or person who let you down in a major way. It brought a lot of hurt and disappointment which left you feeling bitter and angry. It is ok to feel sorry for yourself for a while, but this card may have come up to check that you have moved on and still do not hold any regrets or negative energy around this experience. By harbouring negative emotions around this experience, you are only stopping yourself from happiness and new opportunities. Check that you have let go of this situation and know that forgiveness of yourself and others is key to moving on. Take this situation as a valuable lesson where you have learned a lot about yourself, other people and your life in general. By doing this, you are leaving your past behind and are embracing your future with happy anticipation.

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There could be a situation coming up that leaves you feeling let down and disappointed. This isn’t the greatest news in the world for your future but by preparing yourself you will be better able to deal with it. Whether it is a situation or person that lets you down, do not become a victim and have a self-pity party. Of course you can react emotionally from whatever has happened but the trick is not to hang on to it for too long. If people need forgiving then do it. If you need to forgive yourself then do it. This was one of life’s many lessons that believe it or not will stand you in good stead for the future. Roll with this experience, take it on the chin with no regrets and move on.

At the moment you could be seeing yourself as a victim and are feeing extremely sorry for yourself. Something has happened that has left you feeling bitter and angry. This situation certainly didn’t turn out how you expected it to and now you are feeling resentful and hurt. You may even be looking at yourself as a failure and someone that just can’t get it right. Wow, all of this wallowing really isn’t going to serve you well. You need to start changing what you think about yourself and break out of this victim mode. Yes, it was hard on you, yes it broke you, but are you going to spend the rest of your life bathing in all of this negativity? I hope that you are saying ‘no’ right now. Snap out of this mind set, start forgiving yourself and others in order that you can move on. This was one of life’s lessons, take what you have learned and go forward with positivity.

You are surrounded by someone at the moment who has let you down and really left you in a pool of disappointment and self-pity. This could also be a situation that has taken place that has left you reeling and feeling very defeated. Whatever has taken place, you are feeling resentful and cannot believe this has happened to you. There are two choices here, you can either give up and dwell in all of the badness or pull yourself up and move forwards. Give yourself some time to process what has happened and then endeavour to forgive yourself or others in order to finalise this part of your life. Learn from what has taken place, do not allow yourself to be a victim and move forward a stronger and wiser you with no bitterness in sight.

You really do hope that you are doing your best at the moment to move on from this awful situation that has just taken place. Something either didn’t go to plan or someone close has really let you down making you feel bitter and resentful. You are finding it very hard to let this go as the feelings of hurt will not leave you. You hope that you can move on from this and be a stronger person. You hope that you can learn form the experience which will make for a better you. Your fear is that you are going to be open to this happening again, whether by trusting another person or failing at something that you have invested time and effort in. We can’t move forward and create opportunities with fear and mistrust in our hearts so forgive yourself, clear yourself of what took place and enter into this next phase of your life free of negativity.

You could be entering into a phase in your life where you will experience let down form a person close to you or a situation that doesn’t work out how you hoped it would. If you are feeling now that a project isn’t working out or there is something not quite right about a person around you, then it is most probably your intuition telling you to take action. Deal with the problem head on now to prevent a negative outcome further down the road. By letting this play out you could be opening yourself up to even more hurt and disappointment. Best to nip this in the bud and deal with anything that doesn’t feel right. This will make for a more successful closure and future on something that could be far worse if you allow it to carry on.

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