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You have managed to master emotional control and balance. You face any challenge head on with calmness and acceptance. This may attract negative people who do not have your strengths. Keep in mind to set your boundaries with these people in a kind and understanding way. Monitor your own feelings when dealing with difficult people and situations to ensure they are well balanced and positive. Do not allow their negativity to infiltrate your personal strength. If you are or have thought about being a mentor, coach or spiritual teacher then you are carrying out your destiny. You have an incredible insight into others emotions, feelings, and vulnerabilities without it affecting you. You have grasped humanity and what makes it tick, so go with it!

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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You have mastered the balance between emotion and intellect so that any given challenge that comes along is met with calmness and patience. You have found a perfect way to maintain your boundaries with people but also make them feel fabulous by doing it. You will not allow negative people to influence your mood or decision making which stands you on firm and respected ground. You no longer let your emotions rule in any given situation. You would rather stand back, be empathic of others but maintain a strong and silent resolve. You have learned what it means to be an amazing leader and confidante because of these skills. It is time to give yourself a pat on the back! Alternatively, you may come into contact with a mentor or spiritual advisor who will guide you lovingly along your path.

You may be allowing your feelings to overwhelm you where everything appears to be a drama. By keeping all of these feelings bottled up you are in danger of them exploding into a major trauma. You may be exposed to others negative opinions or even someone that is emotionally manipulating you. If this rings true you really must seek the guidance of a therapist or trusted friend so that you can find a way to escape the clutches of this bully. Try not to fear facing your feelings head on. Make an effort to connect with yourself and look within. Journaling, meditation and therapy may be a way forward if you really do feel your emotions are outweighing your intellect.

You are looking to be the leader that everyone aspires to. You have mastered how to gauge any person or situation without emotion and to act merely on intellect. The beauty is though, that you still have compassion and empathy for the people that you may need to address which makes you an all-round winner.  You are aiming to be the strength for the weak in your midst and guide them to a place that makes them feel safer. You want to impart your wisdom in order that others are inspired and can trust your judgement. If you are aspiring to become a life coach, therapist or mentor, you are fulfilling your destiny.

You may be wondering why you keep getting the urge to help people and listen to their problems. You may also feel that any challenge you come across you face with vigour. This is because finally you have found a healthy balance between emotional responses and intellect. You no longer let your emotions rule over a person or situation. You therefore have become a very wise individual who can be the strength for people without them overloading you with all of their stuff. You can also take on any challenge without it becoming a drama. You have found a perfect space in your energy that allows you to be a very trusted and mature leader that has everyone’s interest at heart.

In the past you have proven yourself to b e a very dependable, compassionate and empathic leader. You have balanced emotion and intellect to create a perfect mix that manages challenges easily and problem people with ease and grace. You were a great listener who encouraged people to warm to you and share their innermost feelings. The trick was that you knew when to stand back and respect your  boundaries. Lately those boundaries may have become a little confused. You may even be emotionally manipulated by someone and know that you need to break free. If this is happening, dig deep and remember what an amazingly grounded person that you are and calmly take steps to remove yourself from this situation. You’ve got this, just as you did before.

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You could be entering into an enlightening time where you find yourself perfectly balanced between your emotive self and your intellect. You will have finally learned how to let go of the emotional side of yourself that made everything a drama. In its place is a calm and wise person who is willing to openly engage any situation or problem with grace. You will be revered as an amazing friend or counsellor who knows how to deal with problems and people with logic, but most of all understanding and respect. If you are looking to become a leader in a new job or interest, this is your green light to go, go, go!

You see yourself at the moment as the strongest that you have ever been. You may have been far too emotional in the past when dealing with people and problems. Whatever steps you have taken since then, you have certainly achieved a new way of being. You now see yourself as calm and perfectly able to remove any emotion from any given challenge when needed. You can see things with your intellect and know how to manage people as well as make them feel valued. This is a time to congratulate yourself on being such a wise, calm and wonderful leader, not to mention being a most fantastic listener and counsellor!

You can always tell how you are doing by the people that surround you. You are currently having people draw themselves to you as they see you as wise, compassionate, empathic and logical. You are able to discern any given situation with intellect and therefore can beautifully guide people along out of their dilemmas. No longer do you feel an emotional pull when you have to make decisions as your intellect tells you being emotional does not take you anywhere. You, if you chose, could end up being a leader, life coach or counsellor as you really do have a beautiful gift in bringing people through their darkest moments.

You have come to a phase in your life where you have mastered a balance between emotion and intellect. You are able to look at any given situation and not allow unnecessary emotion to mar the truth of the matter. You can also exercise this fabulous balance with people where you find them coming you you for advice and counsel. You hope that you can be the rock for these people as you carry out your vocation in life. Sometimes you worry that you may be a little to detached but no, you need to be safe in your own space to avoid any unnecessary dependency from the people around you. Keep going as you are, you are amazing!

If you carry on the way you are going in this current energy you are going to be magnificent! You have worked very hard on removing your emotional response to challenging people and situations. Instead you have replaced it with intellect that serves you far better when things come down to the crunch! People will be drawn to you, so be prepared to take on a leader and confidante stance as they reach out for your sage advice. You may also achieve your vocation in life which could be therapy, counselling or mentoring lost souls. Whatever you want to aspire to, hold on to this intellectual and emotional balance as it really will get you where you need to go.

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