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You are wanting to create magnificence at the moment and it all comes from the heart! You want everyone to appreciate your actions whether it be a romantic gesture to a loved one, a kind gesture to an acquaintance or putting a creative idea into reality. You are on a mission! Your heart says go for it, so listen to that and not your head. If you have a hobby or passion and want to turn it into your career this is the optimum time to start plans and make it a reality. Everything is rosy in your garden of harmony. You also want to send peace and tranquillity out to those around you so they can share in your euphoria. Oh, be still my beating heart!

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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You are completely in touch with your intuition and emotions right now as you float through life feeling nothing but love around you and within you! This feeling of exhilaration draws the most perfect people to you where you can share your compassion, kindness and true passions with. You may have a creative idea or hobby that is now ready to be taken further forward as a project that will have you even happier than you already are! You are ruling everything by your heart so whatever feels right at this given time grab it and go for it!

It’s all about grounding at the moment as you feel a lack of clarity particularly with creative ideas or projects that you want to take forward. You need to work out the logistics of this idea before you battle ahead as you may miss out on some pertinent markers that could thwart your project. Don’t get emotional over it however and go into a big sulk if things don’t work out as they should. Ground yourself and work out a solid plan that will take your venture forward successfully. Any change that you are contemplating right now needs to be seen through logical eyes as taking on anything now with ‘fairy vision’ and not considering the practicalities could see you falling at the first hurdle.

You are full of positive energy and want to burst at the seams as you take a beloved creative project to the next level. Your heart is totally devoted to this new idea and you couldn’t be more enthused if you tried! You are wanting to get everyone on board, and you are succeeding as you exude so much passion, love and excitement. Everything you are doing right now is aimed from the heart. You are ‘feeling’ what is right and what is wrong which is steering you well. You are also wanting to be romantic with your loved one, compassionate to those around you and kind to your friends and family. All in all, love is the name of the game right now and you are smashing it!

You are feeling totally driven at the moment to start a project that has been an idea for quite a long time. You have passion running through your veins as you start this creative venture knowing that it is going to succeed. How do you know? Because you can feel with every beat of your heart that it will succeed. Your heart chakra is on overdrive as you rain love to all those that you care about. As soon as you feel what your next move is, your mind gives you the go ahead with even more colourful ideas and inspiration. So, know that what drives your actions at the moment is purely led by your heart, you can’t go wrong!

In the past you knew such joy and knew how to make yourself happy by living in love. This was not only about self-love but sharing your loving feelings with everyone around you. You started creative ideas and projects that grew into something special. Everything was led from the heart making everything shine with success. You may have found that this is no longer happening. If this is the case, you need to go within and start linking into your feelings once again to see where you can reignite this passion and excitement. If you are still on a high, well done you, keep leading from your heart and sharing your love with everyone.

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You could be entering into a really exciting phase where you see a certain creative project or idea come into fruition. This is so exciting as your ideas are now starting to take shape. Not only are you feeling amazing about this, but you will also find yourself joyful and wanting to share your love with your nearest and dearest. You will also be feeling compassionate about others around you and romance will blossom even more as you put every effort and attention into your relationship. It’s all about love in the future and you will have it in bundles!

You look in the mirror and all you can do is feel love and compassion! A creative idea that you have thought about for so long is finally taking shape and becoming a reality. You also feel so much love for those around you. This sees you being a hopeless romantic with your partner and wanting to give everything to your friends and family. You can feel the love ebbing through you and know that this is who you want to be. You are ‘feeling’ your way through life which brings you great opportunity and a great knack in knowing what is right to invest in and what isn’t. You feel that you are a loving and kind person and this shines out for everyone to see. Keep going, you are magnificent!

You have given out so much love to everyone that you are now attracting it all back. You are surrounded by love, whether it be in a partner, family or friends you have it all and it feels fantastic! This high energy has enabled a longed for project or idea to come into fruition, so you are also excited about this along with a feeling of being loved and supported. It is almost like you have the Midas touch as you ‘feel’ your way through life at the moment making the right decisions. It is not a bad thing to rule from the heart as whatever you are doing now is working!

You long for your creative idea to grow and take form and wow, it certainly is. You are hoping that this will turn into something really special and the end result will be what you have dreamed of. So far you have been earnest and put all of your heart and soul into the project. That is why it is working so don’t let any fear of failure interfere with this lovely thing that you are nurturing along. Don’t allow yourself to get whimsical, stay grounded throughout every stage so that your fears aren’t realised.  You may also be feeling loved and are doing everything you can to make your loved ones feel special. All of this lovely heart chakra energy will help you to continue to grow your project as well as each relationship within your bubble.

You are about to realise your dreams and kick off a creative idea or project into reality. It has all the hallmarks of complete success as long as you believe in yourself and know that it is going to turn into something special. Make sure you ground yourself and create a solid plan of attack as just thinking of the dream may have you falling by the wayside if you don’t sort out the logistics. However, with all of this positivity and drive in the mix you will find your relationship with loved ones enhanced resulting in a very happy and loved you!

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