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Everything in your life is currently what you have wished for! You have attracted and achieved a comfortable life, abundance, security and safety. Enjoy the fruits of your labours! Book that holiday, buy that new car, have a special weekend away with your partner. If you are not quite there yet, know that this is an omen that all that you desire is very much on its way. Make hay while the sun shines and enjoy and appreciate everything you have around you. Keep this gratitude going as you will do nothing but attract more abundance. Seize the moment as it may not be there forever!

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

Wow you are in an amazing place right now where everything in your world is just fantastic! You feel so well and have the perfect balance with family, love, work and emotional stability. So go and enjoy this luxury you find yourself in! Have a little splurge and treat yourself whether it is a good old retail hit or a holiday, this is the time to go and have some well-earned fun. Let your hair down and enjoy the moment, nothing lasts forever so make sure you make the most of it! If you stay grateful however the Universe will reflect your gratitude with more abundance!

You may have a new car on the drive, a posh house and money in the bank but the question is, are you emotionally fulfilled? If the answer is no, then you need to re assess what it is in life that makes you genuinely happy. You may have sacrificed family time or socialising with friends to get all this luxury but where does that leave you at the end of the day? Material stuff doesn’t give you a hug or make you feel loved! Realign your goals if you feel that something is missing. You may need to tweak any dreams that still haven’t been achieved. They need to be realistic and in line with your personal values. Alternatively, you could be burning the candle at both ends and overindulging. Everything in moderation is the way forward or you could come a cropper.

Balance and completion are the aims you have in mind at the moment my dear friend. You may be trying to achieve all of your dreams or you may even be there now. The feeling of complete happiness and gratitude as you look at your life is what you are aiming for. To feel secure emotionally, materially and spiritually is all you have your heart set on at the moment. You so deserve it, so if you have achieved it celebrate with your loved ones and have a good old splurge in the luxury stakes. If you are not quite there yet, know you are awfully close as your gratitude and sense of self worth is attracting your dreams and goals sooner than you think!

You have felt for a long time that you deserve everything in life. This includes emotional fulfilment, love, wealth and everything looking rosy in your garden. Don’t let a little voice of self-doubt take you away from what you know deep down you truly deserve. Go with the thoughts of getting what you desire and make sure you exude gratitude with everything that you achieve. By treasuring each goal that you smash, the Universe will do nothing but send you more indulgence and abundance! After all, you are worth it!

You may have been in a great place in the past where you had everything at your feet. You may have felt exceptionally happy, well loved and money in the bank to round it off! You also may have splurged and partied and celebrated all of this abundance that you had around you. If at the moment you have found you have lost some of the things that you treasured, that’s ok. Just as long as it wasn’t down to you being ungrateful or sacrificing your nearest and dearest to get what you wanted. If it was just a period of success that has now wavered, don’t be disheartened, continue to work gratitude into your daily routine as when we show gratitude the Universe, it provides us with our dreams and desires.

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You are entering into a very fortuitous time when everything you have dreamed of is finally going to come into fruition all at once. You are going to be finding yourself exceptionally happy with love, health and wealth surrounding you in abundance! Enjoy every minute as everything manifests around you. Celebrate, indulge and do whatever makes you and your loved ones feel contented! Don’t forget to be grateful for everything you have achieved and received as this just tells the Universe to keep it coming as it so is gratefully received.

You see yourself at the moment in a particularly good place. It has taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears but finally you can say to yourself, ‘I have achieved everything I wanted’. This is great! You know that it is time to have a bit of a splurge and enjoy the luxuries in life that you have accrued. Sometimes we think that things are just too good to be true and wait for the bubble to burst. If you do this, you could be attracting less balance in your life. Be grateful for everything that you have achieved and make sure you keep everything in moderation. You know all this anyway but being reminded doesn’t hurt just to keep you on your toes. It may not last forever, but if you stay positive, you will no doubt find yourself back in abundance before you know it.

Everything around you at the moment has you as happy as you could possibly imagine. Everything that you have set out to do has been accomplished. You find yourself being able to let your hair down and reap the rewards of your labour. Perhaps a little retail therapy or a trip away with your loved ones is on the cards. All in all, everything around you is really what you truly deserve right now so embrace your good fortune, health, wealth and love and celebrate it! Don’t forget to be grateful for this environment you find yourself in. Gratitude always sends out positive energy to the Universe and attracts further abundance and good luck!

You desperately hope that the position you find yourself in at the moment is here to stay. You may be madly in love, have lots of money in the bank, have the perfect home, adore your family or all of these things and you just have to keep pinching yourself on how lucky and abundant you feel! You truly deserve this state of being at last but there is one thing that could thwart it, you! Don’t think that bubble will burst on all of your dreams through fear that you don’t deserve all of this. If you keep thinking that this fantastic life will end, then it most probably will! Tell the Universe how grateful you are and that you deserve all of this good fortune, by doing this the Universe will respond by sending you even more abundance!

There are signs here that you’re about to realise your dreams and desires. Everything that you have wished for is soon to be on your doorstep. Whether it is love, health, wealth or all three they are making their way to you very swiftly! You will be feeling on top of the world as everything slots into place that you have yearned for. It’s all down to positivity and self belief, so well done you! If you feel however that you don’t deserve it, then the Universe will take it back. So, let’s be positive, let us know that we finally deserve a happy outcome and let gratitude reign as you start to receive everything you could wish for!

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