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You are sitting in an energy of calm, intuition, compassion and empathy. You may be a healer, intuitive, artist or counsellor. Whatever your position you are open and available to give sage advice to your friends and colleagues. You allow your heart to rule every decision and are in tune with your intuition. Make note of your dreams and what you are shown in meditation as they hold clear messages of guidance for you. Allow your divine energy to flow through you, as the more you recognise its power the more you can pass it on to others in need. Be proud of your ability to be a strength to weaker people and know that you are in a perfect spiritual space at this time. You have the amazing ability to sense and blend with other people’s souls with empathy, embrace this gift and nurture it!

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

If there was ever a time that you were in synch with your intuition, nature and the Universe it is now! You are running completely on instinct and naturally know what a person is feeling or what a situation feels like. By using your amazing empathic skills, you are harnessing trusted relationships with those around you as well as being able to express what you need to say. You are in flow with your surrounding energies where everything you feel steers you well if it feels right. You may be a counsellor, healer or spiritual coach who can make anyone around you feel safe and confident to share their innermost feelings with you. You are in an enchanting position where your intuition and spirituality will reap magnificent rewards.

You are spending far too much time and energy on others to your detriment. You are exhausted and need to draw back and allow others to find their way. You could be in an unhealthy relationship that screams of co-dependency. If this resonates, it is time to look at why you feel the need to carry everyone else and not yourself. You could be bottling up feelings that could explode if not shared with a trusted friend or therapist. Take time out, reach within as your intuition is telling you that things may not be right, and you need to start caring for YOU. If there was ever a time to look at what is making you tick and where you may be going wrong, it’s now.

You want to be the strength for everyone around you at the moment as you are so full of empathy and compassion. You are striving to either become or are a therapist, counsellor, healer or life coach. If this doesn’t resonate then you are a truly gifted friend who wants to encourage those around you to share their innermost feelings with you knowing they won’t be judged. Your intuition is guiding you along a most magnificent path where you are purely going with the flow and allowing the Universe to guide you on where you need to go. Everything is in balance around you and within you, it is a beautiful place to be.

Everything you feel at the moment seems to be coming true or turns out exactly how you thought it would. Your intuition is spot on and you now know that every move you make is based on your inner voice. This is driving you to want to help people as you are in tune with their energies and know that you can help them. You are oozing empathy and spiritual guidance and know that this is your current path to take. This spiritual abundance is not only helping you to understand others, but it is also helping you to be heard. Keep going in this beautiful energy, it is serving you well.

In the past you may have reached a space where your intuition served you well on nearly everything that you encountered in life. You had amazing insight into every situation through your own intuition, you were also finding yourself helping others and being able to gauge what you needed to say in order to help them. Your empathic skills were second to none and you knew that every thought and action was based on your natural ability to listen to the Universe and know what to do next. In more recent times this feeling of complete spiritual abundance may have waned. Ask yourself if it is because you have spent far too much time on others and not monitored how you are doing. You could have reached emotional burn out, check in with yourself and rectify anything that doesn’t feel right.

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You are entering into a phase that has been long awaited. Your drive to go with the flow, resonate with your intuition and be able to feel any situation is coming to the fore and not a moment too soon! You will find yourself a strength for other people and will draw people to you that feel the need to share their innermost feelings. Your empathy will be on par allowing you to be the best friend or therapist that one could wish for. Embrace this spiritual way of being as it manifests because for you it will be an existence of peace, knowing and tranquillity.

You see yourself as someone that can be relied upon. Your intuition and empathic skills are serving you well and you know that you can be the rock for people who are looking for answers and need your help solving them. You are finding being in nature and allowing the flow of the Universe to take you along is the ultimate way to be. This spiritual abundance keeps your energy raised allowing your empathic side to shine. You are aware of energies around you and know how to gauge a situation to get what you want as well as to be heard. Keep this flow going as it is working very well for you.

The energy around you at the moment is serving you well. You have honed your skills and have allowed your intuition to gauge any given situation or person. This has enabled you to be heard as well as to hear others with empathy and understanding. This is drawing more people to you who see you as a rock and someone they can confide in knowing they will get fair and honest advice. The Universe is flowing within you giving you wisdom, peace and tranquillity. You really are at your best at the moment allowing your heart to feel every situation and your intuition to take you to exactly where you want to be.

You are in a space at the moment where you are the strength for everyone that matters around you. You have the intuition and the empathy to understand their position which gives them the green light to share their worries with you knowing they will get sage advice. You are flowing with spiritual energy that has you supporting many people and situations. You fear however that you could burn out if you don’t pull back your boundaries a little as your reserves are running low. Listen to your intuition as this niggling fear is appraising you that this could become a reality if you don’t start concentrating on yourself a bit more.

You are coming into a phase of your life where you will be completely in synch with the Universe, your intuition and your spiritual self. Everything will flow vibrantly allowing you to be the wisdom for those around you. You will find that you come into your own as a counsellor, healer or empathetic friend. Everyone will want to share their load with you. This is all good as it is what you have been aiming for but make sure you take on people’s problems in bite size chunks. You need to be wary of burning out and giving too much of yourself. You can only be as strong as you are within so don’t give away too much of your energy.

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