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Original Meaning

Many choices and temptations are being presented to you right now. Oh what to choose! Some of these offers may represent more than meets the eye. The trick is to not take action on things that come up if they are ego based or seem too good to be true. Sit back in your higher power and examine all prospects for what they really are. Are you in it for the money? The power? The status? Make choices that are for your higher good, and not what they can represent materially. You may also be having too much time with your head in the clouds. Dreaming of that perfect job or new home won’t get you anywhere unless you take action. Stick to one goal and stay focused on it until the bitter end!

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

Wow you have so many choices and opportunities at the moment and don’t really know which way to go and what to go for! The question is are you making choices out of ego or for your greater good? Options that promise more money and higher status are all well and good but how do they pan out in the real world, does everything work for you? Some of the options being brought to you could be red herrings where others that don’t look as amazing realistically are your way forward. Make sure you are implementing plans that have the reality of taking you to your goals. Wishful thinking and fantasizing over something won’t take you any further forward unless you are willing to graft and make your project work. Once you have made a decision, stick to that goal and don’t get side-tracked.

If there was ever a time to sit back and go within it is right now. You may be faced with many different options in your life and really don’t know which one to go for. Some are a lot more attractive than others but is that because it’s the easier option? Take some time to really look at where you want to end up, think long term. Then see what option or opportunity really will get you to your heart’s desire rather than being just a pipedream. The drearier route can be off putting but if you can see it as the way to get you where you want to be then take it and don’t be side tracked by any other dazzling offers that will just provide a quick fix. Your intuition will serve you well, listen to it!

You really do want to make the right choice at the moment as you want to attain some personal and professional goals that will have you feeling a lot happier. The thing is there are many options and you are wanting to take all of them! Sort the wheat from the chaff as you really do want to make permanent changes which will see your future looking a lot rosier. Once you have made a decision on a certain option, you must stick to it and not get side tracked by any other projects or opportunities. You are aiming for gold now and must take an option that secures your future rather than dazzles you with promise but has no foundation.

There are so many options going through your head right now that you just need to shut them all up so you can think clearly! You know that you want to take on a project or goal that will see you far better off in the future. The problem is you may have been offered opportunities or options that are confusing you right now. Best thing to do is listen to that small voice in your head that is telling you what option you must take. It may not be the shiniest route to take but it has the potential of securing your long term goals rather than just fulfilling a pipedream. Think carefully on what route you need to take to improve your life. Avoid the red herrings, dig deep and concentrate on one option that will see you attain your hearts desires.

It seems that in the past you had many options or life choices and may have made some bad decisions. This isn’t a problem though as when we make bad choices we always learn something from them. You may now currently be faced with multiple life choices again and fear that you could make a mistake and go in the wrong direction. Take a breath, have a good think and see what option really will provide long term security and happiness. When things seem too good to be true they usually are, so go with the solid option or opportunity rather than the shiny one that promises the world! Your intuition will serve you well here. Look at each option and ‘feel’ it. Will it deliver what you want in your life with a bit of work and commitment? If the answer is yes then go for it and remind yourself to stay focused on this one choice until you have reached your ultimate goal.

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You could be facing many choices soon where you have to make a decision. This could be a personal or professional quandary where you really will not know which way to turn. Some of the options may be too good to be true where others are less dazzling but will give you a secure and solid route to future happiness and abundance. Be careful in your decisions and feel what is right for you and your long term goals. Sometimes we are faced with easier options that turn out to be a quick fix to a given situation. Pick what is right for you and try to not let your ego influence your decision. Think long term, think what is realistic and go with that option. Don’t allow yourself to be side-tracked until you have reached your final goal.

You have always seen yourself as a good decision maker and now is the time to certainly put that to the test! You are being faced with many options on a personal or professional level and need to make some big decisions for your future. The trick is to make sure you are not acting out of ego. Things that look dazzling and easy are normally the options that just end up fizzling out and being nothing but a pipe dream. You know that you can discern a good and solid option, so do just that, make a decision that will fulfil your long term goals even if it means working harder to get there. You know you can be committed when you want to, so go for it! Remain focused on just one project or goal and see it though to the bitter end ensuring you don’t get side-tracked by any other options on the way.

You are being surrounded at the moment by many choices and opportunities. They can be either personal, professional or both but your mind is busy trying to work out which option to take. Whilst some of your options look very attractive, do they have the strength to take you forward long term or are they just quick fixes? You must take some time out and allow yourself to ‘feel’ each option. By slowing up and sensing what will be the best option you will make the better decision. Acting quickly or choosing out of ego could have you getting nowhere fast as in reality it won’t work. Look at the best most practical option that suits you and go for it. Be mindful however to stick to your guns once you have made this decision. Do not allow yourself any further distractions once you are on your chosen path.

You have been faced with a lot of choices lately that can either relate to your personal life or your professional goals. Whatever the situation, you have been confused and haven’t been able to make a clear decision. The time is now right for you to sit back and think out every option to make sure it will serve you well and can support your long term goals. You desperately hope that you will make the right life choices as you cannot face any more let down. You fear that the illusion of a good thing could have you making the wrong choice. It is true that all that glitters is not gold and you must take this on board as you make your choices. Is the route you want to take realistic? Is it going to allow you to attain a certain goal? If the answer is yes then go for it and do not allow yourself to be side tracked by any other offers.

You could be coming up to a time where many opportunities open themselves up to you. They are all there for the taking but what one will you take? This could be a personal goal or a professional project that has you in a dilemma. Whatever the choices are you will need to think very carefully as some will be viable and others are just pipedreams. The trick is to get rid of your ego, ‘feel’ the options and see what your gut has to say about them. You may choose the dreariest option but that may be the solid plan that delivers to you your long terms goals. Acting out of haste, ego or looking for the easy option could have you making a huge mistake. So think wisely, banish any illusions, stay grounded and chose the most realistic and solid option for you.

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