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You are currently reliving childhood memories or something has happened to make you look back at those innocent and carefree times. You have love, comfort and security around you but may be feeling a little flat. You are reminded to fill your energy with childlike abandon and see the lighter side of life through a child’s eyes. Time to lose some of that adult responsibility and let loose with a bit of childish insight into your current circumstances. There is a lot to be said for laughter and fun! Cooperation, kindness and love are also the order of the day! By exuding these qualities you will find peace and harmony in your current circumstances.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

Someone special from your past may be making a gallant return which will either have you reminiscing on old happy memories or contemplating rekindling this old love! Alternatively despite being surrounded by love and security you are still feeling a little flat. You are reminded to see the world through childlike innocence and wonder, where everything is light and magical. Children can also be represented here where you may be wanting to spend precious times with the younger generation or even want to create some more of your own! Whether it’s bringing harmony and understanding to a current relationship or starting up an old one, innocent fun and carefree times are the way forward.

The past may be overwhelming you right now by haunting you with thoughts of how it used to be for better or worse. You could even be thinking about an ex and wondering what would have happened if you had stayed together. It’s all well and good reminiscing but you have to be aware that you are living in the present. Whether it’s negative or positive thoughts outweighing your present it’s time to deal with them and leave them where they need to be. If you are not happy with your present, take time to bring excitement and childlike fun into your life. If you are happy, do not allow old negative memories to infiltrate your happiness. You may have even started up a relationship with an old flame but are keeping it quiet as you fear others judgement. Whatever the case, lighten up a bit and don’t get too dragged down with ‘adult’ stuff.

You are aiming to lighten up a bit at the moment and have a bit more fun. Life has become a bit of a drag and you are feeling a little disillusioned. If it’s with a relationship, take time to bring some harmony and fun back between yourselves. If its life in general, aim to look at everything through a child’s eyes where every change and challenge will be approached with verve and an excitement that makes you feel alive. Have some fun, take some time out and rekindle some of that innocent and childlike abandon, it really will raise your vibration. You could even be aiming for little additions into your family. Whatever the situation, children and their energy are surrounding you right now, so embrace it.

You keep wanting to down tools and run off to the sunset with wild abandon and forget about all of your responsibilities. Every time a problem rears its head you start thinking about how easy it was when you were younger and not having to deal with these mundane chores and obstacles. The reason you keep getting these thoughts is that your inner child wants to come out and play! You have been feeling a little flat lately so it really is time to let your hair down, take some fun time out and be that child just for a while! You may also be thinking a lot more lately of your past and when you were young. There’s nothing wrong with reminiscing just as long as there is not a need to go back to the past as you do not like your present. If this is the case, things need to change and you need to lighten up in order that you enjoy your present just as much as you did in your happy past.

Every time that you think back to those ‘old’ days a smile covers your lips or a frown crosses your brow. However you feel about your past it may be entering into your mind a bit too much these days. It could be haunting you, either because you are not happy and yearn for the old days or you are happy and are being haunted by negative memories. You could even be thinking of an old flame a little too often. If you can relate to this it is time to take action as your present should be your driving force in life and not the past that no longer serves you. Mindfulness, cord cutting or even counselling may help you if you are finding the past is overwhelming your present and hindering your future.

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You could be having someone from your past turning up very soon making you think about how you really feel about them. They could be an old important friend or even a lost love that could have you reconsidering starting up where you left off! Alternatively something may happen that has you reliving your past in a fond way where you reminisce about the good old times or even remember the childlike innocence of youth. There could also be old times rearing their head that weren’t so pleasant. If any of these thoughts and memories affect you too much then make every effort to leave them where they need to be, in the past. It’s all well and good to think back on things but only if it’s just that a little harmless trip down memory lane.

You can see that you need a little va va voom in your step at the moment as things seem a little flat. You may feel a little disillusionment in yourself as life doles out one challenge too many. You always know when you are potentially going down a rabbit hole, so snap yourself out of it and think, FUN! There is nothing like adopting a little childlike innocence and fun into your life when it gets a bit too dull. Look at everything through carefree eyes, let your hair down and adopt a bit more lightness and laughter into your life. Spend some time with children just to get you back on your toes. Make the effort to see your life through wondrous eyes before you become too much of a grump! No one likes a misery, especially you, so think your happy thought, Peter Pan!

You are surrounded with love, comfort and security at the moment. You may be investing some precious time with your children or having fun with the younger generation. They are fuelling you with childlike energy where play, laughter and fun are the order of the day! Go with it and enjoy this time out as it really will fuel you with positive energy and a happier outlook on life. Alternatively a special someone could have returned from your past and has rocked your world. Either they have ignited an amazing trip down memory lane or have even made you think are they the one that got away?

You are really looking for a lighter life at the moment. You are wanting to fill your days with fun and childlike abandon as sometimes the chores and challenges of being an adult can get you down. You hope that you can maintain this positive and fun loving persona as it does drive you forward with hope and vigour in your soul. Whether it is a hobby or pursuit that you have always wanted to do purely for pleasure, take it up. You fear that sometimes life and the past can overwhelm you and could possibly mould you into a bitter and sad person. Just make the thoughts of your past a passing whim. By embracing excitement and happy pursuits in your life, you really will keep the momentum for fun living going.

You could be entering into a phase of your life where the past could bring itself into your present. This could be a happy instance where the trip down memory lane brings you fond memories. Alternatively it could bring pain and trauma. There could also be an old flame that comes back into your life scrambling your thoughts and feelings. Whatever the situation, be prepared to accept whatever is coming but do not let the past overwhelm your present! If you find yourself immerged too deep in the past then you really need to address this through mindfulness, counselling or anything else that can help you let go. However, if an old flame or memory comes back into your life and brings you nothing but happiness, grab it with both hands and embrace it!

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