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Unrequited love and mutual attraction are coming your way or have already arrived! You’re either in or attracting a new soul mate relationship where your energies fuel together in a dizzy and heady union. Passion and equal respect for each other’s souls is the order of the day. This is a love that can leave you giddy and weak at the knees. Engagement and wedding proposals could also be on the horizon. This can also represent a business partner where your ideas and visions are shared in equal abundance. The goals that you are aiming for in business will be fortuitous and successful as you work together on the same wavelength. Whether it is a passionate romance or an exciting business concept, either way, you are on fire and racing along at lightning speed.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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Everything is dreamy around you at the moment whether it is a personal relationship, business relationship or both! You have found your soul mate where unconditional love, mutual respect and harmony is in abundance. Likewise you could be sharing a vision with a business partner that has the potential to be very successful because of your matched drive and passion. If you are single, expect fireworks very soon as your soul mate arrives in the nick of time! Everything here is about expressing your passion, love and ambition with a significant other who reciprocates your values and enhances them with their unconditional love and adoration.

It may not be looking too rosy in the love department as you feel yourself out of sync with your significant other. There could be lack of trust or a breakdown in communication that really needs to be addressed if you want this relationship to work. If it’s worth fighting for make some time to come together and talk it all through. Alternatively you could be single and wanting your hero to gallop along and rescue you. Are you in the right place though? This is a vital time to see what you feel about yourself. Self-love must be honoured at this time. If you do not love or respect yourself, you will radiate these intimate feelings to the wrong sort of person. You could attract everything that you feel negative about. Be honest with yourself, if you don’t like yourself too much then work on your own well-being, happiness and self-love first. When you are complete, you will attract the same sort of partner.

You are ready now and are wanting to invest in a mutual relationship of love, trust and harmony. It has been a long time coming as you may have had to work on your own self love and respect. You may have wanted to put yourself right before investing in a relationship which is exceptionally wise. By being happy and oozing genuine self-confidence you will attract the perfect partner for you. You now want to find your soul mate and live happily ever after. Go for it as there is nothing stopping you. Alternatively you could be looking for an ideal business partner who respects your ideals and wants to push a certain project forward with a shared passion. Whoever you want to manifest in your life, see them as a reality and very soon the Universe will deliver exactly who you want.

You are feeling unutterably in love and are excited about your relationship as you see it grow stronger. You may however through past let downs have thoughts of doubt or even that this love isn’t going to last. These thought processes need to stop as one thought can lead to an emotion that then could lead to behaviour that could potentially harm your relationship. Share any fears that you have with your significant person. Trust, openness and the ability to share your deepest fears will bring you closer as a couple. If you are single and are having doubtful thoughts, this is your sub conscious alerting you to the fact that you need to work on your self-love before becoming involved in another relationship. You must feel happy, confident and strong in your self-beliefs before sharing yourself with another person.

You have had what so many people long for, a close and intimate relationship with someone that made you feel completely connected. The love was received and given unconditionally leaving you feeling safe and contented. If you are still in the same relationship know that it continues to grow stronger and more intimate by the day. You have got your soul mate and that’s all that matters. Be mindful to remain kind, open and loving as this will be mirrored from your partner allowing the bliss to continue. If this relationship has ended however, make sure you are full to the brim of self-love and that you have left any past negative emotions such as self-doubt or rejection where they belong, in the past. Only invest in another relationship if you feel confident, complete and ready to share yourself again.

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There is bliss on the horizon so be excited! If you are single you are so close to meeting your soul mate! You will complete each other in every single way. If you are already in a relationship expect things to push up a notch or two with an engagement proposal or marriage talk. Whatever the situation you will be experiencing a loving and trusting relationship where you will vibrate on exactly the same energy. Alternatively you could be meeting your ideal business partner who will share your passion and vision and bring a project to an unbelievably successful conclusion. There’s good things to come so be excited!

You can feel yourself brim with new found confidence and self-love as you get more invested in the love relationship that you have at the moment. You are so connected with this other human being and are loving it. You feel totally safe and trust them implicitly along with a breath taking unconditional love. You know that you deserve this as it has been a long time coming. You have certainly had let downs in the past but now you know you have finally got it right. If you are single, you have worked hard on your self-love and self-belief systems. You feel confident inside and don’t need a relationship in your life but it would now be nice to have it as an addition to your already contented life. Whatever your situation, you have got this in the bag and have never felt so good and sure about yourself.

We should all feel love, safety and strength without a partner but boy when we are loved unconditionally by a soul mate it feels simply amazing! This is what you are experiencing now, you are loved so completely by someone that it is making you feel dizzy. This in turn has heightened your confidence and made the other parts of your life feel even more complete and abundant. You are so well matched that it is almost like you can hear their every thought and feel everything they feel. What a wonderful space to be in. If you are single then know that the lessons you learned from your past relationship have stood you in good stead. They taught you to be stronger, that self-love is key and that your boundaries needed to be worked on. All in all you feel amazing and it’s down to the lessons you have learned from significant others. Bless them for what they have taught you even if it was negative.

This dizzy love that you find yourself in is exciting, amazing and everything you could wish for. You have finally found your soul mate and can’t believe how well suited you are. You hope that this relationship goes from strength to strength and lasts forever. You do fear sometimes though that this may be too good to be true and something may go wrong. Stop these thought process now as they could end up harming your relationship if you let your fears interfere with your reality. Alternatively you could be hoping for a new romance but fear that you may end up getting hurt like your last relationship. As long as your self-love and respect is intact you won’t attract another waster, so stop worrying and get out there brimming with confidence and love!

You could be entering into a new phase in your relationship where you become closer or even talk about engagement or marriage, how exciting! You have found your soul mate and really could be entering into your dream future. The only thing that could spoil it is your fears and worries that it could all go wrong. This could be because of past heartbreaks. Don’t allow your fears to ruin this perfect relationship, it really is your time to love and be loved. If you are single, be excited as things are going to start to hot up in the romance department. Make sure you are ready though by maintaining self-love, self-respect and demonstrating clear boundaries. You don’t want to end up heartbroken again by being too eager to be loved by just anybody. You deserve the best and that’s all you will settle for, never forget it!

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