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Original Meaning

Fantastic new opportunities and abundance can be yours if you play it right! Health, wealth, career, finance and even love are shining at the moment and are just waiting for you to enjoy them. A little bit of work, focus and effort will find you reaping the rewards of this new beginning. Grab it with both hands and run with the knowledge that these new beginnings will lead to success, security and most of all prosperity. A financial windfall could also be coming your way. Adopt Cosmic Ordering at this precious time as what you send out you will surely get back!  There is not only material gain to be had here, you can also be open to happiness, fulfilment, love and amazing potential in abundance.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

You are currently at a point of so much excitement as you enter into this phase of new beginnings and opportunity! Whether its health, wealth, finance or career, you have this coming at you in droves! Abundance is yours now so grab those opportunities as they come as they won’t hang around forever! Manifest what you want, grab the opportunities as they come and run with it. This could even be the beginning of an amazing love journey for you as you have attracted such success and prosperity. If there is a business project, become fully focused as you will receive nothing but financial reward if you stay on track. You may even be receiving a financial windfall. Either way you are in a haze of abundance now, so enjoy the moment!

Second guessing that job offer or opportunity? You could be listening to your intuition that is saying you need to think this through and make sure it is the right option for you. You may even experience a withdrawal of a money offer, loan or pay rise. This is a time to be prudent and not overspend if your future is shaky on the money front. You could also be trying to work on something that is delayed or is just not flowing properly. Have a think and see if you need to change your approach to a business idea or if you are over stretching yourself and your goals are too unrealistic. Now is not the time to invest a lot of money or go on a huge shopping trip. Watch your pennies until things are running a little smoother.

There is a sense of excitement as you see how close you are to what you have dreamed of, abundance and prosperity in all aspects of your life. You just want to be financially secure and be able to treat yourself once in a while. Your business or career seems to be reaping dividends as you see your bank balance looking rather healthy. This improvement in your personal finances also brings a sense of emotional wellbeing that attracts good luck and financial windfalls. Keep focused on your projects as you know inside you can see these through to your desired outcome. You have worked hard and stayed focused, so continue to manifest what you want to achieve and receive as it will surely come to you in bundles!

You have always had a thought in your mind that you deserve the very best in life. Your inner voice has continually told you, whether you are aware of it or not, that you can achieve financial security and that dream job. This is why you have pushed yourself as you know you can attain anything you want to when it comes to money and security. The thoughts of how to improve your business or how to network in order to get yourself out there are guiding lights to your ultimate outcome. The sparks that keep lighting up in your mind and thought process are sending a message out to the Universe that you want abundance, prosperity and a healthy bank balance. Keep welcoming these thoughts and ideas as you are attracting that abundance with every whim.

It appears that you have reaped the benefits of financial security and abundance in all material aspects of your life in the past. You didn’t have to worry about where the next pound was coming from and found yourself comfortable in all areas of business and finance. You may possibly be experiencing a dip however in your current position. Stay motivated and don’t let negative thoughts attract negative opportunities. This could just be a temporary situation that will improve itself. However, the other side of the coin (pardon the pun!) is that you could still be enjoying the finer things in life and the abundance that you have created for yourself. Continue to stay positive to attract further abundance and financial gain. New opportunities are always around the corner, you just have to be ready to grab them.

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If there was ever a time to get excited it is now! You are entering into a magnificent time where you will be receiving nothing but health, wealth, career success and financial windfalls. New beginnings are afoot! You are on a new path that is well deserved. All of the time and effort you have put in on working towards your desired outcome is now going to come into fruition! So don’t wait for the bubble to burst, go with the flow and take every opportunity that comes your way. You could be receiving a new job offer, pay rise, unexpected money or a drastic improvement in your business. Whatever the abundance, it is yours for the taking so grab it with both hands and pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Health will improve as your emotional wellbeing shoots through the roof as you find yourself in this secure position. There is nothing but good news ahead, so yes, feel excited!

There is only one way to go at the moment and that is forward. You know that you can weather any storm, dust yourself down and move on. You are in a season of change and inside you feel excited but a little apprehensive. This change however is going to be amazing! You can expect new beginnings where finance, career, health and well being will be at its most fortuitous. So let any fears of change leave your mind because when you dig deep you know that you can adapt to whatever is put in front of you. The good news here is that you have such magnificent things coming and you know after everything settles you will be coming up smelling of roses. This has been down to a lot of positive thinking, what you have put out to the Universe is now being brought back to you in spades!

Nothing is going to get in the way of positive change at the moment. You may be experiencing things changing around you in your life, but go with the flow because the Universe is dealing you a magical time ahead where you will receive nothing but abundance, success and financial advancement. Expect to see new beginnings and great results in your finance, health, career and well being as these changes start to make themselves known. People may be leaving your life or coming into it in order for this fantastic new start to get underway. You may even be open to a new romance! It’s all about trusting the process and finally getting exactly what you want!

You are hoping that these changes that are taking place are happening because you are finally moving towards what you deserve. Well the simple answer to that is yes you are, expect new opportunities in your career, financial status and security. That loan you have been hoping for may just be given the green light or even the promotion you have worked so hard for. If you have had health problems, know that this will improve along with your emotional well being. You are worried that all of this change and new way of life is going to bring more issues, but it really isn’t. Do not allow the fear factor to interfere with what you deserve as the Universe may see it as a refusal to want to make the change that will kick off your new adventures.

If you stay focused and put the work in right now you are really going to come up trumps! If you have been working towards that promotion or business project expect dividends in the way of greater opportunities and improved finance. Everything is now starting to run at full speed, be sure to keep up with it as these new phases in your life are going to bring you everything that you have dreamed of. If you have been working on yourself through diet or improving your mood, expect better health and an enormous sense of well being. It’s all there for you so grab it with both hands as you really are going to receive the abundance and security that you deserve. You may even be meeting a special somebody if you are in the market for a new romance! All in all the future looks bright and guess what, you have been asking for it and the Universe is now answering.

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