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Think carefully about the material side of your life. Be mindful that money and possessions should not influence how you live. You could be comfortable and wisely investing your money for your long-term future which is a good thing. However, you could be penny-pinching and not allowing yourself any fun because it costs too much! If you are permanently saving and not enjoying the fruits of your labours, something needs to change. Alternatively you may be exercising too much control in your life and not allowing yourself to chill out and enjoy yourself. Give yourself a break, go easy on yourself and don’t make any changes at the moment. Just re-establish some ‘zen’ and loosen up any tightened knots in your life. Happiness is far more important than money and possessions.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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It seems at the moment that you are letting your attitude to money distract you from what is important in life. If you have a lot of savings but do not want to use any of your money  you could be putting off your happiness waiting for that rainy day. There is nothing wrong in treating yourself once in a while! Alternatively you could be saving for something important or wanting to invest some of your hard earned cash which is a great thing if you know you will finally reach what it is that you are saving for. The fundamental message here is you do have a life to lead so do not weigh yourself down with concerns of money and the material side of life. Loosen up a bit and enjoy each day rather than letting money rule your every thought and action. There’s more to life than pennies! You could be stuck for extra cash at the moment so live within your means and budget if you have to. It’s all about healthy balance.

You have possibly come to a point where you realise that money is not the be all and end all of life. You finally may be setting yourself free from material possessions and money orientated obsessions and realising that things such as love and happiness are more important. If this isn’t the case then this is a wake up call to make sure that money is not ruling your life. Are you pushing yourself too hard at work for extra cash at the expense of your loved ones? Are you pushing your customers too far so you can get that extra bonus? Think about your attitude to money and see if it is healthy. You may even be pushing yourself out of greed, not stopping until you get more and more money. In the end this could lead to loneliness and a life bereft of love and happiness. Alternatively you could be using money to fill the need for happiness and security. Re-assess this situation and ensure that you have a happy healthy balance of material wealth and emotional well being.

You have always wanted to have a nice car, a dream house, perhaps a couple of nice holidays a year so you know that you have to knuckle down and make the money. You may even be wanting to save for something that you have always wanted and feel elated as you watch your bank balance grow. If you are feeling the need to work hard at something at the expense of your own happiness, you may need to reset your goals and loosen up a bit. Slogging away to realise your dreams can leave you discontented and unhappy. It’s all about you achieving the perfect balance of having a healthy bank balance along with a happy life. Ideally this is what you are aiming for but don’t burn yourself out trying to gain every penny that you can. There’s more to life than money and possessions.

You may be feeling a tad insecure at the moment and are wanting to fiercely protect your loved ones, your security or your home. Emotionally you need to dig deep and sound out why you are feeling so insecure. Alternatively you are feeling the need to make as much money as possible in order that if any rainy days hit, you are safe in the knowledge that you will be ok. Money seems to be quite dominant in your energy at the moment either due to you constantly wanting to make more, or panicking because you have overspent. The aim here is to balance out happiness versus material possessions. If you find that you are constantly pushing yourself to make money then perhaps you need to step back a bit and go easy on yourself. If you are struggling, be mindful to keep to a budget that will eventually get you back in the black. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many thoughts on money. Your ultimate thought process should be focused on happiness and love.

In the past you have found yourself wanting to have everything that your heart desired. You may have made a lot of money where you could achieve this, alternatively you pushed yourself too hard in wanting to be a financial success. Either way there was an imbalance where you either struggled to get by, overspent or made money and possessions more important than love and happiness. Something has taken place that has now made you see the light. You have realised that money can’t buy you happiness and is not the be all and end all of your life. Seek to find a healthy balance between financial security and personal security by appreciating your loved ones and not letting money rule your life. As they say, you can’t take it with you, so embrace what you have already and don’t be a slave to the material world.

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You are entering into a phase where money could rule your life if you let it. You will either be stashing your cash and wanting to keep it forever in a bank balance or panicking over lack of it and needing to tighten your belt. If you are comfortable financially and are wanting to save for a rainy day that is fine as long as you are not sacrificing your own happiness. It’s all well and good having a fat bank balance but if you are not enjoying it and forever wanting to make more this will lead to possible unhappiness and an unfulfilled life. Alternatively you could be struggling with money and need to approach this situation with a good budget plan and idealistically avoid overspending. Whatever the case may be happiness and love are far more important than material possessions. If you feel money is overwhelming you, you need to sit back and have a good think on what you can change to make for a happier you.

You are in a perpetual state at the moment of being money minded and not wanting to let go of any material possessions. At the end of the day it’s just ‘stuff’ and really doesn’t bring you happiness or love. So why is it that you feel you need to have the best car in the road and the nicest house? You may be putting yourself under too much pressure to attain material possessions. You could be working all hours and perpetually striving to get that overtime or cash bonus. That’s all well and good but how does your family feel when you are never at home? Try and re-programme your attitude to money and see if you can balance out emotional well being against material wealth. It’s great to have a pot available for rainy days and emergencies but if you already have that why strive to attain even more? Alternatively you could be feeling that you are not making enough money but are living beyond your means. You can feel the guilt hit you as you hand over your credit card and know that this needs to ease up a bit. Stop being a slave to this material way of life and find peace in the simpler things in life.

Sometimes when you have family around you they may pressure you to make more money. Sometimes we can be a victim of peer pressure or even society makes us believe that the more money and material assets we have, the more successful we appear. Lots of people can fall into this trap, be mindful to not be one of them. Material possessions are just ‘stuff’, they don’t keep us warm at night, make us happy or give us love. You are being reminded to not fall foul to outside pressures in having to make money, save it or invest it. Adopt a healthy view of money and material gain. It shouldn’t be the main focus of your life and you certainly shouldn’t feel pressured to make as much as you can. Yes we do need to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table but that is a necessity, luxury isn’t, unless you know you can afford it without burning yourself out in the process.

You hope to achieve a lot of success in your career as this will lead to making money that can help you buy all of the things that you want. There is nothing better than being able to deal with an unexpected bill or expense without panicking. You are hoping that you can achieve a comfortable living without having to struggle. The worst thing that you could do is burn yourself out in the pursuit of earning more money than you need. Your fear is not achieving that success and not being in a financial state where you can easily pay that bill or afford that extra holiday. Whatever scale you are aiming for in the money stakes, don’t let fear of the lack of money drive you to unhappiness and a need to work all hours. By sending out gratitude for what you already have, you will be telling the universe that you deserve abundance. This approach will attract unexpected cash boosts when you least expect it. Trust the universe!

You could be over doing it in the future and working yourself far too hard if you allow money to be your driving force. We all like nice things but there is a limit on how much we can sacrifice our happiness in the pursuit of gaining more money. You may feel the pressure if you have overspent or if bills are getting unpaid. The aim here is to approach the issue of money with a healthy mindset. By looking after what you already have, making changes to your budget or not becoming a slave to the material world will see you reap a happier life. Appreciating what you already have and sending a vote of financial confidence to the universe will see you receive financial abundance as you will attract it with your intentions. Avoid the money trap which will see you working harder than ever to gain every penny. Money isn’t everything, love, happiness and contentment in life is. By establishing a healthy work/play balance you will receive a far more beneficial outcome.

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