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Routine, dedication, working hard and ‘plodding along’ with the task at hand is your way forward right now. Whether this is a personal project, your career, household chores or a new work ethic, ‘slowly, slowly catchy monkey’ is the order of the day. You are being meticulous and planning every move forward which is how it should be. It might be boring you to tears, but trust that this consistent, hardworking approach will get you to where you want to be. It is not exactly creating fireworks, but by slowly working towards your goal, success will be inevitable. You may even be a little disillusioned with your life at the moment, even a little bored, but if you just keep going the way you are, things will change when they need to. Be patient, keep trudging along, as every step and effort you make is taking you to your desired end.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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The situation that you are in now is like the hare and the tortoise, and you my dear are the tortoise. By being consistent in your approach to work, chores or anything that you are working towards is the only way forward. If you become impatient or complacent, you really will ruin everything that you have worked so hard for. Sometimes it really is hard work and this just makes you want to give up, but trust me when I say your diligence will pay off. Keep going exactly as you are, keep your head down and stay focused as what you want to achieve will eventually come about. Routine, doing the same thing day in day out can bore you to tears but now is not the time for sudden change. Keep on your path and wait for it to bear fruit.

It’s time to reign in all of this scattered energy as you are toiling away at all sorts or tasks and projects and are not really getting anywhere. Routine and establishing a solid plan are the order of the day. Start scheduling your life in an order that gets things done rather than running around chasing your tail. You could even be wanting to add routine or task yourself with something that aids self- development. Perhaps having a balanced diet or establishing a good work/play routine may help to bring some balance around all this hectic energy. Alternatively you could be so strict and conservative that you are missing out on opportunities and tending to isolate yourself. Be careful not to criticize others who do not want to share in your conservative and familiar habits. Get out, have some fun, connect with friends and add some spontaneity to your life.

It is tough sometimes when we are not getting the results we so desperately desire like, yesterday! Some things take time and need commitment over a period of time to see them come to their most abundant end. You realise this so you are keeping your head down and ploughing along keeping focused on your end goal. You do work hard and do sometimes find yourself wanting to give up and drop this routine but inside you really do know that it is going to be worth it. You are on the right path, your intuition serves you well. Keep going knowing that you will eventually get what you so richly deserve. Slow and steady wins the race.

There comes a time when you are in a routine or slowly working towards something and you get bored and want to give up. This is what is on your mind at the moment, is all of this hard work with no quick fixes really worth it? The answer is yes. You just want to let your hair down and do something spontaneous but taking yourself out of the game could lead to you delaying what is rightfully coming to you. Keep your head down and don’t allow these whims of wanting to break free stop you from achieving your goal. Cool down those fires of impatience as slow and steady really will win the race.

In the past you established a strict routine or tasked yourself with a project that resulted in hard work and a very conservative view on life. All you wanted was for this goal to be achieved and you knew it meant plodding along and keeping focused on the work at hand. This could have resulted in two ways. Either you succeeded in your project and are enjoying the pay off or you realised that you kept too ‘tunnel visioned’ and missed out on personal and professional opportunities. If your situation was the latter, learn from this experience. Yes we all need to work towards things in life but make sure that you do not miss out on the important things such as laughter, friends, family and downtime. Routine is great just as long as it doesn’t bring us a mundane and unsatisfied existence.

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You could be entering into a time where everything feels scattered and you feel the need to stop and take a look at your priorities. You may need to add some order and routine into your life so you that can succeed in something worth doing rather than running around and achieving nothing. You will feel the need to add structure into your life which really will serve you well both in personal and professional matters. Work towards your focused projects with diligence, patience and at a pace which will reap dividends. Slow and steady wins the race with this one. It’s time to establish and stick to your priorities.

If there was anyone who remains committed to a goal it is you my dear friend! You see something that you really want to achieve and you stick to your guns. There could be ups and downs but you don’t let it faze you. You know that with your hard work and dedication you will achieve your dreams. It has been a hard routine but you know that you have the strength to keep going even if it is a long term project with no end in sight. You know that you will eventually get to where you are going and wow, will it be fantastic. Keep going on this path as you really will celebrate a huge success at the end.

There could be a lot of hectic energy round you right now. You could be chasing your tail and not really achieving anything in the process. If it isn’t family demanding things of you it’s work, chores, errands and projects that need finishing sending you into a frenzy! It is time to stop all of this craziness and prioritise what is important. Once you have established what needs to be achieved, implement a solid routine and plan that will see these goals come to a successful end. Don’t let other’s distract you with their impatience to get things done. You must slow down, work consistently and focus on your desires rather than allow yourself to be taken off of your path. If you stick to your guns, you really will achieve greatness!

You have been committing yourself to this project or goal for quite a while now. You have been consistent and have stuck to a solid routine so that the best outcome really will be achieved. It could be a personal goal or a business project that you have focused on and worked very hard to nurture. You may have even been questioned by your nearest and dearest if it is all worth it. The answer is yes. All of this hard work and dedication will definitely serve you well despite it being a long term project. Don’t allow other people’s impatience to put you off as your fears of investing time into something that has taken a while to bear fruit will start to affect you. You may start to worry that you have wasted your time as you haven’t seen any quick results. Don’t allow this fear in, you are on the right path and your commitment really will bring dividends.

If you don’t start to reign in all of this hectic energy around you it will only create more failings and things not getting done! You have so much going on that you are chasing each project and not really getting anything finished. To achieve your desired outcome, you must stop now and start to establish a healthy routine and prioritise what you really want to aspire to. This could be a work project or a personal goal that you want to be successful in. Now is the time to cut out any distractions and put all of your energy into this one thing that will bring about your dreams and desires. It will take a lot of commitment and dedication, but believe me when I say, it really will be worth it!

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