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All of your hard work has paid off! You have remained focused, self-disciplined and have stuck to your guns which has resulted in success! You are or will be very soon coming into financial success and abundance. All facets of your life become fruitful including home, work, loved ones and most of all the pennies in the bank. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labours. Appreciate the finer things in life and bask in the comfort that you have worked so hard in achieving. It is time to reap the harvest of your blood, sweat and tears, you deserve it!

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

You find yourself in the most delicious energy at the moment as your hard work has paid off and your bank balance is very healthy thank you very much! It’s time to enjoy a bit of retail therapy or a splurge on something that will really be a treat! Everything that you have grafted for has paid off so you can now relax, sit back and enjoy some of the spoils. If it isn’t quite there yet, have a rest anyway as it will energise you for the final phase of this project! Enjoy family time and most of all think about how to wisely invest any money that you have accrued that will help you become even more independent and abundant. You may also be a nature lover, surround yourself in the beauty of this land, and get out to the park or beach, as the energy of Mother Nature will fill you with positivity, drive and strength for whatever it is you plan to succeed in next!

You are enough! If you don’t believe this about yourself then it is time to start looking at your self-worth and self-value. Yes you do deserve to put your prices up or ask for that pay rise. Ask yourself if you are being taken for granted, if you are, make some changes! You deserve everything in life so do not sell yourself short. If you are lacking in self-belief think about taking up a personal development course or learn how to be mindful and positive into your life. Now is not the time to stay in the shadows, YOU ARE AMAZING, never forget that! Alternatively you could be driving yourself so hard for money that you are failing to enjoy the simple things in life like family, love and down time. Money isn’t everything, if you find yourself toiling away and sacrificing personal happiness, it’s time to reduce your hours or cut that job out. Love, friends and family are so much more important than earning a quick pound. Balance is key here, don’t become a slave to material needs, it does not make for a happy outcome.

You strive so hard to make your life as comfortable and as abundant as possible. Ideally to sit back and smell the roses is all that you can think of. Sometimes though as we drive towards our goals we become so obsessed that we don’t realise that we are already there and can sit back and enjoy the spoils of our hard labour. So if you are there, put your feet up for a while and re-energise. You want to be able to have a splurge whenever you wish without worrying about the consequences. That is fine, but check yourself and make sure that you are not sacrificing love, family and happiness in your drive to make more money. Balance in all pleasant things in life must be achieved. Money doesn’t buy you love, health or happiness. Be mindful of this as you push yourself towards your desired outcome.

You may not realise it but you might just be pushing yourself a bit too hard when it comes to making money and wanting to make more. Perhaps you have dependents that rely on you financially or you have taken on expenses that require you to work harder. Sometimes we put ourselves on a hamster wheel and find that we have to run faster to keep it spinning. The faster we run the harder it is for us to get off. Take a pause and look at your life and work balance. If you find that you are sacrificing your health, life or loved ones for more money than something really needs to give. Will it really hurt to kick back a little and smell the roses? Stop driving yourself so hard that all you are is a working, money making machine. Sit back, enjoy the money you have made and most of all enjoy the surrounding love of your family and friends. If cuts have to be made or working hours reduced, be mindful to make the changes. You can afford it really, you just need take stock and slow down.

In the past you found yourself working exceptionally hard to make every penny that you could. You may have started a new business, worked hard at an existing one or found a way to bring new financial opportunity your way. As you continued along this material path, you may have noticed that you were really finding it hard to maintain a healthy work and play balance. If you have found that work and making money was your main focus, I do hope that you have stopped this now and are kicking back a bit! Money does not buy you love, health and happiness and I am sure that you have discovered this! In the present you may now realise that friends, family and a little splurge of indulgence makes for a happier you, not working every hour that God sends! Learn from the past, stop and smell the roses, give yourself a break and rest up enjoying the spoils that you so richly deserve. If you are still working and striving to make pennies, you have been warned! Material gain is great, but if you have enough, slow down and enjoy what it brings without detriment to your personal happiness.

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It has finally come! That hard work has paid off and you will be coming into a beautiful time where you can sit back and enjoy the improved financial abundance that you have created. This improvement will bring you a sense of independence and a need to enjoy family time or fun with your nearest and dearest. A little indulgence doesn’t hurt anyone so book that trip, treat yourself to a makeover or buy that thing that you always wanted as you deserve it! Take some time out in nature to absorb its rejuvenating qualities as this is the time to re charge your battery and have some well-earned rest! You have accomplished what you set out to do. Once full of new energy you may want to find other ways to make your income even healthier but be mindful not to sacrifice the important things in life such as love, health and contentment.

You could be feeling very pleased with yourself at the moment. You may have taken on a new job, business or learned something new that has brought you an improvement in wealth where you can enjoy the finer things in life. Well done you. You may also want to enjoy a little indulgence right now so go for it and treat yourself! Sit back and enjoy this improved finance with your nearest and dearest and most of all stop and smell the roses as they are so, so sweet! Alternatively you could be under valuing yourself by nor putting prices up or not asking for that pay rise. It is time to have a check-up with your inner values and see if you self-worth is as healthy as it should be. If you find yourself doing a lot for nothing or being taken for granted it is time to step up and be counted. If you need help to do this, think of taking up a personal development course or look into mindfulness. You are enough and are AMAZING, do not forget it!

You may have people in your life that depend on you both emotionally and financially. The emotional bit is easy enough if you stop, take some time with them and see how you can help. The financial bit however is not so easy. You may find yourself working very hard to pay those school fees or the mortgage that has just gone up. It could be that there is pressure to make money to keep your household afloat and to put bread on the table. The first thing to look at is if you can improve your financial status without working your fingers to the bone. Can you ask for a pay rise? Can you put your prices up? Can you change your job for a better income stream? This is all about your self-worth and how you value your time and effort. By making small changes and demanding a better way of life you will be sending that vibe out to the Universe. The energy will come back tenfold and before you know it, finance will improve from these new adjustments and unexpected opportunities will come your way.

You hope that this perfect time in your life that you find yourself in now will last for a very long time. You are comfortable both emotionally and financially which makes for a happier you. You are looking back on everything that you have worked so hard for and are now enjoying the spoils with your nearest and dearest! Indulgence, fun and enjoying down time are exactly what you are experiencing right now and it is richly deserved. Don’t wait for the bubble to burst however. Accept this way of life and don’t think for a minute something can go wrong because if you focus too much on negative outcomes, the Universe will end up delivering what you have on your mind if it’s sent out too much. Smell the roses, take a holiday, have fun and rest up. What you have set up or worked on is still paying dividends, it can only get better!

You are so close to the finishing line that you can almost smell it. You have either gained a promotion, upgraded your business or worked very hard to improve your financial status. Very soon you can enjoy all of the spoils of your hard labour as you see your bank balance getting fatter by the day! Well done you! You have done it! You have reached a comfortable stage in your life now so don’t spoil it by continuing to strive to make more money. Rest up and recharge by enjoying the fruits of your labour. Have a spend up, book that holiday or have precious time with your nearest and dearest. Be mindful not to become money orientated now that you find yourself in a more abundant lifestyle. If you push yourself too hard you may find yourself sacrificing your personal health and happiness in the pursuit of more pennies. Find a healthy balance and most of all enjoy it!

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