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There’s that one thing on your mind that you wish you could turn into a reality. Whether this is a new skill set, job, career or an entrepreneurial idea it is time to take action to achieve that goal and realise your dreams. Make sure you take prudent and realistic steps to achieve this new beginning. You are at the early stages of creating something magnificent, so do not allow unrealistic dreamy ideas to ruin the practical steps needed to get you there. Similarly don’t allow your ego to curtail this goal through fear or doubt. If you need to polish up your skills or learn a bit more, this is the time to jump in and improve your knowledge. As long as the project is realistic and sustainable, you will be successful in achieving your end goal.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

This is a time for action! If you have a new idea in business then you must take steps now to bring this project into a successful venture. You may have already established a thriving business, but there is always room for expansion or adding another string to your bow. If you have new ideas, plan them out methodically keeping your feet on the ground making sure that everything that you are working towards is realistic. If you are birthing a project from nothing, get going and start to implement a solid plan as you will succeed. Perhaps you need to learn something new or hone your skills in a certain area. If this is so, get those study books out or take that class, your future awaits!

Sometimes our ego can really interfere with our dreams and plans. You may have had an idea for a business project but have not shared your vision through fear of it not panning out. Alternatively you could have a sound plan but are too scared to take it forward as you have failed in the past. Get rid of all of these thoughts that are making you procrastinate. The Universe keeps bringing this venture back to you because you can succeed with solid planning and self-belief. You may even be struggling with a project and keep hitting dead ends. Sit back, draw a breath and see where you can change anything that will steer you better for the future. You can do this, don’t let your head get in the way of something that could have you realising your dreams. Trust the Universe and get yourself moving in the right direction.

It’s in there whirling away at any given moment. The thoughts, plans and way forward are there just waiting to be carried out in this business venture. You know exactly how to get yourself launched and how you will work this goal towards a successful and abundant end. You may have had setbacks in the past but this creative idea or business plan keeps renting your head. It is there for a reason so you know that you have to start implementing this new concept as deep inside you know that it will succeed and will take you a step closer to your dreams. You have thought it through, have written out your approach so now is the time to get going! You may even have a plan to study something new or hone your skills on an already established talent. Whatever the goal is you must get on this path right away and be mindful not to procrastinate.

Sometimes we have battles with our inner selves. Our little voice inside keeps pushing us to do something that our ego self really doesn’t want to pursue through fear of failure. It won’t go away though and there is a reason for this. Deep inside you know that you have a great idea for a business project. You have mulled it over time and time again but your fear of failure or even a need to stay in a familiar space stops you from taking this forward. Let the inner you take control and make this project happen! It’s time to take these plans to a workable stage where you can make it into a successful business. You may need to study in your chosen field a little more or even hone a skill that you already have. Either way, a positive step in this new direction will result in you realising your dreams and bringing success into your life.

‘Once bitten twice shy’, as the saying goes. This certainly applies to you in the career and business stakes. You may have tried to take a project forwards and fell at every hurdle or may have even lost your job. The past is there to serve as a classroom. We take lessons from past endeavours that shape us going forward to be stronger and more vigilante. Take the lessons that you gained from this past let down and know that you will no longer make the same mistakes. You have such a great idea that will improve your financial situation. Do not let the past ruin this opportunity because it really can succeed with a solid plan and you believing in yourself. You may have even tried studying something but gave up. Take up the reins again and go for it, your future awaits…

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If there was ever a time to be excited it is now! You have had this business idea bubbling away and you will be entering into a time to implement it! Stay grounded though, don’t let dreamy ideas distract you. With diligence and patience you can start this new project knowing that it will succeed. You may need to study a bit more on your chosen subject or polish up your skills but this just adds to you perfecting your craft that will lead to an abundant end. New beginnings should be exciting, so grab some of that energy and get going! As you enter into this new phase of change and opportunity tell yourself that you will succeed as you take your first step to magnificence!

You have always seen yourself as a reliable and solid person. So why is it that sometimes you fear taking on a new project or idea? Don’t let your ego interfere with this fantastic business plan that you have been playing around with for a while now. It is time to start implementing it and working towards a healthy business that will bring in abundance and success. You are more than capable of making this work and creating a successful opportunity. You are grounded, mindful and have an excellent head for business, so go for it and start to bring those pennies in with this fabulous venture. Your dreams are closer than you think.

You are fighting it but opportunity, synchronicity and chance keep bringing you back to an idea that has been rattling in your head for a while now. This idea is for a business concept or work project that will have you realising your dreams in no time. Listen to what the Universe is trying to tell you. Everything that you are trying to do either keeps failing or doesn’t flow smoothly. That’s because this isn’t the right path for you. That idea that you have is! It may need some more research or even a little bit of studying but the effort will be worth it. Stop banging your head against a brick wall and take up this challenge. Yes it may involve change which can be scary, but this idea that you have will see you getting everything that you could dream of.

This idea that you have had in your mind for a new business venture or work project really is a fantastic concept. It will bring in the pennies and will also allow you to be a lot happier in your work environment. It is only going to take a little change and a bit of research. You may even need to study a little or hone your already impressive skills. It is something that you have longed to do for a living and really could start at any time if you just had the courage to take the first step and launch it. Your fear is though that it will fall flat on its face. You are worried that you will invest everything into this idea but when it comes out into stark reality won’t be as amazing as you hoped it would be. Release yourself of the fear, you have had this idea for so long now, it has stayed in your mind for a reason. Time to start this new project as you really will succeed and realise your dreams.

You are entering into such an exciting time where an idea for a business venture or work project is about to take off. It brings such a thrill to you as you have thought so hard and planned so diligently for this to succeed. Be mindful though to ground yourself. Don’t get carried away and miss the finer things that will keep this venture flowing smoothly. You don’t want to fail through impatience and complacency. Carry this project along with calmness and be mindful to be methodical. You have everything that it takes to make this idea flourish and bring in the pennies. You may even feel the need to hone your skills or take on some extra study to make it even more successful. Whatever your intuition tells you, go with it as you really are heading for abundance and realising your dreams as long as you stay true to yourself.

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