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It appears that finances in your life are healthily flowing in and out giving you peace of mind and a willingness to share your pennies. Whether it is supporting a charity or helping out a friend or family member, benevolence is oozing out of you. This may not be just money, it could also be you giving your time and love to someone. Be mindful though that your loans or time given to loved ones is just a short-term fix, they really do need to learn how to be sustainable for themselves. Alternatively, you could be the one receiving charity or help from other people. It is fine to be helped out during a tight time and there is nothing wrong in accepting kindness but self-sufficiency must be worked on so you can stand up on your own two feet in the future.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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Financially you are finding yourself quite comfortable where you can indulge in the odd treat or even give some of your hard earned cash to people around you. It is fantastic that you are so generous but sometimes funding someone else leads them to become dependent on your kindness and in the long term doesn’t really serve them. They may become complacent and take your time and money for granted. Tough love may have to be adopted here as they may never learn to stand on their own two feet if you keep propping them up. Alternatively you could be the one forever dependant on someone else to help you out financially. Perhaps its time to plan a strategy where you can make your own pennies, it will certainly boost your self-esteem and independence. Think long term rather than the quick fixes that people are giving you.

It’s all about balance so ask yourself with the relationships around you is there a healthy give and take? If no its time to revise your options. You could be lending money to someone who doesn’t pay it back or giving your time and devotion to someone who just doesn’t reciprocate any of your thoughtfulness. We obviously don’t always give to get but there has to be a limit! If you are struggling yourself but are still trying to be the hero for someone else then you really are going to run yourself into the ground. Ask yourself if you are giving because you are benevolent or are just doing it for their approval? Make a discreet withdrawal from the emotional and material vampires if they are in your life. Alternatively don’t live beyond your means. Be mindful to watch those credit card treats and loans that entice you into a false sense of security.

Everyone likes to think of themselves as benevolent and always there to help people. That is one of the things that you value in life that you are seen as a kind and supportive person. Ideally to have a mutual exchange of energy when you are giving out so much is what you are aiming for. If you have it, you like to give it whether it is money or your valuable time. Whilst these are all attractive traits, be mindful that no one is taking you for granted. If you seem to be doing all the giving, you may have to revise your generosity with some people in our life. To allow someone to be reliant on your good nature serves no greater good. It diminishes your own self-worth and it prevents them from becoming independent. Balance your priorities and let some people find their own way in life.

You always feel that you should be kind and giving to those less fortunate. This is absolutely fine but always ask yourself if you are doing it for their approval. Ask yourself what your motive is. Look at how much you’re giving out whether its money or your valuable time. Do you seem to just give, give, give and get nothing back in return? Can you afford this money or time? Whilst your inner most thoughts drive you to help someone, it can sometimes be more beneficial to leave them be so they can find their own way in life. Our regular input is kindly but could be thwarting the growth of that other person. Think about withdrawing if someone is always wanting something from you, despite you wanting to help. Kindliness is a two way street, if you are finding yourself in a one way system, it’s time to find the slip road.

In the past you could have found yourself living beyond your means with those tempting credit card deals and enticing low interest loans. You may have found yourself in money troubles and had to rely on the kindness of others to get you out of the mire. You have learned from this situation however and now find yourself wanting to help others in dire straits. It’s ok to be kind and help someone out but are they becoming too dependent on you? Are you doing all the giving and getting nothing back? Sometimes it is more prudent for you to step back and allow others to find their way rather than them be dependent on you for emotional and financial support. Only you will know if you’re giving too much and only you can stop this unhealthy balance. In the long run you will both be better served by respecting each other’s time and bank balances.

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You could be entering into a phase where you have to look at the relationships around you to see if there is a mutual give and take. Are you giving too much of your time or money to someone? Are they taking your kind nature for granted and just grabbing what they can? If the answer is yes, then you really have to rethink your actions. Likewise are you giving to get approval? Reflect on any relationships that you think are one sided or unhealthy. It is a very good trait to be benevolent and help others out but if it infringes on your good nature, it is time to take a step back. Alternatively you could have bitten off more than you can chew with credit cards and loans. It’s time to re-evaluate any unhealthy relationships or your spending habits, balance is key.

You know that when you look in the mirror that there is a very kind and conscientious person that is staring back. You know that it makes you feel good to help people out whenever you can. There is being kind however and there is being taken for granted. Evaluate anyone that you are helping out whether it’s giving them your love, time or money. Is it a healthy balance? Do you get as much out of them as they are getting out of you? If the answer is no then you really need to make changes in how much you’re giving to a person. Alternatively you could be getting bothered by the fact that you are relying on someone too much. Perhaps they are helping you out of a money problem or are always giving up their time to support you. These are all quick fixes. You should be making a long term plan on how you can change things so that you are more independent and financially stable without having to rely on someone else’s good nature. It’s time for some self-analysis and reflection if you find yourself in either predicament.

There are some people in this world that are magnificent at taking from other people but not in giving anything back. They play on your heartstrings, give you a sob story and BANG! Before you know it you have become their saviour and hero. Be mindful of anyone around you who is playing on your kindness and generosity in order to benefit time and time again. Are you regularly giving money, time or love to someone who is not reciprocating? Is it all give, give, give and no take? If the answer is yes to any of the above then it is indeed time to decline any further requests for money or your valuable time. By stepping back you are giving a gift of allowing that person to find their own feet and a chance to learn independence. Don’t let people around you take your generosity for granted. Establish balance and respect yourself enough to stop giving all of the time. Ask yourself this, are you giving to seek approval or are you just a benevolent soul? Either way if there is no mutual give and take its time to check out.

You really do hope that everything that you are investing into with someone is going to reap the rewards of a happy and balanced relationship. You could be giving them all of your time, love or even money. Whatever it is that you are showering on someone is it reciprocated? Are you getting as much back as you are putting in? You hope that you are, but only time will tell. If they are not making time for you or are not giving themselves equally back to you it may be prudent to rethink the dynamics of this situation. It may have been in the back of your mind, the fear that you are being taken for granted and that you really are only valued as much as the amount of money you are giving them. If you fear that they may stop giving you attention if you stop constantly giving to them, then you have to realise that this is an unhealthy relationship. It’s time for a little self-analysis in order to appraise if this is all one way.

Your generosity and love for giving could put you in hot water if you are investing your time and money into a one way relationship. If you feel that you are constantly giving with no return then most likely you are. By continuing this generosity of giving your time, love or money with nothing reciprocated could lead to you feeling unworthy and undervalued. Look deep within yourself and ask why you are giving so much to this individual. Is it for approval or just a natural generosity? The next thing that you have to analyse is if this person is using you rather than respecting you for who you are. Any doubts or niggles is your inner self telling you that you are being taken for granted. Stop being the rock for someone who constantly takes and doesn’t really appear to give anything back. It makes for a more disciplined you and a more independent person in them. Alternatively if you are spending way beyond your means, debt could be rearing its ugly head in the future. If you are treating yourself to one too many indulgences, rein yourself in to avoid future money troubles.

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