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You are juggling with a lot of balls at the moment and are just about keeping them up in the air. Life is keeping you exceptionally busy as you dash from one activity to the next. Yes you are flexible and love being busy, but be mindful to find balance in your daily life and rest up now and then. Perhaps consider a stricter rota or better time management as there is only so long that those balls will stay up before you start dropping a few. Tighten your ‘to do’ lists up and see what really is your priority and what can take a back seat. More importantly all of this running around needs to be for yourself and what makes you happy. Be mindful of running around too much for everyone else, ease the chaos by balancing your busy schedule wisely.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

It’s time to stop running around and really see what needs to be prioritised at the moment. You are running from one place to the other and not really getting anywhere. You are juggling far too much at the moment which could see your stress levels rising. Think about honing your ‘to do’ list and prioritising what needs to be done rather than trying to get everything finished or achieved. Most importantly this is a time for you to do things that serve you, so if you find yourself doing other people’s bidding, perhaps it’s time to say no and draw a line on what amount of time you are prepared to give others. No one can keep all the balls up in the air for long before they start dropping them so do yourself a favour and cut out activities that aren’t really needed at this time. It’s all about balancing your workload and having downtime in between.

Its time to get organised and cut out the things that are not necessary in your life. Your workload is far too heavy and something needs to give. You could be noticing that your stress levels are getting a little high as you realise that you have taken on far too much. Think about getting an organised list of things to do that are a priority and let go of the things that no longer serve you. You need to identify the one thing that deserves your time and energy and stay focused on this rather than be distracted with other things that do not hold the same importance. Focus where your time and energy needs to be so that you can do a job with one hundred per cent commitment or you could find yourself not succeeding in any chosen area.

You are wanting to be able to achieve so much at the moment and want it all yesterday! You are not wanting to slow down as your energy is driving you forward to get everything done particularly in a work environment. You have many projects that are on your mind, some more important than others. We all like to achieve things and get to the end of our projects or work goals, so it’s not that you don’t want to do anything, it’s quite the opposite, you want to do everything! Despite you wanting to race ahead, be mindful to organise your tasks and make sure that the ones that serve you better are the ones to aim for. Be a master of one project rather than the jack of all trades.

You have always been a driven person and also one that does like to help other people out. You feel that you not only have to get everything done for yourself but there is a subliminal thought of having to people please and run around for them as well. Yes, it’s nice to help others, but you need to retune this thought as you are being asked to do a bit too much which is having repercussions on what you want to  achieve. You are a very conscientious person and want to succeed in everything that you take on, but be mindful that you may be taking on a bit too much. Don’t let others allow you to spend your precious time and energy on what they want to achieve, it’s about your goals and work ethics, so something may have to give in order that you get what you want done. Taking on too much will have you dropping the ball at your own expense.

You have always been a driven person and willingly jump into anything that you want to achieve as well as what is asked of you. In the past you have realised that running around for everyone else as well as trying to get your projects underway has resulted in nothing really getting achieved as you have been juggling far too much. You could have even had a burn out as you were running about trying to please everyone as well as get your tasks finished. This chaos has hopefully stood you in good stead for the present. Be mindful that nothing really gets finished successfully unless it has your full attention. So get rid of any distractions, prioritise what serves you and think about saying no to others needs. By focusing on what you want to do and creating a bit more work/play balance will see you succeeding rather than burning out from doing too much.

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You are entering into a very busy phase with work projects and need to be mindful to approach this coming period with balance in mind. Be aware that you may take on too much as you try to achieve your goals and run around for others. We always work better when we are organised and have a strict list of ‘to do’s’ that don’t allow for distraction or less important tasks. Make that list and prepare yourself for this busy time ahead. It’s exciting and prosperous but only if you methodically work through your ‘to do’ list in a focused way and not allow others to take you away from your end goal. Say no to others who want to steal your time away and also be mindful to have a healthy work/play balance.   Juggling everything at once is not going to see you achieve what you set out to do.

You see yourself as a very kind person who will do anything for anyone. You are also driven so when you take a work project on you want to see it to the bitter end and make it as successful as possible. You know you are capable of achieving all of this but the fact is there is only so much time in the day! You are aware that you are biting off more than you can chew, so listen to your thought processes that are telling you that you are taking on far too much. You are forever juggling with all your balls in the air, keep going the way you are and those balls will start to drop. It’s about time management, prioritising lists, saying no to others demands and centring yourself on a healthy work/play balance. You are stubborn though and want to keep making everyone happy, but deep down you know something has to give.

You are such a kind person and would do anything for anyone. The problem is the people around you know this and perhaps ask you to do a bit too much for them even when they could do it themselves. You could even have a boss that knows that the word ‘no’ isn’t in your vocabulary. This has led to you juggling everything and having a lot on your plate. It’s time to use that word ‘no’ and focus on just the priorities in life and not what everyone else expects you to do. Don’t allow yourself to be a people pleaser and let these people take you for granted. Draw a line and start implementing it as you will soon lead to a burn out and not really achieving anything that you set out to do with as much success as you intended. Prioritise what you want to undertake and stick to it. Now is not the time to be coerced by others.

You are so diligent and always want to achieve whatever you set out to do with the best outcome. You seem to be a lot busier now and hope that you can take on all of this extra work load and still come up smelling of roses. You are trying to strategically get through your ‘to do’ list as best as possible. The problem is that you fear you may be taking on just a bit too much and are finding it hard to juggle everything. You are thinking that on top of your workload you have everyone else to worry about. Your thoughts serve you well. Seek to find the perfect balance in your life. Prioritising the most important things is in order right now as you may find your fears becoming a reality.

You are going to be entering into a very busy time but if you don’t play your cards right you could be out on control when everything kicks off. This will be because you may take too much on board and find yourself juggling everything running from one task to another. You must be mindful to draw up a ‘to do’ list in preparation for this busy period. Don’t allow any distractions and be comfortable in saying no to anyone who wants to take up your valuable time with things that do not serve you. Time management is key here. You will need to draw the line and say no a little bit more so that you can achieve your goals without burning out and struggling to keep your head above the water. Balance is the name of the game as you move into this dynamic phase.

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