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You are seeing things more clearly than ever and may now be planning your next move with strength and conviction. Your intellect has been stimulated, making you want to burn off all of this surging brain power! You could be thinking of taking a new class, engaging in public speaking or using your mind set to start a new beginning. Either way, you are fired up and ready. The sword can be double edged so be mindful to meet challenges as they come with grace. You may also be faced with truths that you feel the need to defend or highlight. Have the courage of your convictions to stand up for your beliefs and fight for justice. Whether it’s your own war that needs to be won or on the behalf of others, don’t back down.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

If there was ever a time that you find your mind totally clear and focused it is now! You have reached a plateau, where your power, ambition and will to take something to the bitter end is in full force. Go with this new found feeling and start whatever idea, concept or goal has entered into your mind. You could be fighting for justice, seeing the reality of a situation that needs to end or even be inspired by an idea that will bring success. Whatever you are passionate about, it is now time to take action and start the path to success and completion. Try meditating to quieten any mental clutter that pops up. You may even want to take a new class or sharpen your skills to compliment what you want to achieve. Just remember the sword has a double edge so as long as your actions are for the greater good, you will not step a foot wrong.

There may be some clouded judgement going on at the moment where you are fighting to see the truth of a situation. It is time to dig deep, clear your mind and establish exactly what is going on, meditation may help. You could be in a situation that needs you to look at every angle so you can make the right decision. You may have even had a breakthrough or an idea that you are not wanting to share with others for fear of it failing. Again, dig deep and see what it is that is troubling you about this new idea. If you are falling at every hurdle with a situation or concept, it may be time to re-evaluate the whole thing to see if it really is the right path for you. Courage of your convictions, deep thinking and sorting the wheat from the chaff is what is needed right now.

You have had a mental breakthrough where an idea has come into full force and makes you feel excited. It could be a new career goal or a need to sort a situation out in your life, either way, it’s time to face it head on. New beginnings are afoot and you are wanting to finally embark on a focused venture with passion. You could even be fighting for justice or wanting to end a situation that no longer serves you. Either way, your focused intent is powerful, so make sure you don’t lose this vision through mental clutter. Your goal is to reach success and completion for a better you, so go ahead and make your dreams come true.

You are currently experiencing a breakthrough in an idea that has been rattling around for quite a while now. The reason that it keeps coming back into your mind is because you know you have to see this through to the bitter end! It could be a work concept, creative idea or even a solution to a situation that has been clouded recently. Either way, you are running on full power where your focused intent will make the changes that you desire. Don’t allow egotistic thoughts of failure stop you going forward. Deep down you know that this passionate feeling won’t go away, so take a deep breath and go for it!

In the past you had a light bulb moment in a certain situation or idea that changed your course of events. It could have proven fruitful and helped you to realise your own personal power. However with this sword, the double edge could mean that you kept trying to achieve something but it kept failing and refused to flow. This may have been down to your own self-doubt or the fact that you didn’t think the project, goal or idea through properly. It’s time to regain your focus, get rid of the mental clutter and re-address this situation with a clear and focused mind. Whatever your passion it, it is now time to rise like the proverbial phoenix and see it through with personal power and grace. You can do this, the past is the past, and each new day can be your new beginning.

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You are entering into a phase where you will feel exceptionally powerful and will have mental clarity on an idea or a resolution to a difficult situation. This powerful breakthrough will see you forging ahead on a new class, business idea or ending a situation that can no longer be tolerated. Believe in your personal power as this phase of your life starts as you will be able to achieve anything that you are passionate about. If you are needing to achieve justice in a situation, this is the green light for you to start fighting for what you deserve. Keep your mind clear, have a perfect plan of attack and make yourself be counted!

You can feel it running through your veins, that clarity that you have been waiting for is finally here. You may be experiencing a breakthrough in a difficult situation or concept that you have been harbouring for a while. Power is flowing through you as you now have a mental plan on how to go forward and win this challenge. You may be fighting for justice, starting a new class, taking on a creative project or just wanting to see the truth in a situation. Whatever the case may be, you are passionate and focused. Have the courage of your convictions! This is all you need right now to take yourself to a successful conclusion. Just make sure you think through every step and make sure that you do it with grace.

The situation around you has led you to become a fiery force of nature as you see the clarity and truth of where you stand. You could be in a situation where you have been the victim of ill justice or even had a project fall flat on its face. The Universe has placed this on your path so that you can rise up and finally finish what was started. You are powerful right now, so don’t back down and allow people or circumstances to hold you back. Start up any new ideas that you have or create a plan of attack for anything that is failing or is not serving you well. You are stronger than you think, so use this power to seek resolutions and to end any injustice.

Things in the past really didn’t go to plan. This could have been a work project, creative idea or even a situation that you found yourself in. It is time to draw on this new personal power that you have found. The light bulb moment is now here where you are finally seeing clarity on this situation or project. You hope with the right plans in motion you will achieve an end to a difficult situation or with revision will succeed in a project where you initially failed. Either way, clear thinking is the order of the day. Be mindful to take in every detail so that you can make a solid plan for what you want to achieve. You do fear that you will find yourself falling down again, but if you don’t try you will never know. Self-belief and a driving force to seek resolutions and success is what is driving you forward now, do not let fear of failure stop this in its tracks.

You are entering into a really powerful phase soon where you will want to right any injustices and start any new ideas that have been with you for a while. You will find yourself full of purpose and focus as you take on a work project, creative idea or a need to resolve a difficult situation. It’s time to make a plan with all guns blazing and seek whatever it is you are passionate about. Be careful to play it smart as the sword can be double edged. With perfect planning and a dedicated focus you will receive a satisfying end result just as long as your actions are for the greater good. Rushing in too quickly could see you fall at the first hurdle. Planning and preparation are key as you march into this new found territory of personal power and ambition. Go for it!

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