Five of Swords

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Five of Swords - ORIGINAL

There has been a major falling out with someone and wow have you given them a piece of your mind. You may have felt it was justified at the time, but are you now slightly regretting what you fired at them in anger? Yes you are disappointed and have been treated rather badly but isn’t it time to perhaps offer an apology or acknowledge some sort of truce? We are reminded that we don’t have to fight every single problem that is presented to us, sometimes we need to choose our battles wisely so as not to isolate ourselves our upset others. No matter who was wrong and who was right, let it go as brooding and continuing the fight is exhausting. Learn from this conflict and be wiser for the next time.


Never a truer word was said in jest and likewise in anger. Have you been involved in conflict or an argument where you have let loose and now regret it? If the answer is yes then it is time to swallow your pride and reach for a resolution or even seek forgiveness. This upset has brought you sadness and a sense of loss, do not allow yourself to sit in this energy any longer. Whether you were right or wrong think about approaching this situation with a truce in mind so everyone can move on. You may have even turned out to be the loser in the conflict, if so, take it all on board, process what was said and then let it go. It may leave a sour taste in your mouth but at least you have learned something valuable for the future. It may even give you the wisdom to choose your battles a lot more wisely.


This situation has been tough on everybody and you feel it is now time to draw a line under it. You could be a logger heads in a relationship where neither of you are going to win. So be the bigger person and stop the bickering and aim for a resolution to this unsettling energy. Seeking forgiveness is the right way forward now so that you can move on to peaceful pastures. You may even hold grudges from a volatile relationship with an ex who is still trying to hold onto you. Aim to let go of this anger and seek tranquillity within yourself so that you can focus on a more peaceful future and a happier you. Don’t allow yourself to feel that history will repeat itself if you have been involved in a lot of conflict from before. This is all about ending the resentment and moving on with a positive outlook.


You could be finding yourself in a situation wrought with conflict at the moment. You just want to let it all out and have your say, come what may. Stop yourself and think though, as what you say may cause you to be alienated and inadvertently make life worse for you. Ideally you want this bad feeling to end between the two of you so be the bigger person and offer an olive branch. It is not relevant who said and did what, it is now time to seek forgiveness and a resolution to this ongoing battle. You just want it all to end so that you can move on and find yourself in a more positive environment. Don’t say anything you may regret later and know that all of this bad feeling will steer you well for any future conflict. It will also give you the wisdom to possibly choose your battles more wisely to avoid further hurt and sadness.


There may be a certain person in your life at the moment who is driving you crazy! You are both not seeing eye to eye and this is leading to more conflict and arguments. You feel that you need to win this battle as you think that you are in the right. Their words and behaviour keep coming into your mind which is breeding resentment and anger. You just want to say one more thing so that you feel you have triumphed over this situation. Will this really get you anywhere though? Don’t you think you are just keeping yourself in a negative energy state by fuelling this conflict? Deep down the answer is yes, so be the bigger person and aim to seek a resolution in this situation. By letting go of everything that has been said and done will clear your mind and make room for a more positive energy as you move on.


In the past you could have been in a volatile relationship or experienced conflict with a close loved one. You felt angry and affronted by their words and behaviour which lead to a prolonged battle of wills. You may regret what you said or you may even feel it was needed at the time. Either way, learn from what happened. You may even hold resentment for this person but if they are still in your life it really is time to draw a line and move on. Perhaps be the bigger person and offer an apology just to get you out of this period of ill feeling. It will clear your energy so you can embrace your future with more positivity. Sometimes we need to choose our battles more wisely. It is far wiser to hold in what you have to say to avoid conflict and bad feeling all round. You may be in the right but is it really worth the aggravation and upset? Only you can decide that. Learn from this situation and resolve to deal with any further conflict in a more controlled and compassionate manner.


You could be entering into a really busy phase coming up where you just want to go, go, go! It is ok to drive yourself forward but not when it is detrimental to your health and wellbeing. If you start finding yourself tired emotionally and physically you really must take some time out and rest up. Think about planning a quick break or going to a place that brings you peace and joy. You may already be starting to feel yourself tire, so know that in the near future you must take some personal time to review what has taken place and how you are with everything in your life. Focus on a personal goal that sees you resting and withdrawing enough to keep you strong for the next leg of your project or goal. Meditating would be a great way to quieten your mind or even a quick workout at the gym. Whatever floats your boat in the relaxation arena, take strides to look after yourself and enjoy the down time.


Sometimes when we are faced with someone who riles us, we just want to shoot from the hip and let them have it! You may be having your buttons pushed by someone in your life and you are near to exploding point. This is the time to pull yourself in and think about what you are going to say or do next. By letting it all out in one fell swoop you could be creating a lot of conflict and resentment if you are not careful. It doesn’t matter who is in the right or who is in the wrong, if you say things that you may later regret you are going to be creating a situation that may be to your detriment. Think before you speak and try and see a way forward where you offer an apology or reach some form of truce. If you go in guns blazing you could be creating a lot of upset in your near future.


There is someone around you at the moment who is like a dog with a bone. They will not let go of this argument and are keeping you in a permanent energy of resentment and anger. This conflict is affecting your judgement where you may have said or done things that you regret. You are seeing a nastier side of yourself which deep down you really don’t like. By allowing this battle to rage you are fuelling nothing but negative energy which can be to your detriment and those around you. Don’t allow this person or situation to get to you any longer as you may find that you will isolate yourself from others that are involved. Change your approach and seek to end this with a truce or an apology. It may not sit well with you but it has got to be far better than this endless bad feeling. Be the bigger person, aim for an end to this conflict and focus on moving on leaving all that has been said and done behind.


Things aren’t going great at the moment with a loved one. You seem to be at logger heads and feel the need to snipe at each other at every given opportunity. You hope that a resolution can soon be attained with this situation as quite frankly the conflict is draining you and leaving you feeling nothing but resentment. You want to offer an olive branch just to get some peace back into your life but you fear it may be rejected leaving you in a weaker position. You may even fear that the way you have acted has brought repercussions that can’t be taken back. The best way forward is to continually seek a truce and be the bigger person despite who is wrong or right in this situation. By clearing the air and moving on you will find that you are a lot more positive and wiser. You are hoping for this all to end, so make the first move with compassion and forgiveness in mind so that peace can be restored.


If you don’t hold back on the situation that you find yourself in at the moment you could be headed for a whole load of conflict and upset. You may have someone in your life who does not see your point of view and is treating you unjustly or behaving in an argumentative manner. Even if they are in the wrong and you see the whole thing as totally unjust, think before you speak or act. You could, if you let it all out be putting yourself on the front line for a serious battle of wills which could see you being the loser. To end this conflict, think about aiming for a truce or offering an olive branch as this will make for a happier you. Lose the resentment and ill feeling as this will make you the better person. If you start shouting the odds this could be to your detriment and also alienate you form others involved. Let it go, move on and keep your thoughts to yourself. Choosing your battles wisely is a far better option than fighting everyone that causes you frustration.

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