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It is time to step out from your life and embrace solitude. You have reached a milestone where you now need to rest and recharge your batteries. You may have just been through trauma, stress or some life change that now requires you to withdraw and review everything that has happened. This is not the time to make decisions or take on new projects. You must look within yourself and evaluate all of the positives and negatives that have happened recently. Meditate, go out in nature, go on a retreat, do anything that stills your mind, body and soul at this time. You must reconnect with your inner self before moving on. Even the most strongest and driven of people need time out as there is only so much the body and mind can take.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

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This is the time where solitude and contemplation is your best friend. Even the most driven people need to take time out to recharge their batteries. You could be recovering from a loss, trauma or heart break and now find yourself in a space where you need to draw breath, absorb everything that has taken place and be kind to yourself. Try meditating to de clutter your mind or take yourself anywhere that brings you calm and tranquillity. Now is not the time to make any plans or forge ahead. Rest up and do nothing but review what has taken place and reflect on everything that has happened. Withdraw from the world as much as you can and relish in this isolation until you feel ready to start moving forwards again.

If you continue the way you are, you are going to head towards a complete burn out. You have been pushing yourself too hard in a work situation, at home or caring for others. You must retreat and re charge your batteries as your body is telling you that you have pushed it just a bit too far. You may be feeling restless and frustrated as you want everything yesterday but if you carry on pushing yourself, something will give. It’s ok to be busy but if it is affecting your mental and wellbeing it really is time to take a break, go on a short trip or literally close the door and do nothing. Alternatively you may be suffering from the ramifications of not changing a stale situation whether in your private or work life. By not making moves when you should have you are now finding out that your procrastination has just made matters worse.

You so want everything to be done yesterday! There is nothing wrong with wanting to succeed with a project but you are mindful that you need to rest. You may be realising that you need some time out from your busy schedule. You want to be able to withdraw and reflect on everything that has taken place. To take a short trip or go somewhere that makes you feel calm and relaxed is what you are aiming for. You are listening to your body and know that withdrawing just for a while will be so beneficial. Don’t let the pressures of work or other’s needs force you to carry on. You are right in feeling the need for a break, so keep focused on resting at the moment. Your projects and goals aren’t going anywhere, so chill out and refresh your mind body and soul.

Your mind keeps pushing you to carry on with your endeavours. Whether this is work, caring for others or a busy schedule, you keep telling yourself that you must soldier on. This is a time to stop these thoughts in their tracks as you really do need to rest up. Your mind is telling you to keep on going, where your body is crying out for some rest and relaxation. You must listen to your body and withdraw from this hectic schedule. Go to a place that brings you peace or even think about meditating. Whatever quietens your mind right now has to be implemented. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep going but if you are doing it on an empty battery you will soon burn out and get nothing achieved. Rest up, embrace the solitude and charge those flat batteries.

In the past you found yourself pushing and pushing to get something accomplished. You worked so hard that you nearly burned yourself out. You could have actually burned out and had to take some time to recuperate. You were mindful to not let this happen again, but where are you now? It may be that you are yet again pushing yourself too hard with work, caring for others or just on personal goals. You must learn from your past mistakes and go easy on yourself. Take some time out, rest up and go find a place that brings you peace and relaxation. Search within and connect with your higher self. The more that you do this, the more you can monitor when your mind and body needs some time out. By being in synch with yourself, you will know when to retreat and embrace some solitude. This will ensure that you never reach burn out again.

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You could be entering into a really busy phase coming up where you just want to go, go, go! It is ok to drive yourself forward but not when it is detrimental to your health and wellbeing. If you start finding yourself tired emotionally and physically you really must take some time out and rest up. Think about planning a quick break or going to a place that brings you peace and joy. You may already be starting to feel yourself tire, so know that in the near future you must take some personal time to review what has taken place and how you are with everything in your life. Focus on a personal goal that sees you resting and withdrawing enough to keep you strong for the next leg of your project or goal. Meditating would be a great way to quieten your mind or even a quick workout at the gym. Whatever floats your boat in the relaxation arena, take strides to look after yourself and enjoy the down time.

You know that you are running on empty at the moment. You may be frustrated because you want to achieve something in work or in your personal life but have you got the energy to see this through without damaging your wellbeing? You pretty much know the answer to this one, so take some time out and rest! Your body is tired and you know it. Your mind just needs to focus on nothing at the moment so it can declutter what has taken place. Go on a short break, seek relaxing spaces in nature and recharge that tired mind and body. You know that once you have taken this precious time to re balance you will be strong enough to continue in your endeavours.

If you had a wish right now it would be to escape these people or a situation that has your mind and body reeling with the effort of it all! You may be doing far too much for others at the moment or are feeling that you must do certain things to keep people happy. It is time to stop and say no to other’s demands and start to take care of yourself. You are running on empty and if you don’t take measures to rest up and withdraw you are going to head towards a major burn out. Draw a line, establish your boundaries and put yourself first. You need to relax, take some time out and replenish your energy. It is not the time to forge ahead or make new plans. Just stop, go to places that relax you and do not allow other people to force you to keep going. In your solitude reflect on what you give to others, perhaps it’s time to let them take more of the load allowing you to maintain a healthy way of being.

You have been working so hard on a personal or work project that you may have ignored the fact that you are pretty tired. You may be hoping that if you give this one more shove you can rest up afterwards but really you need to step back right now. Your mind and body need some peace and quiet, so you must withdraw and seek some solitude. You fear that if you put the brakes on now this will jeopardise the outcome of your project or goal, but believe me it won’t. By not resting up you may make mistakes and even reach total burn out. Better to get some rest in now and replenish your batteries so you that can see this goal come to a successful end without sacrificing your own wellbeing. A happier, healthier you will reap better results.

If you don’t stop yourself now and take a break you could be entering into a time where you will burn yourself out physically and mentally. We all like to forge ahead on something we are passionate about. We also like to be the rock for others and do everything we can for them. The problem is your mind and body is telling you now that you need some rest and need to take some time out. Listen to your body and seek some solitude where you can reflect on why you push yourself so hard and how you can rectify this. Take a short break or go to somewhere that brings nothing but peace and relaxation. If you do this now your future will thank you for it and deliver the results that you want.

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