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If there was ever a time of you being in your own personal power it is now. You have ascertained the wheat from the chaff and have stood firm in your findings. You have stepped back and seen the situation and the people in it with clarity and impartiality. People may even come to you for advice as you see things without emotion or prejudice. You might even be entering into a phase of life that may require an impartial professional to help bring about a satisfactory ending. This could be a judge, lawyer, tax consultant or financial advisor. You may be needing expert advice from a trusted professional who can put you on the right track with their acumen and professionalism. Either way, power to sort out any difficulty that you are entering into is abundant. Be fair however, take others views into consideration to show how balanced you really are.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

You are detached from any emotion right now and this serves you well. Emotion will only slow the proceedings, so continue to draw upon your intellect and logic. You have managed to get to a state of being that has earned you respect as you have proven yourself as a fair and strong leader. You have remained impartial, have cut to the chase on all matters of importance and have stayed focused on the end game. You may even at this point have life changing events where you made need professional legal or financial advice. Draw upon these knowledgeable people as they will help you end this cycle that you find yourself in. If you haven’t done this yet, it may be prudent to look for a specialist that can help you in the near future.

You may be feeling scattered at the moment as events overwhelm you and leave your mind reeling. This is creating delay and may be stopping you from carrying out important objectives or failing to make the right decision. You must try hard to get some balance back into your life and start looking at your situation with clarity and intellect rather than unchecked emotion. Alternatively you could be under the influence of a manipulative person either in a work or personal situation. They do not have your interests at heart and will use you to get exactly where they want to be. They have switched off the empathy button and will take you for granted as long as you will allow them to. It is time to start gaining control of your life in either situation.

You are finally learning that making important decisions in life can only be achieved by removing emotional thought processes and replacing them with logic and intellect. You know that you are in complete control and have a great team around you either in a personal or work environment. Your strong stand point has put you in good stead as you rule with a firm but fair hand. This has brought a lot of respect your way, so make sure you continue to appreciate the support of your peers rather than take them for granted. You are heading in the right direction to achieve everything that you want, just don’t ruin it by letting it go to your head.

You keep getting thoughts in your head that are pushing you to get to the truth of a situation. This could be work or personal, either way, you’re going to get to the heart of the matter if you get rid of all of this worry and racing thoughts. By removing the emotion form this situation or person you are going to get to the root of the matter a far lot quicker. You can then make calm and clear decisions accordingly. Your worries are projecting this situation and making it worse. Be heard, deal with the matter up front which will most probably see you realising that it wasn’t as bad as you thought. It’s time to lead by example, stand strong and stick up for what you believe. Don’t be sitting in the shadows waiting for everything to unfold, grab hold of it and get it brought to the light so that it can be sorted.

In the past you may have had to dig exceptionally deep to deal with a financial or personal situation that needed professional advice and a very strong mind. You learned that by leading with emotion wasn’t getting you anywhere. You learned a valuable lesson from this event and taught yourself to see all challenges from an intellectual point of view. You saw the truth for what it was and acted accordingly. Now you stand strong and independent and can pretty much face anything without falling to pieces. You have gained personal strength and confidence that stands you in good stead for any further challenges. Value this past event as it has made for a far better you.

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You may be coming into a period where you have to dig deep and rely on your intellect as this challenge comes along. It could be work or personal but either way you may have to seek advice from a professional to help you get through this. Be aware not to bring unnecessary emotion into this situation. Try and deal with it by being thorough, calm and logical. You have to remind yourself that you are stronger than you realise and can pretty much handle anything. You can relate to the people around you who have your back and can support you. This is just another hurdle that with intellect and focus, you can hop over and be thoroughly prepared for the next one as it comes along.

You know that you have never been stronger and more focused in your life. You are in complete control and have everything exactly where you need it to be. You have learned that adding ego and emotion into the mix clouds your vision. By looking at your situation with logic and intellect you have seen it for the truth that it is and have acted accordingly. You think before you speak, you know that you can lead people either in a work or personal environment and now you know that they will follow. You are independent and are now standing strong in any challenge. Just be wary not to allow any delusions of grandeur to spoil this perfect position that you find yourself in. Be a leader, but earn respect don’t command it.

There are a lot of strong wills roaming around at the moment and I do hope that you are one of them! If you are not then you are possibly being manipulated by someone in your work or personal life. They are using you to get what they want and you have to make a stand to stop this. You may have had your suspicions and that is because your intuition has been telling you that they are taking you for granted. Stand strong, be heard and stop this situation continuing. You are stronger than you think, so deal with this person without emotion and put them in their place. You will feel so much better for doing it and will earn the respect of others who will see you standing your ground.

You are standing strong at the moment and feel that you can just about cope with anything. You hope this strength remains with you as you negotiate life’s challenges whether in work or in your personal life. You have mastered looking at situations with intellect rather than emotion and are seeing the positive results. This is making for a better balanced personal life or if you are in a work environment you are seeing a team pull together for you. You are leading with a firm but fair hand and can see that your no nonsense approach is working. However you fear that sometimes you may be pushing people too hard or are allowing this hardened shell to overwhelm your soft side. This could be relevant so check that you are balanced in encouraging people along with respect rather than cracking the whip a little too much.

There may be a situation coming up that needs you to stand strong and value what you believe in. This could either by a work or personal situation, but either way you may need some professional advice to achieve a favourable outcome. This is a time that if you don’t look at this with intellect you may come a cropper. Try and rid yourself of any emotions as they rise during this situation as they will cloud your judgement. You are stronger than you think, so take a breath, stay calm and deal with everything as it comes with patience and most of all grace. You will get to the heart of the matter a lot quicker if you stay focused and grounded. You can easily get through this as long as you stand firm and allow yourself to be heard.

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