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You are fuelled with ambition, drive and the need for success at this time. Nothing is going to hold you back as you throw yourself into this new project! Your mission is to succeed at all costs whether this is a personal objective, work opportunity or just a new hobby. Guns are blazing as you forge forward with this new concept. But have a little look before you forge ahead. Have you dotted the I’s and crossed the T’S? Carefully plan and prepare for this new endeavour, as you could find yourself falling at the first hurdle. A little planning and preparation can go a long way in manifesting your goals. Your intellect is key to accomplishing your end game, so gallop ahead but check the terrain first.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

You are on fire at the moment and nothing is stopping you! Whatever you are focusing on, you have your eyes on the prize and will stop at nothing to get what you want. Your ambition, motivation and drive to succeed has you forging ahead with endless energy. It’s all well and good galloping into this project, goal or mission but be mindful to check that you have planned out a solid route. By rushing in with all of this excitement you may miss some finer points that could have you falling at the first hurdle. By all means throw everything you’ve got into it, but make sure all areas are covered.

Whoa! Time to pull back and have a little look at what is going on here. You are literally bursting with energy and if you are not too careful you are going to explode! You could either be champing at the bit to get a project started but you have to wait on other people or the situation is being delayed. This is driving you crazy! Alternatively you could be juggling with many balls in your court and wanting to attempt smashing all of the challenges at the same time. This is creating a high amount of energy being burned with none of your projects really going anywhere. It is time to regroup, take a break, chill out and identify priorities rather than all of this chaos going on. You may also need to go it alone for a while which will highlight your amazing potential and strengthen your independence.

You are literally bursting at the seams to get your project or goal underway. You have had it rattling around inside you, all of these ideas and concepts to make this successful. You want everything to be yesterday though! You are totally capable of pulling this off as you have amazing intellect and your ambition is second to none, but you must have patience. By wading in with no solid plan could see you falling at the first hurdle. So let your creativity fly, focus your energy on the end goal but make sure everything is done with diligence and efficiency. You have got this in the bag, just prioritise, operate precision planning and make this one of the best achievements of this year. The aim of the game is to forge ahead but have no negative consequences.

You are like a volcano inside, bubbling away to the point of bursting! Your mind is keeping you busy with certain projects that you want to get underway or an idea that is ready to go. The reason this project is driving you crazy is because it definitely is the right way forwards and it will succeed. You know this and that is why it is in your head twenty four seven. You need to write out your plan as all of the thoughts connecting to this idea are running around in your head unchecked. It’s bringing a bit of confusion at the moment and could burn you out if you are not careful. Plan out what you want to achieve first and then roll with it. You have the intellect, the ambition and the motivation to succeed, just be a little patient as you forge ahead.

You are a driven person who gives it their all when you have a project to complete or a goal to be met. Your fiery passion for success and motivation is second to none when you have something to work towards. This happened in the past with a work project or personal goal. You’d put every bit of energy into the situation but found yourself a little burned out. It was perhaps because you went in all guns blazing and didn’t plan as diligently as you should have. You could have either not succeeded as much as you wanted to or burned out before the project even came to a successful end. Either way you took too much on your shoulders and didn’t look at any consequences of your actions. This new opportunity that surrounds you now though has the benefit of hindsight. You are going to throw yourself into a new project but have the knowledge of forward planning and working at a healthy pace.

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There is soon going to be a lot of excitement around you and it has to do with a long awaited project or goal getting off the ground. You are so motivated and up for the challenge as you know you have the ability to take this all the way to success. All of your ideas are firing at full speed at the moment as you think of ways to carry this situation through. You are very ambitious and cannot wait to get started. But do be careful, don’t go in guns blazing and miss fine details that could bring this project crumbling to the ground. Also make sure that you prioritise what needs to be done as if you take on too much you could see yourself burning out and not being able to give this project the justice it so richly deserves.

You have always seen yourself as a reliable, motivated and capable person. Your communication skills and intellect have served you well on work projects that you have taken on as well as personal achievements that you have succeeded in. When you master a craft you really do become an expert and give it your all to succeed. You know that you can handle a lot of pressure and almost thrive on it. So be mindful when the next exciting opportunity or challenge comes up to prioritise your time and chores. You don’t want to have your head filled with overwhelming ideas and concepts as well as running around like a headless chicken. Take a breath, plan wisely and pace yourself. This project will succeed, especially if you attack it with diligence, patience, logic and planning.

If you don’t take some time out from all of this chaos soon, your head will literally explode. You have a lot going on around you at the moment and sometimes you really don’t know where to start. It seems you are running around trying to fix everything and steer projects along but are not getting anywhere with any of them. You have taken on too much. You know that you are capable, motivated and ambitious but there is only so much you can cope with before you start to burn out. Avoid the burn out and start saying no to people or projects that are just overwhelming you. Prioritise what you want to achieve and let the less important things go. By forming a solid plan on manageable projects you will succeed and achieve your goals far more efficiently.

You are fit to burst at the moment as you start a project or goal with enthusiasm. It is so exciting to finally see your efforts and concepts lift off and gallop head at full speed. You hope that all of the effort and energy that you have put in is going to reap dividends and create a fantastic sense of achievement and even help you to improve your status. Taking on projects though does need forward planning and monitoring each step of the way. You do worry that what you have dreamed of might not be as successful as you imagined. You can nip this worry in the bud if you take each stage as it comes and do not rush ahead through impatience. This has been well thought out, so don’t ruin it by rushing and making mistakes that could bring unwelcome consequences. Slow and steady wins the race.

Wow you have so much going on at the moment and it all feels so exciting. You may have new opportunities and projects that are starting off and adding to your other commitments which is testing you to the core. You love to be challenged though, it fits in with your drive, ambition and motivation. You know that you can handle a lot of balls in the air but this is just a gentle reminder to not be too complacent on how many balls that you throw up. If you take on too much you will open yourself up to making mistakes and burning yourself out. Quality far outweighs quantity, so if you are finding yourself tiring a bit and making silly mistakes it’s time to let some of your commitments go and work on just the ones that you can handle and bring to a successful conclusion.

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