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Your obsessive anxious thoughts and worries are overwhelming you right now. This could be leading to sleepless nights and panic attacks. You are allowing all of this negativity to outweigh the positives in your life. You may be projecting your problems and worries that haven’t even happened yet! By allowing this stress and traumatised thought process to invade your psyche you are possibly creating your future reality. If we concentrate too much on our thoughts we manifest them into our lives. You need to replace each negative thought with a positive one based on your current situation. If your predicament is too demanding or you are feeling depressed with these controlling thoughts, seek help. This may be with a trusted friend or even a counsellor. It is time to rid yourself of this anxiety and negative thought processes. You deserve better!

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

Wow you really have taken your fears to the next level! You may be obsessively worrying about things in your life to such a degree that you can’t even sleep at night! Your negative thoughts and racing mind are in overdrive at the moment. Firstly you need to stop, take a breath and look at what you are worrying about. Are your fears valid or are you just projecting a bad outcome? Sometimes when we allow our fears and negative thoughts to run away with us, we can manifest them into reality. By allowing ourselves to constantly think of the worst case scenario, we inadvertently cause it to happen in real life. It is time to gain control over these relentless thoughts and stop them in their tracks. Every time you have a negative thought replace it with a positive one and what you value in life because if you are not careful, you will reside in nothing but fear, worry and negativity.

You are completely gripped by fear at the moment to the extent that your life and wellbeing has been seriously damaged. You are in inner turmoil and have allowed your thoughts to make things seem a lot worse than they really are. You could be in the deepest depths of depression and can find no way forward. This may also be assisted with negative views of yourself and not liking who you are at all. It is time for you to stop this and find ways to bring mindfulness and positivity into your life. Seeking help from a trusted loved one or even a professional therapist will help you eradicate this state that you find yourself in. Alternatively you could have identified your deteriorating mental health and have opted for recovery and asking for help. If you have, keep it going, you have got this.

You are striving for personal happiness at the moment but it is really tough. Things have happened in your life that have brought you down to a low view of yourself or have left you awake at night with worried thoughts and a racing mind. All you want to do is be happy and not have these irritating thoughts of fear and worry. You could be projecting your fears so much that you are struggling to see the reality of a situation. Is it really as bad as you think? Ideally you need to reach out and have a trusted friend on your side who you can share all of these niggling worries with. You need to replace each negative thought and worry with a positive one. Try and see the glass half full at the moment because if you continue to think that the worse will happen, it almost certainly will.

You are not liking yourself very much at the moment. The thoughts, worries and fears that are rattling through your head twenty four seven are overwhelming you and almost taking over your life. Your low self-esteem and negative outlook is bringing you down and even keeping you awake at night. Yes there may be challenges now and then in life but by allowing your fears to run away with themselves is going to bring nothing but more stress and anxiety to the table. You keep thinking that every scenario is going to end up worse than what it really is. By projecting your fears on everything that you are experiencing there is a danger of you manifesting all of this negativity into reality. Stop it in its tracks by sharing with a trusted loved one and asking for help. Replace all of your fears with hope before it overwhelms you.

There was a darkness in your past that you never want to return to. You either experienced a deep depression or had an event that made you fear life itself and kept you awake at night. The negative thoughts we have can lead to further thoughts and if not checked can have us spiralling into negativity and hopelessness. You allowed this to happen and experienced a dark phase that consumed all of the light in your life. You recovered well however and are mindful to never go back to this space. Things around you bring challenge now but remind yourself to keep the positives in your mind rather than the negatives. This is a great way to exist as the past no longer serves you but your present and future does. You are doing well, you are mastering negative thought patterns and most of all are not allowing one thought to spiral into a whirlwind of fear and worry.

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If you leave your current thoughts unchecked you are heading for a mini disaster. Something has happened in your life which has sent you reeling and fearing every outcome that you can think of! Your racing thoughts and anxiety are keeping you up at night as you play out each horrendous scenario after another. Is it really that terrible though? Are your spiralling thoughts fuelling a situation which in reality isn’t really that bad? Take a breath and think clearly on this situation. Look at the reality of it and analyse how much of your own fears you have invested into this to make it worse. If you are not careful your fears and negative thoughts will dedicate themselves so much to this situation you could find yourself manifesting everything that you don’t want to happen into reality. Stop the negativity in its tracks by replacing it with positive thoughts because if you allow your fears to continue you really are setting yourself up for a dismal future.

Wow, you really are on a downer at the moment and really are not in love with yourself. Everything you have to say about yourself is negative and you perceive yourself as a failure or weak. You have had a situation in your life that has brought you down to a level of hopelessness that is keeping you awake at night. You may be feeling depressed and may be projecting you fears and negativity in every aspect of your life. Nothing seems bright and you really can’t get out of these obsessive thoughts of doom and disaster. Your thoughts have outweighed the reality of the situation, it really isn’t as bad as you think. It is time to share your thoughts and worries with someone you trust and take lengths to introduce positive affirmations into your mind no matter how tough it is. Mindfulness and meditation may help you get out of this rut. By changing nothing, nothing will change.

Your life at the moment is being tainted by your over worrying and obsessive thoughts. Everything, no matter how small is being blown up in your eyes as a catastrophe! When we allow our negative thoughts to go awry, they will just grow and grow into something ugly that blurs your reality. These thoughts are most probably keeping you awake at night. The more you worry the more you feel helpless and have a lowered opinion of yourself. You must seek the strength within to make an effort to stop these thoughts as they lead to negative emotion and behaviour. The more you focus on them the more you are in danger of manifesting everything that you fear into reality. Ask for help from a trusted source and share your worries, this really will help. Adopt mindfulness, relaxation techniques and perhaps mediation to quieten the demons that have been running your life. It really isn’t as bad as you are making it to be.

You want to have nothing in your life but happiness, health, wealth and abundance. You also want to be strong enough to deal with anything that comes your way with grace and diligence. You hope you are that person that can maintain positivity during adversity. The problem is you have slipped down the slope in the past where your obsessive negative thoughts and worries created a not too pleasant life to live in. You fear that when the next low ball comes you may sink back in to this helpless state where your anxiety kept you up at night. Don’t allow this fear to take a grip and start to grow in your consciousness on the next challenge. You have successfully moved on from this so don’t succumb to the demons when life gets tough. You are stronger than you think, never forget that.

If you don’t stop these racing thoughts and obsessive worries you are in for a dismal future. Worrying does not help any situation it just fires us up to a frenzy of panic and stress when we don’t even know the outcome of the thing we are worrying about! Do not allow your negativity and anxiety to infiltrate your every waking thought. If you are not careful your fears will manifest into reality and you will attract exactly what you don’t want. These thoughts could be keeping you awake at night where you imagine worst case scenarios to your problem. This could cause depression, helplessness and a lack of self-love if left unchecked. It is time to stop these thoughts in their tracks with positive affirmations and analysis of the truth of the situation without your emotions butting in. Seek the advice of others and share your worries. Try everything you can to maintain a positive and healthy outlook on your situation now and for any future challenges.

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