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You are sitting in your full power at the moment! You have the ability to deal with others opinions and communication with intellect and astuteness. You can see through all the mist and pin point exactly where they are coming from and what their motives are. You are discerning and in complete control of your boundaries and what you require from other people. It is not that you don’t care, you just have the energy at the moment to see situations and people clearly with your head rather than your heart. You are seeking the truth of others and how it affects you. People that respect this strength in you will accept your boundaries and will invest a little further to see your softer side. Keep going, you are in your element of power and self-control!

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

You find yourself in the strongest mental state at the moment my dear friend and are using your intellect and perception to call the shots. You are working from your head and not being distracted by emotions and ego which is exactly where you need to be. People around you are respecting your boundaries and acting accordingly. It is not that you don’t care, you just want to cut through the nonsense and get to the heart of the matter of whatever surrounds you. This strong, resilient and focused energy that you are vibrating on now is perfect in contributing to your goals, belief systems and where you want to be. Stay in this state of being, you will succeed in anything that you want to achieve.

It’s time to sort the wheat from the chaff my dear friend! You are letting situations and people overwhelm you because you are not seeing the bigger picture. Emotion is overwhelming your perception and clouding the situation around you. It is time to look at a person or situation from an intellectual point of view rather than letting your heart get in the way. This doesn’t mean that you have to be cold hearted with no compassion but you really do need to toughen up and get to the truth of the matter rather than withdraw, worrying that you are going to upset someone or yourself. Alternatively you may have taken the resilient, no nonsense option a bit too far and are coming across as heartless and uncaring. Get the balance right between heart and head and you will succeed in your endeavours.

You have come so far in working on your boundaries. You have vowed to never be taken for granted again and will not fall for other people’s nonsense and manipulation. You are aiming to not let your heart rule your head which is a great way to be if you have to make important choices. This resilient side of you is met with respectful people around you who know they can be heard without you getting emotional and distracted. You no longer want to beat around the bush anymore with situations and people. Getting to the heart of the matter is what you are aiming for now in any given situation. You want to keep cool, keep focused and drive yourself forwards with strength and diligence. Well done you, at last you are seeing the results of your hard work!

You are trying and it looks like succeeding at the moment with an internal battle. You are trying to not allow emotions to interfere with your decision making. You have noticed that when a person challenges you or you need to make a decision in any given situation you immediately worry about their feelings or your own. You have noticed a pattern and are now trying to rectify it by aiming to get to the truth of the matter without any nonsense. You are seeing more clearly now and are making decisions from an intellectual stand point rather than with emotion. This is what’s needed to get you where you want to be. It doesn’t mean that you don’t care, it just means that you are sorting through the fluff and looking at the situation for what it really is without your heart getting involved.

In the past you have always allowed your heart to rule your head which has left you unhappy or you losing out on an opportunity. You may be an empath and have put other’s feelings and situations before your own. You have found that this hasn’t really got you anywhere in life. You have been mindful in starting to build boundaries and have seen more gratifying results when people are kept at a respectful distance. You have learned to start using your intellect more with people and in situations rather than letting your emotions cloud the truth. By getting to the heart of the matter and avoiding the white noise you are getting far more success than allowing feelings and ego to get in the way. It doesn’t mean that you have to be merciless and cold hearted, it just means that you have established personal strength. When you resonate intellect and resilience you attract respectful people and overcome challenges far easier.

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If you don’t get your head out of your heart anytime soon the situation that is around you will not go how you want it to. Sometimes you can make the wrong decisions or allow people to get their own way because your emotions cloud your view. It is time to toughen up and start dealing with people or a situation with intellect rather than emotion. Aim to get to the truth of the matter without all the fluff and nonsense or you will end up losing out on new opportunities that are coming your way. Set up some tough boundaries, allow your head to rule your heart and become a bit more resilient. By doing this your future will be a lot clearer and you certainly will start to achieve whatever you want.

You have pretty much smashed it and know that you have the confidence now to deal with any situation or person with intellect and logic. You have mastered listening to your head first rather than letting your heart and the emotions with it cloud your view. You have become far more perceptive in situations and by building your boundaries you have attracted people that see you in a stronger light. By getting to the heart of the matter in any given challenge you have made your life so much simpler. You are achieving so much more personally and professionally by being resilient and prudent. Keep on going in this state of being, you will achieve everything that you set out to do.

You need to step back and look at what a certain person is doing right now as they may be manipulating you. They know that you are a sensitive person and may be pulling on your heart strings. What you need to ask yourself is are you looking at this situation with your head or your heart? When we are faced with dilemmas and making decisions we sometimes may allow emotion to overwhelm us and make the wrong choice. Be mindful to look at this situation with a logical mind and call on your intellect rather than what your heart is saying. By letting your head rule, you will get to the truth of the matter and see this for what it is far quicker.

You are hoping at the moment that you are dealing with any challenges in your life with an iron grip. You are trying to use your intellect to make decisions rather than getting everything clouded by allowing your emotional side to interfere. You may also be trying to use this strength with people. You are wanting to get to the heart of the matter and cut out all of the rubbish. You want to maintain respectful boundaries and make sure that everything that you say and do is from resilience and a cool head rather than an over emotional heart. You could be smashing this and making great moves but you do fear that you are being too cold hearted or overbearing. Take a breath and make sure that you have this perfectly balanced so as to not cause any upset.

Things could get a little troublesome if you don’t start looking at situations with more intellect. Likewise, overbearing people could outstep their mark if you don’t start working your personal or professional boundaries. Make sure that any given situation is looked at and dealt with from a place of logic rather than emotion. If you get too emotional, you may get a clouded view of the truth. Take steps to cut out all of the nonsense, be resilient and diligently get to the heart of the matter before you find yourself making the wrong decisions. Letting your head rule on this situation will see a far better outcome as your heart could muddy the waters.

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