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Whether it is your choice or has been thrown upon you, you’re moving on from a situation. It could be a relationship, house move, job change or a life changing decision but all the same you have no choice, change is inevitable. As you say goodbye to this situation, do not allow the sadness to overwhelm you and be mindful that the mental baggage you are carrying from this situation needs to be lightened. Although hard at the time, this ending is bringing new opportunity and a new you but only if you’re prepared to leave old habits, behaviour and thought patterns behind. As your new journey starts, decide what to take with you as negativity will taint wherever you are heading. Do not dwell on the past, embrace your new future.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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In life change is inevitable. You may be going through a huge shift right now where you have to let go of what is familiar and sail into unknown waters. It could be leaving an old job, relationship, home or way of life behind but the fact is it is now in your past and you have to move on. You may have chosen this route or it was thrown upon you, either way it is time to draw on your inner reserves by looking ahead and not behind. This could be the making of you but only if you take on these new challenges with courage and focus. Be mindful not to hold on to mental baggage from the past as this could affect your future. Be prepared to leave old beliefs, habits, thought patterns and behaviour behind as you are now being provided with a fresh canvas. It is up to you to paint an amazing future or taint the picture with past baggage that no longer serves you. Be the captain of your own ship and sail to new pastures with hope and excitement in your heart.

Sometimes we opt for the easier route where even if we are not happy, we would rather be miserable than make terrifying change. Deep down you know that you must make this change but the idea of being in unfamiliar territory is beyond daunting. It is time to look within yourself and find that inner strength that will drive you to make change and improve your situation. Stop holding on to something that no longer serves you. This situation is not going to go away so you must push yourself beyond your comfort zone and move on. By moving on you will discover that you are stronger than you think. The discomfort that you are feeling is a sign of personal growth, so embrace it as you will surprise yourself on how it will radically change your behaviour, perceptions and self-belief.

You are finding yourself in a situation at the moment where you are clearly unhappy. Whether it is a relationship, job or personal circumstance you know in your heart that you must make change for the better. Despite the fear, you want to make change and go into unfamiliar territory as it has to be better than what you are feeling right now. As you take the first step towards what you truly want in life you will realise that you are a lot stronger than you think. Move on and know that whatever compromise or efforts you have to make, it really will be worth it. The need to make the change is showing you that you deserve this and are growing in more ways than one. You are aiming for happiness and a better way of life and want to leave all that no longer serves you behind. Go for it, this change will serve you well and you know it.

No matter how hard you try your inner child is telling you that it isn’t happy. You are trying with all of your might to avoid the inevitable which is moving on from this situation. The more you resist, the longer you are leaving yourself in this unhappy way of being. You know that you have to move on but the feelings that arise on knowing that you are moving into unknown territory terrify you. The thoughts and feelings will not leave you, you have to face the fact that this situation is no longer viable. So listen to your inner self and make the changes in your life that will make for a far happier you. Leave all that no longer serves you behind. With each step that you take into the unknown, you will feel your inner child smiling, emboldening you to carry on to this fresh new life.

You have moved on from something in the past that no longer serves you. It was hard to make the change but you either had no choice or you knew you had to move on for a happier life. You may be in unfamiliar territory and experiencing challenges on the way but at least you broke free and changed your destiny. Be mindful though that the past is now behind you, it serves nothing in your present or future. So if you are still holding onto thoughts, feelings, habits and behaviours that hindered you in the past they will certainly affect your future. Be mindful to let go of what no longer serves you as it could taint your bright new horizon. By lightening the load, you will find yourself growing quicker and adapting magnificently to what your new life may bring.

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You can feel it coming and it scares you to death. You find yourself in a situation that no longer serves you. Whether this is a relationship, job or personal issue, you know that you have to move on from it and let it go. The thought of travelling into unknown territory is overwhelming but you know it has to happen. Change your thought process and see this situation as a fresh new start with exciting new opportunities. Nostalgia, old habits and thought patterns will not take you to where you want to go. This is coming whether you like it or not so burying your head in the sand is really not going to help. Dig deep and find the courage to make this change looking ahead and not behind you. Holding on to the past will taint your future. View your future as a blank canvas waiting to be filled with colour and creativity. You are stronger than you think and you will realise this as you take your first step to a new way of life.

You see yourself as a survivor. Come what may you dig deep, brush yourself down from any disappointment and push forwards. So why is it that this new change which is about to take place stops you in your tracks? Whether this is moving on from an old job, relationship or personal issue you know that you have to keep moving forwards or you will never be happy. This could have even be forced upon you and you have had no choice in the matter. Whatever the situation, think on all the challenges that you have had in the past and how you have survived every one of them. This is no different, it just needs you to be courageous and believe that you can move on from this with finesse and strength. Leave behind what no longer serves you and embrace this change as an exciting opportunity to improve everything that you have been missing out on.

You could be faced with the end of a relationship or be in a job that you really don’t want to do anymore. Whatever the situation it is, it is impressing upon you on a daily basis that you have to put your big pants on and make the change. The situation around you no longer serves you and by ignoring it or hoping it will improve really won’t get you anywhere. It may be that you have no choice in the matter and the world around you has caused you to have to make this huge shift. Gain control and start to make courageous steps to move on and leave behind what no longer serves you. Nostalgia always hits us when we have to move into unfamiliar territory, this could weaken your disposition so be mindful to unload any mental baggage or thought processes. By having a lighter load, you will sail along a lot easier into this new and exciting part of your life.

You desperately hope that the situation that you find yourself in will improve without you having to do anything. But be honest with yourself, it really is time to call this a day. You know that you are not happy but the thought of change terrifies you. Better the devil you know, right? Wrong! The only way for you to achieve personal happiness is to be courageous and move on embracing change. You are worried that you will be out in the world alone without any support but when you make the change you will realise that the Universe will support you as this is your true path, not sitting back hoping it will all get better. Let go of any mental baggage that connects you to the old situation or person as having a clear mind will serve you well for the future. It’s time to let go, accept this shift and change your perception because this is going to happen whether you like it or not.

You are entering into a phase where you are having to face massive change in your life. This could have come out of the blue or you have decided it yourself. It will be daunting and it will be unfamiliar, but it is needed for you to find your true happiness. This situation is not going to go away, so you can either ignore it to your detriment or go with the flow and draw on your inner strength. If you hold on to what no longer serves you your future will be tainted with your old habits, thought processes and belief systems. You will be struggling before you even start! Be mindful to declutter your mind and let go of old baggage that will weigh you down. By keeping your head up and focusing on a new bright future, the Universe will hear and deliver that. By fearing change and not wanting to sail into unfamiliar waters you will find yourself adrift with no real direction. You know what needs to be done, so do it.

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