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Ultimate betrayal, hurt, spite or pain has been heaped upon you from a person you loved or trusted. The pain is excruciating and feels so unjust. You literally have been stabbed in the back. The fact is that this ordeal has left you reeling and bathed in sadness. You must not play the victim and surround yourself in self-pity. Look at the situation, honour the grieving and start to look within to see the lessons you have learned and why this has happened. You serve nothing by giving up and sitting in the pain. Use this ordeal to help strengthen your boundaries, accept the change and move on with courage. Let the actions around the person that caused you harm go, as it will lighten your energy and speed up your grieving. This may have rocked you now, but trust in your heart that it will pass in time. Dust yourself down, take a deep breath and look to the future.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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Your world as you know it has ended. You have been hurt deeply by betrayal whether this is in a work, love or family situation. It has cut deep into the core of you as this has happened out of the blue with no warning. You feel inconsolable as you realise following what this person has done it will never be the same again. This is not the time to be a victim however hoping for pity and resisting the change. This is a time to reflect on what has happened and let go as we do not go through this pain for any reason. Dust yourself down, learn from the experience and make every effort to march forward as a stronger and wiser you. Understand that this person can no longer hurt you and know that you can now be free to reach your fullest potential. Onwards and upwards!

You could be in a negative situation at the moment but because you fear change you dwell in the misery of your existence. This could be an unfulfilling relationship, job or circumstance that puts a shiver up your spine when you think of moving on from it. All you are doing is delaying the inevitable so rip that plaster off and make the necessary changes to your life that are needed. Yes it will hurt for a while, but by making this change you will be opening your horizons up to exciting new opportunities, reinstating your self-worth and finally finding the happiness that you deserve. You could also be living in the past and not letting go of a painful situation. Be honest with yourself, if you are still harbouring bitter thoughts and emotions from the past then you know it is time to get rid of them once and for all. The good news is, this will all pass making for a stronger you. You may even be on that road to recovery already which is the best thing that you can do for yourself.

You know that the situation you find yourself in is not making you happy at all. Your intuition has told you countless times that the person you suspect of betrayal or hurting you is banged to rights but for some reason you can’t move on and end this once and for all. You are aiming to finally leave this behind and move on but the change terrifies you. You don’t want to, but you know it is the only way for you to find happiness and abundance. Yes it will hurt for a while, but no it won’t be forever. So keep focused on the end game which is being free of this situation or person and open to new experiences and exciting change. That’s what you want so what is stopping you? Keep focused, know that this has to end and concentrate on where you want to be rather than what you have to go through to get there.

It’s in the back of your mind and its there for a reason. You keep feeling that there is something wrong in a situation you are in or a person that is around you. The numbers just don’t add up which leaves you to calculate that there are some untruths or betrayal being aimed at you. You are right to think this, which is why your thoughts and intuition keep bugging you. It is time to move on from this situation or person that no longer serves you. Yes the change may be terrifying but why would you want to stay around this negativity and betrayal? You will be hurt, you will suffer emotionally but it won’t be forever. Let go and learn from this situation. The lessons will make for a stronger and wiser you. Focus on the freedom and happiness you will achieve rather than the misery of ending something that you know should have expired a long time ago.

You have been there, got the T shirt, mug and the matching earrings! Hurt, betrayal, lies and an ending to a relationship or situation left you reeling. It came out of the blue and turned you upside down. Initially you just wanted to pile in a heap and shut the world out hoping someone would take pity on you. You then realised this was getting you nowhere, so you stood up, learned from this pain and marched forward vowing never to get hurt that deeply again. What you now have to ask yourself is have you truly let go of this painful past? Do you still hold emotions that connect to this situation or person? If the answer is yes seek ways to finally end this connection. We can all physically move on from something, but we also have to mentally move on as well. If you can honestly say to yourself that you feel nothing when you think of this then that’s great, but if you still harbour negative emotion, it’s time to act and get rid of this once and for all.

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You know it’s coming whether you like it or not. A relationship or situation is untenable and the end is nigh. It just isn’t working and to top it all you know that someone has been stabbing you in the back or betraying you. You must get control over this situation or person now rather than put off the inevitable through fear of change. It will hurt and you will be ending something very familiar but you know it is the only way that you can really find true happiness and reach your full potential. Be mindful when this happens to mentally move on from this situation as well as physically. Do not carry the burden of your pain into the next phase of your life. Be strong, learn everything you can from this experience and know that it has served to make you stronger and wiser for the future.

This is where you need to be careful as becoming a victim is really not going to make you shine as a person. A situation has unfolded where you have experienced hurt beyond words or have been betrayed by someone that you trusted. You want to get under a duvet and shut the world out playing the victim but that’s not really who you are. You know that you are a survivor and can manage this pain until it lessens. You have the knowledge and wisdom to know that this all happened for a reason and that you have learned a lot from it. You also know that despite fearing the change, you can adapt and go with whatever comes your way. Don’t be weakened by holding on to the past and what was done to you. Focus on your future, your potential and opening up your world to new and exciting opportunities. You’ve got this, it’s just part of life’s rich tapestry.

You are in a situation at the moment whether it is work or personal where you know that you are being lied to or stabbed in the back. The sense of betrayal is knocking you for six and what hurts even more is that you trusted this person implicitly or even loved them like no other. They have shown their true colours and this is the end of an era where they can no longer hurt you. So do not let your emotions bring about weakness. This should be a time to let go of this person or situation and have no fear in making change and moving forward. Self-pity is not an option, inner strength and focus is. They have spent far too long owning your emotions and wellbeing, it is now time to let go and move on to pastures new. As you heal you will know why this had to take place and remember the past is the past, leave it where it belongs.

This situation or person around you is really not serving you well. You feel that there is something not quite right. You may have uncovered lies or betrayal but are hoping this will not happen again and all will be well. Well this is you wake up call, it won’t! If you stay in this through fear of change the person or situation will have you as their target practice for as long as you allow it. You are terrified of leaving and making it out there on your own, but surely it will be worth it in the long run? You are not happy, you know that you’re being stabbed in the back so stop fearing the change and end this now. Move on, heal as you go and learn from this lesson that has happened for a reason. You will soon discover that your fears of moving on were unfounded as you find a new strength in your energy and embrace exciting new change. Just make sure you leave all of your emotions and thoughts behind with the person that betrayed you. The past stays where it is, in the past.

You have to be brave now and realise that this situation has to end. You are either being stabbed in the back by a work colleague, loved one or partner and enough is enough. You know that they haven’t got your best interests at heart, you may have even caught them out in a lie, but through fear of moving on you continue to be their target practice! If you don’t end this now and make change you are going to be in for a very dismal and unfulfilled future. You have to adopt some self-love here and realise that you deserve better, yes it’s going to sting and yes it’s going to break your heart. As you heal however, you will see how toxic everything was and that you have granted yourself the freedom now to reach your full potential and happiness. Don’t hang on to what this person did to you as you may as well still be there with them. Accept that this is the end of an era and check that you have no emotional attachment to this situation. If you do, seek ways to get it out of your system once and for all.

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