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You are in a whole world of pain right now. Someone’s intentions, words or behaviour have pierced your heart right out of the blue. It’s ok though, allow the tears to flow and let the pain pass right through you as we all have to grieve at times like these and experience heartbreak. The trick is not to hold on to what they have done. This situation needs for you to see the bigger picture. If you can try and see what drove them to do this, no doubt from weakness, you will feel compassion eventually rather than anger and sadness. Try and focus on the fact that this storm will pass only to lead to a rainbow in time. When you see the rainbow you will also see the lessons learned from this painful experience.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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You are in a whole world of pain at the moment and boy does it hurt! Someone out of the blue has broken your heart or hurt you deeply with their words or behaviour. You could even be suffering the loss of a loved one. If you need to cry it out then do, accepting this situation and allowing the grief to flow through you is a healthy way to face this misery. Learn by this situation and start to make a plan to move on as holding onto what has happened is only going to prevent you from feeling any future happiness. The Three of Swords talks of temporary hurt, so know that this will pass soon if you are prepared to let it go. If you are taking things to heart by people who don’t mean that much to you then you have to be mindful to strengthen your resolve. If it is someone close, try and figure out what their motive is and see if you can recognise compassion in their behaviour. Also analyse why their words are triggering things for you, is there anything from the past that needs to be resolved?

What we tell ourselves on a daily basis is what we become. Be mindful to lose any negative views about yourself and stop any self-criticism. You can be creating a whole world of pain for yourself just by your own belief system. If you identify with this it’s time to change your thoughts and concept of yourself. Alternatively you may be reeling from a loss or end of a relationship, but in reverse this card signifies you are on the up. Allow yourself to grieve this process and strive to look for positive change whenever you can. You may also be reminded to develop a tougher skin if you are being exposed to oppressive people in a work or relationship environment. Don’t let them get to you! All in all this card is about healing from grief and pain and encouraging growth. If you are in a difficult relationship, be mindful to watch your words as you don’t want to say something that you will later regret. Self-love is what is in order right now, without this, you will struggle.

You are mindful at the moment to dig deep and be the strongest that you can be. You could be reeling from a loss or heartbreak and are finding the pain really difficult to cope with. You are working towards allowing yourself to grieve and ideally wanting to find some new beginnings that will bring you hope and distance yourself from the pain that you have recently encountered. It’s time to keep your chin up and keep focused on your personal goal which is to find happiness, learn from this situation and be stronger for the future. You can do this, just keep telling yourself that every day!

You can’t for the life of you work out how to process this recent heartbreak. It is with you constantly 24/7. You may have had a loss, have a relationship end or anything that has brought you deep grief and sorrow. This however is only temporary but you find yourself holding on to what was said or what happened. You have to try and be mindful to change these thoughts when they come, to positive ones. You must strive towards embracing change and distancing yourself from the heartbreak. By all means cry, shout, scream, run until you can’t run anymore, do anything to alleviate the pain. If you choose to hold onto this awful energy you will find yourself prolonging your agony and delaying your recovery. Dig deep, be brave and try to move forwards from this unfortunate time.

In the past you experienced a loss or a heartbreak that sent you reeling. You thought that you would not be able to move forwards as the wounds cut deep from the situation or the behaviour of someone that you loved. Looking back you know that you never want to go back to that dark place again. If there are whispers of this pain still lurking in your energy it is time to rid yourself of this once and for all because if you stay in the grief you will only attract further pain and upset. You need to focus on a new future where you are stronger from this past hurt. Learn from this past lesson and develop a tougher skin. You are stronger than you think, believe this and any negative challenge that you could potentially face in the future will be so much better dealt with.

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You could be entering into a time where you are hurt by a loved ones words or experience a loss that will lead to heartbreak. Yep, I grant you not great news, but the good news is this is only temporary and will pass. You must remember to stay focused on the rainbow that will surely follow after the storm. Alternatively you could be subject to someone’s bad behaviour or words in a personal situation or at work. Try and see what their motives are and develop a compassionate stance rather than let them win by seeing you melt into a heap. You are stronger than you think. Allow the grief to flow and cry your heart out if it helps. Just try not to hold onto to this hurtful situation or person for too long as this will delay you finding the healing and happiness that you deserve.

You see yourself as a survivor and someone that is exceptionally strong within. This is a good thing because you are reeling from a heartbreak, loss or hurtful situation. You could be prone to being a bit too sensitive and keep asking yourself why this has happened to you or if it was your fault. This is the wrong way to approach this situation. This happened, it wasn’t great but now you need to focus on letting go and moving on with your life. Create a rhino hide so you aren’t too sensitive to further hurt and make sure that you allow the grief to healthily flow through you in order that you can start seeing the positives in life and making changes that will make for a happier you.

You have been deeply hurt by someone around you who has not minced their words! How dare they say this to you! If this is the situation, be the stronger person and try to identify their motives. Looking upon someone with compassion who is weak enough to try and hurt you is a far better stand point than allowing their words to affect you. Alternatively you could have lost a loved one or a relationship has ended. This has brought untold pain and heartbreak. You find yourself wondering how you are going to cope, but by trying to focus on your future and allowing the grief to do its thing you will find yourself getting stronger as each day goes by. So cry your heart out, be kind to yourself and don’t stay focused too much on this negative event. This storm will pass the more you let go, all you have to do then is look for the rainbow.

This pain that you find in your heart is all too consuming at the moment. You could have suffered the loss of a loved one, a relationship has ended or something has happened that has sent you reeling. You hope that this agony will end soon as you just don’t know how to endure it. The good news is that this is temporary and will pass as long as you healthily grieve and allow yourself to let go and move on. When you do try and be positive however, this situation comes back to haunt you and you fear that you will never be right again. Trust the process and trust that in time you will heal. Believe that at some point this will be a dim and dismal memory and that this has taught you lessons that will make for a stronger you.

You could be entering into a space where you are going to be heartbroken from loss or the end of a relationship. Even though it may come out of the blue, you kind of knew in your heart that it was going to happen. If this does transpire in your future, acknowledge that you have to healthily grieve and be kind to yourself. By taking one day at a time, you will find that in time the pain eases and you are able to move on. If you fail to let go however and refuse to want to try and embrace a new way of living this pain will stay with you. You must make every effort to accept the changes that have been brought upon you and do positive things for your own happiness. Alternatively you may end up being too sensitive to other people’s words or actions. Develop a rhino hide and look upon them with compassion after all if they choose to be hurtful they obviously have a lot more going on than you!

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