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You are currently facing indecision and do not know which way to turn. There is difficulty in weighing up the options. You have reached an impasse where you are confused as to what path to take. The options are present but come with different outcomes. It is time to deal with the choices as they will not go away. Avoidance will only lead to more confusion. Take time to quieten your mind and go with your intuition on what feels like the right way forward for you. If it helps, make a pros and cons list of each option as seeing things in black and white can help you make the right decision. Do not delay the inevitable.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
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You are finding yourself in a very difficult situation at the moment where you just can’t make up your mind. You may have multiple choices but each one comes with its pros and cons leaving you completely confused with lack of direction. You must take off the blindfold and look into the truth of each option. Think about researching what it is you need to make a decision about, or perhaps even seek out someone who can give you the right advice. Either way, you must make a decision soon as this is not going to go away. Take some quiet time and really think and feel each option through. By taking his precious time for yourself, you will hear what your inner voice is guiding you to do. Once your inner voice has spoken, take action or you will find yourself at an impasse with nothing moving forward.

You have found yourself between a rock and a hard place and can really see no way out. This situation seems to be damned if you do and damned if you don’t. You may be at logger heads with a colleague, loved one or situation where no one is backing down. It’s time to make a decision, no matter how hard it is or you will find yourself stagnant with nothing moving forward. It is time to go within yourself and dig deep. You need to see the truth of where everyone stands to see if this can bring an end to a resolution. Difficult decisions that have to be made can be daunting if they leave someone out in the cold, but this has to be done for your own wellbeing. Draw on your intuition and go with what your inner compass is telling you no matter how scary that option is. Seek any compromises to attain a smoother outcome and move forward trusting your intuition.

You are finding yourself stuck in a situation where a decision has to be made and wow, is it a difficult one! You are trying to weigh up the options but all that is doing is confusing you even further. You need to take some valuable time out with yourself and seek the truths of those around you as well as what you need to achieve to resolve this situation. If you refuse to deal with these life decisions, you are going to find yourself stagnant. Your goal is to find a solution to your problem, make any compromises necessary and move forwards into a happier state of being. Ideally once your decision is made at least you can react to whatever that option brings. This is far better than staying at a stale mate with nothing moving forward.

At the moment you may not want any time alone because you find yourself faced with a dilemma that keeps haunting your conscience. You may be trying to avoid it as each option you come up with seems laden with cons. This is not the way to resolve this situation, it will not go away. You need to write out the decisions that need to be made and make a list of what potentially could come from either decision that you make. It is so difficult though as you really don’t want to make any decision at all hoping it will right itself without your input. This is not going to happen, so start seeing the situation clearly, compromise if you have to and decide once and for all what way you are going to go with this.

In the past you found yourself having to make a life changing decision. It was a clear one way or the other which left you feeling powerless and unable to make the right choice through fear. You may have even tried to ignore having to make the decision hoping that it would go away. On reflection your failure to make the right decision or even a definitive decision at all, prolonged a state of stagnancy that you do not want to find yourself in again. With this knowledge you are now being reminded that when you have to make difficult decisions especially if you are at logger heads with other people, take time out, carefully review your options and take action immediately. The past has taught you a valuable lesson, deal with all decisions head on and don’t allow yourself to be blinded by fear and other people’s motives.

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You may be entering into a phase where you find yourself stuck and not knowing which way to turn. There are decisions to be made and you will have no idea which option to take. The trick here is to take this situation on with courage and look hard into the potential outcomes of each decision. Research the options, seek advice, do whatever it takes to help you make that final jump. By ignoring it, it really won’t go away and will only serve to prolong your agony. Seek the truth in the situation and make the decision that when you feel it, your inner voice says ’yes, this is right for you!’ If there was ever a time to withdraw from the world and think things through clearly, it will be now so be prepared and have the courage to make the changes that are needed.

You know that you are finding yourself indecisive at the moment. Every time you give yourself time to think, you are full of fear and worries on how to make the right decision in this dilemma. The options are all weighed down with pros and cons that doesn’t help your predicament at all. You keep wanting to avoid this situation hoping that it will go away, however deep down you know that it won’t. All of this indecision and worry is burning you out and you know it. You also know that your inner voice is screaming for you to make a decision. Whether it is right or wrong at least you would have chosen an option that will move you away from this stagnant existence. Have the courage to make a choice and know that even if it proves to be the wrong one, you are strong enough to deal with it and face the challenges that it may bring.

You are being faced with a situation that is forcing you to make a decision. You may find yourself at an impasse with a loved one, colleague or situation that at the moment you can see no way forward. You are between a rock and a hard place and really do not know which way to turn. You must seek clarity in this situation for your own wellbeing. The pressure that you are being put under is unfair and really does require you to take some time out and weigh up your options. If this is a person, they are really not wanting to back down so perhaps some compromise may have to take place. The most important thing to know is you must not avoid this hoping it will go away as all you are doing is prolonging the agony. Have the courage to seek your truth, strive for clarity with all concerned and make a decision so that you can move forward.

Oh you are so hoping that this situation that you find yourself in will go away! It’s forcing you to make decisions that you do not want to make, but guess what? It’s not going anywhere! You have to face facts and realise that you have no alternative but to deal with this situation or person once and for all. You need to open your eyes see the truth in the situation and make a decision accordingly. You fear that you will make the wrong choice and this will bring repercussions. Yes there are pros and cons to each situation, but making a choice has to be better than leaving yourself in this agonising torment. Be bold, seek the truth in everyone and every fact of the situation and make a choice based on clear thinking and from your intuition. Have the faith in the Universe that the choice that you make will be the right one and that you will cope with anything that arises.

If you don’t make a move any time soon this dilemma that you find yourself in will worsen with time. You are going to be faced with choices that you really don’t want to make. The indecision will create so much stress if you don’t get a handle on this. You must take your blindfold off, seek the truth in others or the situation and make an informed choice by using your intuition. By facing this head on you really will move forwards in your life rather than stay in this stagnant mode that isn’t serving anyone at least of all you. Compromises may have to be made but by seeing things clearly and making a wise choice you really will get to where you need to go.

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