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There has been a seed planted that has the potential to grow magnificently in your personal or spiritual pursuits. It is now time to act on this idea or thought in order to bring it into fruition. Your intuition is your biggest compass at the moment so if it feels right, go for it! Whether this is taking a spiritual development class, doing exercises to connect with your higher self or working on your personal growth, this card is telling you YES it’s time to act upon your instinct rather than sit back and keep the idea in your thoughts or in the planning stage. The seeds have been planted, it is up to you to encourage the growth and allow your ideas to blossom. Go forward and pursue things that make for a better you.

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What this card may mean in the Celtic Cross

If you’ve scanned the QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card, by now you’re more than likely getting familiar with the Upright and Reversed meanings of the cards.
This detailed QR code page will take you even deeper into the meanings of your card and give you examples of what it may mean when drawn in each position of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

You may have been putting this off for a while, but it just won’t stop bugging you! The need to start turning all of these ideas into reality keep invading your thoughts on a regular basis. This is your inner voice giving you the green light to upgrade yourself to a wiser more spiritual you. The ideas of what you could do on a personal growth perspective have been swishing around your mind for a while now, isn’t it about time to start putting all this into practice? The seeds have been planted, with a little nurturing by you they can grow and blossom. This will lead to you achieving personal goals and gaining exceptional satisfaction as you watch the new you emerge. You may also be thinking about starting a new creative or work project. Do not remain indecisive any longer, you are being told ‘Yes! Go for it!’

There is nothing more frustrating when we are sitting in the quiet of the night just before sleep and have the most amazing ideas and in the morning in the reality of the daylight have no clue how to bring them into fruition. You could be holding onto the greatest creative projects or work concepts but at the moment that’s as far as they will go. Is it because you are afraid it might not pan out? Is that why you are keeping these fabulous ideas a secret? By not taking any steps to launch your ideas into reality you may expose yourself to exhaustion and despondency. You will feel that you can’t accomplish anything which is not a good space to be in. Take time out to plan a way forward on how to make your passions a reality. The first thing to consider is if this idea really is your ultimate passion in life. If it isn’t that may be why you can’t get it off the ground. Alternatively you may have embarked on a project that really is going nowhere or keeps getting delayed. You are driving yourself mad with impatience. The message here is, be patient and perhaps wait awhile as the timing might be out.

You are full of the most tantalising ideas where if they became a reality would truly rock your world. You are wanting to carry out a project or even a personal goal from an idea that you have had for a long time. You want to see yourself go along this exciting path and see it reach its full potential. Ideally you want to see this through to the bitter end so that you can look back and say, ‘This all started from a tiny idea that I had in my mind all of that time ago’. You may even want to take a spiritual journey of self-discovery to help improve your outlook on life. Whatever the idea or project is, you know that you need to start creating a strategy to see this wonderful idea turn into something tangible that you can enjoy and be proud of. It’s all there waiting to unfold, so start the baby steps now.

There has been something in the back of your mind for a long time now. It may have even seeped into your dream state. It is an idea for a project or a new way of living that has been floating around your subconscious day in, day out. The reason it won’t go away is that you really should be acting on this superb idea that will improve either your personal, spiritual or professional life. It is time to listen to this lingering voice and take the action that is needed to make this viable. Start jotting out some plans on how to move this concept forward. You will find that once you devote some energy to it, things will start to lay themselves right in front of you that will assist you in making your dream a reality. This is the Universe supporting your idea and giving you the green light to go ahead as it really will make for a better you!

You had an idea a while ago and went with it. It was either a personal or work project that had been rattling around in your head for a while. You finally decided to do something about it and started the initial steps to get it off the ground. For some reason you have either lost interest or there seems to be some delay in how quickly you want this idea to blossom. Take a step back and make sure that you haven’t missed any vital steps in its fruition. If you know that you have done everything possible to reach success, be patient or wait for things to unfold or look and see if your heart is really in it. Some of you however, may have reaped the bounty of this project and are now starting to branch out with new ideas. If this is the case keep going, you have a great knack of taking concepts and passions from the idea phase right the way through to a successful ending.

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You have been harbouring an idea or concept that you really want to bring into your life and make a reality. You will be doing this very shortly if you haven’t started already. You want to bring this passion forward whether it be a personal, spiritual or professional goal and make it a constant in your life. You will be reaping the success of your hard work as you know it will be the right time to embark on this and see it through to its abundant end. So whatever idea you have, start taking steps now to get it launched as you really are entering into a growth stage in your life where you can see your secret passions become a clear reality. This fertile stage is so close now, so start sowing your seeds of inspiration because they have every chance of  growing and blossoming if you nurture them correctly.

Deep down you know that you are perfectly capable of spinning an idea into a viable project. Whether this is a work, personal, or spiritual goal, you can feel that it is the right time to begin turning this concept into your new passion in life. So why is it when you start to make the moves to start this project you back down? Is it fear of failure or the fact that possibly it isn’t as viable as you thought? If your idea needs a bit of work, give yourself some time to strategize and plan how you can grow this idea into something viable and even lucrative. This fabulous concept is a waste if it just floats around your head. Bring it out into the open where you know you are perfectly capable of making it happen. No more secrets or whimsical thoughts, it is time to take action. Listen to that voice deep down that says you can do this and get rid of the monkeys in your brain saying that it’s not possible. The light is on green, you just have to start the process.

You are surrounded by people that really want to see you succeed and be happy in your life. You perhaps have shared with them a vision of a passion that you have always wanted to fulfil. They continually support you and ask you when you are going to embark on this amazing project. The reason that they keep doing this is because they know that you are perfectly capable of bringing a concept into fruition where it can grow and be successful. You may also be seeing regular synchronicity that is telling you to start this new journey that you know will make you so much happier and even more secure than you are already. It’s time to take notice of these signs and the people who believe in you. Stop procrastinating and get on with it!

You have this amazing idea in your mind and so desperately want to make it a reality. It could be a work concept or a personal project that has you all excited and raring to go. You are having visions of complete success as you roll out your idea, plan it, work on it and help it to grow. You then visualise it at its final stage bringing you pride, abundance and sense of a job well done. The only thing that could possibly sabotage this work or personal goal is your ego. Your fears and doubts could put the flames out on your passionate project before it even hits the ground. You perhaps feel safer with the idea cocooned in the fantasy section of your mind as if it fails in reality it could really affect you negatively. You may create obstacles such as financial constraints or time that could affect the development of this idea. Why create these setbacks though when you haven’t even started? Be brave, own that dream and start making plans to create a tangible goal. Then envision yourself feeling the success of a job well done later along the line. It’s time to manifest everything you have been wishing for!

With a good strategy in place and a belief in your dreams or passions you really are entering into a stage of growth and new opportunity in the future. You have had the most amazing ideas that could bring dividends to your life and you now know that this is the right time to implement them. You have sown the seeds and will very soon enter into a fertile energy where the seeds will start to grow and gain strength with each passing day. Whether this is a personal goal or a creative project that you have always wanted to do, go for it now as you really will succeed if you keep focused and believe that you can achieve anything from just one single solitary idea. Make your dreams come true and follow this passion right to its abundant end. You really can do this with a bit of elbow grease and self-belief. So no more waiting and thinking, get going, your dreams are on their way!

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